College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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The next morning Emily wore the same style of outfit as the day before. She had time to give Tom his recap and over the clothes massage before breakfast, though Tom was a little disappointed to hear that Bill had basically just reextended his offer to give Emily a spanking. It still only took an extra twenty seconds looking at Emily in her sexy clothes, skin shiny with sweat, as she rubbed him through the slightly rough fabric of his pants to get him off.

The next morning, he decided he wanted to see the interaction first hand, so a couple of minutes before Emily was normally due back he headed out to the car and pretended to fuss around with stuff in there, always keeping an eye out for Emily returning from her run. She arrived right on time, slowing down as she saw Tom.


“Maybe you’re not keen on spankings right now, but you will be after I’ve got you hooked on this massive cock!” they both heard Bill shout from his chair. Emily slowed to a stop in front of his house, still not giving him any sign that she’d heard him at all. Unknown to Bill, she was staring straight into Tom’s eyes, her face completely blank.

“Just come on up and I’ll…” Bill continued before suddenly falling silent as he watched Emily pivot to face away from him and then slowly bend at the waist, reaching towards the ground as she stretched out her hamstrings. She kept her back arched as she touched the ground, showing off her flexibility, while also showing off her breathtaking butt to Bill. After holding the stretch for what felt like an eternity to Tom, but was in fact 30 seconds, she turned around and lifted one leg and placed it up on Bill’s fence. Then she leant forward and grabbed her foot, no doubt giving Bill an excellent look down her top. Bill finally managed to pick his jaw up off the ground. “Oh fuck yeah, I always knew you were a horny slut, keep showing me that tight body!”

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“Piss off you old perv, I’m just stretching, something I’m sure you would have learnt about if you’d done even a second of exercise in your sad life!” Emily retorted, switching legs.

“Pff, never needed to exercise, I can hardly keep girls off me once they find out about my dick, if I was fit as well I’d probably end up dead, smothered by pussy.”

“Yeah, whatever you say, jerk off,” Emily said dismissively, bringing her leg down and stalking into our apartment. Tom waited several painful moments, not wanting to draw any attention to himself from Bill, before he followed her in. The moment he walked in the door, Emily jumped on him, pulling him into a deep kiss. After intertwining her tongue with his for several seconds, she manoeuvred him backwards and then pushed him back into a seat. She dropped to her knees. Tom’s heart leapt, hoping she might be horny enough for today to be the day she gave him a blowjob.

She grabbed his waistband and pulled his pants down to his ankles, then grabbed his cock with both hands. She slowly began stroking him. “Did you like my little show for Bill today? It actually shut him up for a second there, I might have to do it more often,” she said with a mischievous grin. She’d sped up her hands as they pumped up and down his cock and was slowly moving her head closer to his throbbing erection as she spoke. “What do you think he liked better, my tits or my ass? He got to see way more of my tits in this shirt you made me wear. Although he also got to see way more of my butt than anyone else ever has with the way it rode up when I bent over.”

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