The Virus 1

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World Headlines Nov 02, 2020

CBN: COVID-19 Kills over 2.5 million as it runs its course.
ABC Today: Coronavirus kills 60% more black males then White.
AP: People of Color 5 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than whites.
Washington Times: COVID-19 Traced to Sex with Monkeys in China.

December 2 2033

World News Tonight: Monkey Virus strikes terror as Thousands Die over night.
Los Angles Times: 24,900,004 Dead from Monkey Virus in 14 days in California.
Boston Post Times: 87,901,786 dead in U.S. More to come says White House.
Washington Sun Times: African Continent Decimated in second Pandemic. Cause unknown

May 2, 2037

CBC: Washington Looks into Cause of Monkey Virus. (M.V.)
NBS: Source traces Monkey Virus (M.V.) to African Men having sex with Monkeys.
ABS: 98% of Blacks die from Monkey Virus. M.V.
Boston Post: 92 % of Asian and Latino Men Dead from M.V.
New York Times: World Population drops as 72% of males die from M.V.

March 5, 2039

74 year old Rodney Wilson sat reading the paper in his Jacksonville home. To look at him you would guess 24 years old max. Built like an oak tree he was fit beyond belief. At 6’1” 195 he was cut, almost no fat, all muscle. Wide shoulders, with 18” biceps, super defined pecks, six pack abs and small waist. His cock was huge at 10” and twice as big around as most. His legs were big and defined.

Life was good since the pandemics had passed. Life was finally getting back to some kind of normalcy. The M.V. had killed off all the men with some kind of dark pigment in their DNA. Rodney didn’t understand it, and really didn’t care. But what it amounted to was the darker the skin the more deadly it was. For some reason it only hit men. Light skinned men and all women seemed immune to the virus. Light skinned Asian and Latino men survived for the most part; but we’re left sterile. Baby boys, born with more than 30% dark skin died at birth while girls survived.

One side effect of the virus was anti-aging. White guys didn’t physically age past mid-twenty’s. The old guy’s like Rodney had reversed in age. Those that had reversed were super fit, muscular and well endowed. Women,
on the other hand aged at a normal rate. A second side effect was IVF no longer worked, again, he didn’t understand it.
A third side effect was white guys produced full loads of sperm every 30 minutes and could get hard with only 10 minutes recovery time.

Some believed it was a curse from God. Other’s said it was survival of the fittest. Others yet, said it was just pure evolution, mankind heading for their ultimate race.

Worldwide, there were 12804 women between 16 and 40, for every man, in Jacksonville it was only 79 to 1. But hey, that ain’t bad.

Reading the morning headlines, one really jumped out at him.

“ Presidents Join Together to Repopulate Country’s.”

Today the President’s of Mexico, The Philippines, Venezuela, Thailand, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Columbia, China, Nigeria, Egypt, Nairobi, and Kenya. Along with the Queens of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Zululand, and the U. A. E. announced a joint venture.
Forming an alliance called White Men Breeders, Inc, or WMB for short. Their plan is to build island retreats and fill it with men to breed the women of their countries. The details weren’t made public, but a source tells the AP that the men will be housed in private mansions on the islands and paid up to $10 million U.S. a year plus benefits. They would be required to breed at least ten women a week. With islands located in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South Pacific, and China Sea.

Interesting he thought, might have to look into that.

Reading the personal adds, he found his add.

“White male for reproductive serves. Reply with nude pictures. $20,000” (cash no trades) Listing his e-mail address as [email protected]

Checking his e-mail he found forty reply’s to the add. Scanning them, he weeded out 16, sending out a form letter, with a contract for the rest. The form letter included a picture of him dressed, one naked with his massive cock hard and sticking out proud, and one with two women kneeling giving him a blowjob.

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