College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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She felt him throbbing more and more as she stretched out the telling of Bill’s advance on her vagina. When she told Tom how Bill had just barely brushed her pussy lip he groaned and came, desperately bucking his hips to try and get more stimulation from Emily’s loosely held hand..

“Oh wow babe, you really get off on the idea of me cheating on you with another guy, don’t you?”


“Uh no,” Tom said, breathing heavily, “well kind of, but not really.”

“What do you mean, ‘not really’?”

“Well, I’m not really sure myself, but I definitely don’t want to see you just cheat on me with a random guy our age. I think I like it when you do it with Bill because I know you’re not really attracted to him, so I don’t need to worry about actually losing you to him. Plus it’s kind of hot seeing a cute girl like you with a gross old man like him.”

Hearing Tom’s fantasy laid out in front of her reassured Emily, and she was happy to be able to help him realise it. She was still nervous about her ability to resist Bill’s overbearing nature, remembering how hard it was to say no as he stroked her. “Let’s not take this too fast. I think I’ll just go back to giving him a bit of a show tomorrow.”

“Of course honey, we can take this at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. And don’t be afraid to say if you ever want to stop.”

“Thanks, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Tom lent in and gave her a kiss before they both got up and got on with the rest of their day.

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