Freaking anal with my girlfriend

Hii, everyone i m shubham, i m about to share my first story, which happened when i was in my second year of engineering, ohh i forgot to tell u about myself i m an engineer studying in my last year, i m 5’8″, i m regular gym goer, i have very athletic n gud looking body, i m actually a gud looking man

Now coming to the lady of this story, her name is Natasha, i call her nats, n about her, she is having a fig of like 36-32-38 now, u must be knowing what actually i m talking about, she was a really sexy girl


It all started when we were in school, we were coaching mates, then we started to hang out with each other, then slowly slowly she got attracted to me, n i was not that much attracted to her, one day she came in her school uniform, she was wearing a skirt it was short, after seeing her like that for the first time i couldn’t stop thinking about her, she was looking damn gorgeous, i felt like she must be my girlfriend, i can’t see her with anyone else, not acceptable for me

Then i made my mind, to prupose her, but the destiny was with me, it was my birthday n she suddenly pruposed me i was like on cloud nine, then we became gf n bf we were madly obsessed with each other n, we go to do dates, movies n etc etc but we haven’t done anything physical bcoz i dont want her to leave me for any reason, then finally she went for her further studies in other city, n distances came in between us, we talked less, we have our insecurities

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Then i decided to talk to her n said that its not working we should get apart but she said she can’t live without me, i said i want to meet her asap
Then i went to meet her, it was my birthday we gone go for lunch date, then there she said that she can’t live without me n she can do whatever i say, n from nowhere i said i want to kiss u, will u?

She said not here, lets go to ger room, then we went to nats room n there i just lifted her chin n said u r mine, n we never gonna apart believe me, then we kissed, for 10 minutes, i played with her tongue, then we separated, then she said she wants to give me my birthday gift, i said what do u want to give me, she said close your eyes, i said what’s this, she said just close your eyes, i did that n after few moments she said open your eyes now i was stunned that she was nude in front of me, i said are you mad, have i ever said anything like this to do to u, she said its her choice, she said she wants me to take her virginity, then i felt bit emotional n said jaana i luv u, n then we kissed again then i then i went to lick her n simultaneously i played with her big boobs, they were kind of really big

She started to get wet n started to moan, ahhh, ohhh, shubham u my kuv plz do that don’t stop, after some time, i said that jaana we don’t have a condom, she said its risky jaana but she said she wants me give her virginity so after a sec i turned her around n licked her ass hole, she understood what i was going to do, she said are u sure i can take it there i said it ll pain a little then u ll handle it, then she unzipped me fully, n after seeing my tool she said jaan u have that big cock, she was shocked, she sucked me forsometime n i came in her mouth, it was best feeling, then i made her in doggy style then i made her lil lubricated through some oil, n i tried to get one finger in, asap i tried she screamed in pain, n said jaana i can’t take plz, then i made her comfortable that i ll go slow don’t worry my luv, after a lil effort she said u can do whatever you want i m yours, then i tried my cock to get inside her but only my tip got in then i knew it gonna pain hell a lot of her, then i kissed her i gave a violent thrust n she screamed, she cried in pain, i asked should i take it out she said no, she gonna bear that pain for me, i said luv u jaan then we were still in that position for sometime then i started to give lil thrusts n then she started to relax n after a point she started to enjoy, she said fuck me like ur bitch i fucked her like madly, giving her all i got, n after fucking for about 25 min we both came, then we kissed again, after that we had sex two more times that, we got shower together, then i left her place,

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Now we don’t talk much bcoz we have problems after that,

Any ladies out there who want satisfaction can contact me, i ll promise for their privacy

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