Classroom doubts to bedroom sex

I am a consistent reader of this website for 3 years. So I decided to share my experience today. Hello, guys, I am sunil (name changed) and I am 22 years old. I stay in Bangalore. I had an experience of having sex with my teacher a few months ago.

So I study in ABC engineering college and I have an average body and I am 6 ft tall. The teacher or lecturer with whom I had sex used to take a subject called Network Security for us. She is around 28-29 years old with a bomb figure. Her boobs were really big and they were of perfect shape. Her boobs size was 36D which she told me when we were close.

She always used to dress to kill. Her sarees were awesome and while she used to teach us I couldn’t resist staring at her big boobs (Thank god I never got caught looking at her boobs). So one day me and my friend had some doubts related to cryptography. And we went to her to clear our doubts. It was around 4.30 pm and the last hour of the class. We had asked her some really dumb doubts and she was surprised that we couldn’t understand such basic problems. As she was tired and also it was the last hour so she suggested us to come to her home to clear our doubts in the evening (Her home was only 1 km from the college). Me and my friend were like what the hell. Now we have to go to her home for studies. But as she had called we had to respect her. Then we decided to leave at around 7 pm. But at the last moment, my friend was given some work by his father and he told me that he can’t come. So I had to go alone. I had not even thought in the wildest of my dreams what was in store for me that evening.

So I reached her locality at around 7.30 pm and called her to ask her exact address. She told me the exact lane and door number. And I reached her home at around 7.40 and knocked the door. She open the door and I was surprised she was wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. I had always seen her in a saree so I was a bit surprised. She was looking damn hot and I couldn’t control my erection after watching her. Her boobs were looking damn big in that t-shirt and that ass from behind in jeans. Really wow. She asked me to come in. I sat on the chair. I asked where is her husband as I thought she is married. She told me she doesn’t have a husband and I didn’t ask anything after that (Later got to know she was divorced).

She then asked have you brought the book and I told yes. We sat on a sofa with a table in front of us and she started teaching me. After teaching for about 10 mins she started searching something in her purse. I was really really surprised to see she took out a cigarette pack from her purse and started to light the cigarette. I had never thought that she smokes or anything. I have always hated the people who smoke and I am a nonsmoker myself, but I don’t know why I found it really sexy when she was smoking. I was like ma’am do u smoke with a surprised look. She started laughing and told me yes and she is kind of addicted to smoking now. She told me that she smokes around 3 packs of cigarette a day and I was really shocked. She was looking really sexy when she was smoking and teaching me. I had a huge bulge in my pants den. Out of the blue while teaching suddenly she asked me why do I stare at her boobs so much in class. I was like “what” and really shocked.

I didn’t know what to reply and I was whispering ma’am ma’am sorry. She then suddenly took my hand and placed it on her boob over her t-shirt. Trust me guys it felt like a porn scene to me and I was in awe. My dick was going out of control. She told me if you like it so much why don’t you touch them. She then dropped her cigarette and took my other hand and placed it on another boob and told me carry on. It was one of the best moments of my life. I leaned towards her and started kissing her neck and fondling her boobs meanwhile. It felt so great while squeezing her boobs. I quickly took off her t-shirt and kissed on her boobs over the bra. I started kissing her and took off her bra. Her boobs were really mindblowing. She was moaning while I sucked and fondled her big boobs and it felt like heaven.

I have always been a boobs man and those boobs were really awesome. I kissed, touched, sucked her upper body and back for about 15-20 mins. She then started sliding her hand on my dick. I quickly took my pants and boxer off and she started to suck my dick. My god she was so good at it. It was an awesome blowjob. I almost came when she was blowing my dick and I controlled it somehow. She sucked my dick for about 10 mins and now I wanted to lick her pussy. I took her jeans off and I kissed her beautiful and sexy thighs all the way down to her pussy and I started licking her pussy. It was the first time I was licking a pussy and it felt really great. I used my tongue slowly and all over her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder while I licked her pussy. I wanted to lick a lot more but she suddenly got up and told me lets fuck. The way she told me lets fuck was dick raising. She took me to a room where there was a bed as it wasn’t comfortable on the sofa. I don’t know why and how but she had a condom and told me to wear it. I am guessing she used to have sex regularly with someone. She went and lay on the bed and I started fucking her in the missionary position. She was really moaning loudly and asked me to be faster. I fucked her really hard and fast. Her moans were only getting louder. And we changed the position. She was sitting on me and I fucked her for another 5-7 mins and I came. It was the best sex I have ever had.

After finishing I got up and went to the washroom to clean up. Then I came out of the washroom and she was laying on the bed fully satisfied. We had another session after that, one in the kitchen and another in her balcony. And then we came back to the living room. She asked me to give her cigarette pack from the living room which I did. She started smoking again and I told her thank you for the sex and that she is really awesome. I told her bye and I left. After this incident I had sex with her 3 more times.
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