Bully got my Girl

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Hii this is Danish, this is about my weird life, from my childhood I was a extremely introvert Guy, shy to talk with girls, often got bullied by strong and Rough guys in school, even when I was in college I was the same, it was that time When I fell in love with my Ex, her name was Najneen and she was my classmate, starting from a sweet friendship we became close friends and then a sweet and lovely couple, but as my bad luck went with me, there was a Guy in our college named Kunal who was my senior, he was a total Jerk,he use to bully me on regular basis and made me buy him drinks,weed etc he was a total Womanizer and even had affair with one of our lady Teachers, one day there was a Programme in our College premises so college was off, during the programe I cud’t find Najneen so I asked her Roommate Rohini where was she, Rohini gave me a Wicked smile and told me may be she’s inside the College. I couldn’t get what she said but immideately went inside the college,

It was a big campus and No one was there, I went towards our Room….suddenly I heard something, I slowly went to the door it was open, from there what I saw shocked me so much that I thought I got a heart-attack, my sweet najneen was getting fucked by Kunal on a Bench, they were naked and Kunal was drilling her hard with his Huge Uncut Dick, Najneen was moaning and making noises in pleasure, the Scene was at the same time erotic and Humiliating for me, I totally realized my inferiority to Kunal so I just stand there and waited until Kunal filled her Pussy with his Hot Cum, after they were finished I went from them not to make them realize that I saw them, next day Najneen came to me as my sweet Girlfriend and I told her about the previous day,

She got shocked at first but later told me that she had no choice, Her boyfriend,me was already scared of him, Kunal was a real Stud and she couldn’t resist his advances and gave in to his Lust, but again she told me that she loves me and don’t want to loose me, I was trapped in the strange situation of Nature where my girl who loves me, got seduced and Fucked by a Strong Alpha. After few time Kunal approached me and for the first time he spoke to me gently, he told me to pursue my Relationship with Najneen, it was a indirect order from him, I myself didn’t wanted to leave Najneen as I truly loved her, so from then I becomes a cuckold Boyfriend to Najneen, for everyone we were a Sweet couple but in reality we were couple just from our heart, emotionally, but physically she was with Kunal, he use to fuck her two-three times in a Week, sometimes infront of me, he also had a relationship with her roommate Rohini and sometimes he fucked both of them back-to-back, Najneen got pregnant two times by him but aborted because we were not married, the third time she got pregnant by him was when our college life ended and I got a respectable Job through college campus, during this time Kunal had left the college but still attached with us, Najneen didn’t wanted to abort her child this time so she asked me If I will marry her as she thought me as her Ideal hubby, I was so long attached to her that I immediately Said Yes and we got married in few months,

After few time she gave birth to her and Kunal’s Child and I became the legal Father, she stopped her relationship with Kunal and promised me to become a faithful wife in the Future, I became very happy and we started our happy marriage life.

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