Classroom doubts to bedroom sex

I am a consistent reader of this website for 3 years. So I decided to share my experience today. Hello, guys, I am sunil (name changed) and I am 22 years old. I stay in Bangalore. I had an experience of having sex with my teacher a few months ago. So I study in ABC

Sex with my Mami (aunt)

Hi guys! I am a daily reader of this page. Today I would like to share a real incident took place 2 days ago. I won’t bore you and let’s start the story. First let me tell about myself. My name in Rahul(name changed). I am a student of 10th std and my boards examination

Luck favors sometimes

Hello everyone, I have been reading stories for quite some time now and this is my second story that happened a month back. I appreciate all the feedback from both males and females that I have received and thank you. Although, I was happy about the feedback and responses, I never had any luck with

My MILF, His mother lovingly guides him in the ways of sex

My MILF, His mother lovingly guides him in the ways of sex, incest stories, I was always very close to my Mom. In some ways I felt like my Mom and I were the family, and my father just lived with us. When my friends got to be adolescents, they got distant from their mothers, and

College son takes mother during a massage

College son takes mother during a massage, My name is David, 18 years old, in college. Somehow, in spite of my family, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I resigned myself to joining a computer club and learnt some Internet skills. At the club, we had free, unrestricted access to

Son and Mom dominate Mom’s submissive best friend

Son and Mom dominate Mom’s submissive best friend, Family taboo, incest stories, After a lengthy bath, an oral orgasm at the tongue of my son, and another orgasm as he fucked my pussy before depositing a load all over my face, we lay in my bed together as I asked, the cum still on me, wearing