College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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Finally Emily broke the heavy silence. “Sorry, I was just having a little fun, getting back at you, I didn’t mean to…” she trailed off, unsure what to say.

Tom let out a heavy sigh “It’s fine babe, I know you didn’t mean to… well you know. And it wasn’t your fault, it was me. So yeah, seriously, don’t worry about it.”


Emily tentatively climbed into bed and Tom gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek, before wrapping her in his arms. Soon she drifted off to sleep. Tom, however, took almost another hour to join her, his mind a turmoil of conflicting emotions, all swirling around the memory of easily the best orgasm he’d ever had.

The next morning Emily left for the gym wearing one of her old sports bras and a pair of yoga pants, with a long shirt over the top. Tom breathed a sigh of relief, happy for a return to normalcy after last night. He had breakfast ready for her when she got back, after which she rushed off to an early class.Tom headed over later, and had one class before meeting up with her for lunch. He had a long lecture afterwards, meanwhile she headed home for the day. Tom struggled to pay attention to the lecturer, his mind running wild with images of Emily showing off her incredible body to the gross old pervert next door. For some reason, while the idea did make him angry and jealous, and made his heart pound with angst, it also made him incredibly aroused. By the time he got home he was having trouble thinking straight with how horny he was. He did his best to keep it together, giving Emily a warm greeting as he entered the apartment. He headed straight to the bathroom, thinking that he could maybe quickly jerk off to get some relief. Instead he spotted the new outfit in the hamper. Not quite sure what he was planning, he pulled it out, along with everything else in the hamper, which included the cumstained shirt from last night. He then loaded them into the washing machine.

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“Oh, was there enough there for a full load?” Emily asked from behind him.

Tom jumped a little. “Maybe not quite,” he said hastily, “I thought I’d better get that shirt from last night in before it’s stained for good.”

“Oh ok, good thinking, thanks!”

After dinner, Tom got up and moved the washing into the dryer. After watching a couple of episodes of a show with Emily, he pulled it out, folded it and put it away, placing the new outfit prominently on top of everything else. He then got in the shower, and, finally getting a moment by himself, quickly began jacking off. He tried to just think of Emily as he did, but soon the images that had been swirling around his head earlier returned. He saw Emily bending over Bill, letting him look straight down her top. She squeezed her tits together, before pulling the top off and thrusting her naked chest into his face. Before long, Tom found himself spurting his cum onto the shower wall, only just managing to hold back a groan. He ashamedly washed it off, before getting out, pulling on his pyjamas and joining Emily in bed. Now clear headed, he considered getting back up to move the new outfit somewhere less prominent, but he figured that would be even more suspicious now, so instead he wrapped his arms around Emily, soon drifting off to a sleep filled with visions of Emily showing her body off to Bill in outrageous outfits.

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