An older couple rediscover the joy of anal sex

Edward and Agatha are an outwardly conservative middle aged couple, happily married in all of their 30 years together. He work’s as an accountant, and she went back to school after the kids grew up and sells real estate, which even though the economy has taken a downturn, she has been in the business for so long that sellers and buyers still flock to her when then are needing her services.

They attend the First Baptist church which is located in the town nearest their home, and they are both regular attendees and participants. Agatha is also active in the community and the events that keep her in the spotlight, when she’s not serving the tea at church.

But Ed and Agatha have a secret past that has so far been able to stay locked away in the bedroom. Although it is forbidden by the church that they attend, (missionary position, especially for the procreation of children once man and woman are married, is the only form of allowable sex.), they both used to enjoy anal sex.

Ed especially came to love anal sex after the third child was born, and Agatha’s vagina seemed too stretched to get the “tight” feeling that had been slipping away gradually because of the previous natural childbirths. The “tightness” that he felt made his orgasms even more powerful when he could feel her anal muscles and sphincter tighten around his cock as he plunged it into her ass.

Agatha learned to love the feeling of having her ass being filled by his cock, and pumping away, and she would often reach down with one hand and massage her clit while she balanced with the other one. She would bring herself to the largest of her climaxes that she had ever achieved when performing this sex act alone. Sometimes she would insert her fingers into herself and slide them in and out of her pussy. At times she would do it for the feeling, sometimes for the lubrication.

Slowly the anal sex started to get painful for Agatha, although nothing had really changed in their lovemaking. Ed increased the use of the lube, and even made sure that she was relaxed enough to accept his cock inside of her ass by using his finger to stimulate her before inserting his rigid cock.

Unfortunately for the both of them, the troubles were made worse when Agatha discovered that she had developed hemorrhoids, which were causing her pain. She was still in her 30s, and considered this to be the prime of her life, especially the sex life. But she was just too shy and embarrassed to seek treatment. Being so well known in the community, she was scared of the questions that she might be asked if she went to a doctor, especially since the couple was also well known among their fellow church members, and considered to be in good standing in the community and the church.

Ed tried to assuage her feelings when he jokingly told her, “Don’t worry; now if I ever say you’re a ‘pain in the ass’, you can’t argue.”

Agatha popped him on the ass in response, but she loved his teasing, so she just winked at him before going back to what she was doing.

So reluctantly, they both made the decision to give up this joy. Although they were both church members, she knew that Ed was human, and Agatha worried at times that Ed might find another woman willing to share her ass to be fucked. So she decided to keep him well pleasured though- he was never allowed to go to work without having his balls drained, even if it was just a quick blow job in the shower. But it was just never the same for either of them without the tremendous pleasure that they got from the anal sex.

A few months before their 30th anniversary, Agatha went to the doctor for her annual checkup. Her old doctor had finally retired, but a new doctor just out of residency at the local hospital had taken over his case load. The nearest established doctor was quite a drive to make, so Agatha decided to give the new doctor a chance.

In the examination room, Agatha sat on the examination table in just the gown that was provided by the doctor’s office. A young nurse stood in the corner of the room, ready to assist at the doctor’s beckoning.

The doctor was doing his usual examination, and he asked the usual questions. While he was examining Agatha, he noticed her sitting at an angle that would indicate her being uncomfortable.

“Are you okay?” he asked, as he probed her breasts, looking for any sign of a lump.

“Yes, I’m fine, why do you ask?” Agatha answered.

“I noticed that you are sitting at an angle. Your chart doesn’t mention anything about hemorrhoids. Yet you are exhibiting the symptoms from your posture as having possible problems,” the doctor replied.

“Well, to tell the truth, I have suffered with them for almost 20 years now. I use a topical cream and it keeps them in check most of the time, but today the flare-up is more uncomfortable than usual.”

“I would like to examine you to check for them, if possible,” the doctor told Agatha.

Agatha slowly rose to her feet on the floor, and turned toward the table, as the doctor motioned for her to do. She bent forward, and propped her hands on the side of the table as she felt the sides of the gown slide to her side and away from her body, eventually coming to rest against the table edge.

While Agatha was getting in position for him to examine her, the doctor turned away from her and began to put a non latex glove on his right hand. While always the professional, he had to admit to himself that for a lady about to turn 50, she had a body that had to be at least 10 years younger, if not 20. He grabbed the tube of lubrication, and squirted a large amount on the tip and around the whole end of his finger. If she did indeed have hemorrhoids, he did not want the examination to hurt her any more than it had to.

Agatha could feel the doctor as he separated her ass cheeks with his left hand and spread his fingers across the crack of her butt, and then the familiar sensation came to her of a finger being inserted into her anus. Instinctively she tightened her sphincter around his finger, partly from the pain of the hemorrhoid, but partly from the pleasure at once again being penetrated down there.

The doctor felt her tense up, and he stopped the motion of his finger, awaiting the release of the tightness once she began to relax. Once he felt her starting to ease the grip that she had on his finger, he inserted the rest of it up to the second digit, and as he suspected, he was able to feel what he was sure was a hemorrhoid. He lightly twisted his finger in a 180 degree circular motion to check for other places, but finding none, he removed his finger slowly, watching it as he pulled it from her hole, silently wishing it was his cock that was slipping out of her, dripping with the last bits of cum that he would have filled her up with. But he was a professional, and though he felt a stirring in his loins, he knew that he had to maintain his decorum while with a patient, especially when a nurse was present.

The nurse just observed what was happening in front of her, noticing that that the lips of her vagina were starting to feel moist. Because the nurse loved anal sex, especially with her girlfriend and their dildo’s, she always enjoyed watching another female take one in the ass, wishing it was her hands stroking the smooth soft skin of her butt, and not the doctors, while she watched the dildo disappear between her cheeks.

Once the initial pain was gone, Agatha let herself relax and she enjoyed the feeling of having something penetrating her ass once again. There was a bit of discomfort when she felt him touch the actual hemorrhoid, but he was slow and gentle in his movements, and he had used plenty of lube, which allowed him easy access to her hole. She had forgotten the pleasure of having something in her ass, and she wondered what she should do next.

“I am not telling you what to do, but if you would like to have the hemorrhoid repaired, and yes there is only one as far as I can tell though it will have to be scoped to be verified, there is a procedure that is pretty effective at repairing the hemorrhoid. It can be done at the hospital as an outpatient, and you would be released to go home later that evening, once you’re fully awake and alert from the medicines.”

Remembering what the feeling of his finger inside of her ass had done to her just moments earlier, and wanting to feel that and more inside of her again with her husband, she agreed to be scoped, then to have the surgery. The nurse stepped forward and smiled, handing Agatha a box of tissues to clean the remaining lube from her ass cheeks.

“Get dressed and when you’re ready, step outside to the check out desk and they will make the necessary appointments,” the doctor said, as he removed the glove and tossed it in the waste dispenser. Then he turned towards the door and exited, hoping that his semi bulge could not be seen through his white lab coat.

Agatha did as told, and the scoping confirmed that she did indeed have an internal hemorrhoid that should be able to be repaired, and a surgeon was chosen and a date scheduled at the hospital for the surgery. Ed was scheduled to leave for his annual fishing trip the day before the surgery, and as he didn’t usually call many times while on the trips, she thought that it would be the easiest time to have the surgery completed. Ed loved her dearly, but he tended to brood and worry over her too much, and the doctor had assured her that it would be a simple procedure.

One problem did remain though. She was to bring someone to the hospital on the day of the surgery that could drive her home once she was released from the Outpatient Ward. She had many friends, but she did not want to involve anyone since she would have to explain that she was having hemorrhoid surgery. And just having the hemorrhoid was embarrassing enough for her, let alone having to admit that she required surgery to fix it. She decided to call a cab for coming from and going to the hospital, that way her secret could hopefully be safe until time to tell Ed. So Ag secretly decided to have the surgery.

The procedure was a success, and the surgeon told her that it would take approximately 2 weeks for a full recovery. “This is going to work out perfectly,” Agatha told herself. Ed was to be home in 2 weeks from his trip, and she planned to give him a welcome home present that he would never forget. She wondered what he would think now that his “pain in the ass” was going to be history!

She followed the surgeon’s orders and drank lots of water each day, as well as taking a stool softener and eating a high fiber diet. The pain was pretty bad at first, but it seemed to diminish as each day came. The day that Ed was due home, the pain had almost subsided, and she smiled as she knew that her plan was coming together.

To start her preparations, a week after the surgery she was able to move around more freely without pain, and while out helping clients, she stopped off at the drugstore on her way home and purchased a tube of a jelly like lube. She made sure to choose a pharmacy that did not have any customers, and since it was located in another town away from her home, she hoped that she would not be recognized. Out of curiosity, she would occasionally insert a lubed finger into her anus and check to see what the pain level was.

Two days after Ed had arrived home from his trip, she was able to insert her lubed finger into her ass up to her second digit while sitting on the toilet, and she knew that she was ready.

When Ed got home from work, he found Agatha naked, crouched over a stool, with her freshly washed ass facing the door. Wondering what had possessed her to pose in this position; he took a moment to observe the cheeks that he loved to massage with his hands when she would bend over near him, sometimes nude, sometimes clothed.

“Hey honey, welcome home,” Agatha purred as she spun her head to face toward the door where Ed was still standing in obvious shock.

Ed continued to stare at her ass, especially the hole that he used to worship. His cock started to twitch at the thought of getting to once again feel that tight orifice wrapped around his member. But he knew that it was a wish that was too good to be true, so he put the thought to the back of his mind.

Agatha motioned for him to approach where she was, and she spun around and sat on the stool. Ed started to speak, but Agatha motioned for him to be quiet, and she reached out in front of her and started to undo the belt that held his trousers in place, and then she began to lower his zipper. The waistband of his trousers relaxed allowing his pants started to fall down, and she removed her hands, further allowing his pants to fall around his feet.

Agatha bent down and removed his loafers, caressing his feet as she took each shoe in her hand and lowered the back of the shoe from his heel, then carefully pulling the shoe towards her with one hand while she steadied the back of his leg with her other hand and setting each shoe to the side of the stool when it was off of his foot completely.

Ed’s cock had started to grow in size, and it was pushing into the fabric of his boxer briefs that were still covering his private area.

Agatha reached back up and ran the top of her hand across the fabric where his cock was straining for release, moving it up and down the length of his shaft.

Ed leaned his head back as the waves of pleasure hit him. He prepared himself for her to take him orally, as it was often her custom to do when she wanted to make love, but he was still surprised at her bare body being the first sight that greeted him as he entered the door. And to be looking at the ass that he still longed to have, even though it had been damn near 20 years since he had penetrated her there. Just the thought of being back inside of her tight hole made his cock start to become rigid.

As though Aggie, (that is what he called her when he was in a playful mood), could read his mind, she pulled his underwear off of him as she removed his pants at the same time. Then she stood up and grabbed his hands and placed them on the cheeks of her ass.

“Massage my cheeks honey. I love the feel of your hands on my ass,” Aggie whispered in his ear as she leaned in close to him. She moved her hips into where he was standing to allow him easy access to her cheeks. As she did, the tip of his cock rubbed up against the lower portion of her belly. Aggie reached down with her right hand and guided it carefully to the outer edge of her vaginal lips, while trying to maintain a close body position, as his hands were expertly exploring every inch of her ass that was possibly in reach.

Ed felt her pulling back a little, and then he realized her hand was on his member, guiding it to where he knew he could get relief, but then realized that she was only rubbing the tip of it up and down her pussy lips. The moisture on her lips told him that she was already quite excited, and the tip of his cock slid up and down very easily, sometimes almost penetrating her vagina, but the minute that her hand touched her vagina while holding on to his cock, she would withdraw it and continue the up and down motion on her pussy lips.

Aggie felt his hands move more toward the center of her ass, where the crease between her cheeks fell into a rounded slope until her hole was displayed. She could feel him rub the tips of his fingers across her sphincter, making sure that he rubbed her with the skin of his finger, and that no nails were touching any part of her hole.

She knew then that he still wanted to fill her ass with his cock, and she was ready. Her pussy had gotten to the sopping wet stage from the titillation of having her lips massaged by his cock. Aggie released her grip on his manhood, and stepped back toward the coffee table, where she had laid the tube of lube earlier in the day. She grabbed the lube, and turned to see a surprised look on Ed’s face, as his expression was almost incredulous.

She handed the tube to him, and as he stared at it she said, “You do still remember how to use that thing after all of these years, don’t you?”

Ed stuttered and mumbled something inaudibly.

“While you were gone, I finally had the hemorrhoid taken care of surgically, so now I can have you inside of any hole that I want,” Aggie said with a smile.

Ed started to speak.

“Don’t say a word. I don’t want to answer questions right now. I just want what I have been missing for 20 years.”

Ed gladly obliged, and he squeezed a generous amount of lube on his finger. Aggie turned around and bent down to the stool once again, resting her hands on the edge. Ed could now see her bung hole clearly, and the bottom portion of her vagina could be seen rising up towards his prize. He inserted the lubed finger inside of her ass, slowly at first, until he could work the entire length completely inside.

She had been his wife for many years, and the sex had always been great. Her body was still in wonderful shape, as she enjoyed an active lifestyle, always being on the go, whether it was hiking across properties with prospective buyers, or working out in the gym. And the tanning bed salon that she frequented assured him that he always had a nicely tanned body to enjoy.

Aggie felt the feeling of penetration, along with a slippery wetness, and she tried to relax as her ass tightened around his finger when he first entered her. Finally she was able to let her muscles ease up, and Ed began to work his finger in and out. She loved the feel of the digits of his fingers as they “bumped” against the sphincter portion of her hole. The slight change in size as it stretched her ass a little and then released it was always a tease of sorts in the way that it felt to her.

Ed could now get his finger in and out of her with relative ease. He reached down and stroked his cock with one hand while he pumped her ass with one finger of the other hand. His cock was now at full attention, and he wanted to see and feel his cock being enveloped by her ass hole. He pulled his finger out and was amazed that there was very little contamination on it, as she had given herself an enema before time for him to come home so that the act would be a little cleaner.

Aggie realized that he now wanted more than his finger inside of her, and she once again reached over to the coffee table and handed Ed a small plastic tub that she had been given at the hospital when she had the surgery, with soap and warm water already inside of it, and a washcloth resting at the bottom.

Ed grabbed the tub with both hands and set it in the chair nearest him. He then washed his hands completely, making sure that the finger that had penetrated her was completely clean, so that he could use it later.

While he was doing that, Aggie resumed her position with her ass in the air, facing towards Ed.

When he was done, he set the cloth back down into the tub and once again grabbed the bottle of lube and ran it up and down his cock, covering it liberally. He reached down and rubbed the jelly over his cock, making sure that every inch was covered, with some of it accidentally getting on the hair between his dick and his balls.

Then Ed approached Aggie and guided the tip of his cock towards her waiting hole. He slipped the head in, and because he had already used his finger and lube generously to prepare her, he didn’t have to wait for her to relax, and he was able to slide his cock fully inside of her. It had been soooooo long since he had been in her ass, and to feel the tightness that she had regained from all of the years of lack of use, he let his cock just rest in this position and he relished the moment.

Aggie moaned as she felt him slide inside of her, and then he quit moving. She wanted to feel him pounding her like the days of old, so she started to move her hips back and forth, to show him that she wanted to be fucked in the ass, just like old times.

Ed felt her body starting to move back and forth, and he reciprocated by sliding his cock slowly back out of her ass, almost removing it, but leaving the tip buried beyond the sphincter, and then slowly sliding it back in as far and deep as he could go. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass with his hands and moved each one to the side so that her ass was spread as wide as possible, thereby giving him a little deeper penetration. He had used plenty of lube, so penetration was easy.

Aggie picked up the tempo and started moving her hips in a quicker pace as she felt the wall muscles of her vagina starting to tighten from the sensations that were coursing her body.

Ed leaned forward a bit and reached his hand to her clit and started a rubbing motion on the tip of it, trying to maintain the position of his finger as best he could while both of their bodies were rocking in rhythm. Her pussy was now dripping and he knew that she had to be close as she continued to increase the pace until it was almost as if she were frantic with her desire to attain the release that she needed.

He could feel her anal muscles begin to contract and he realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm, so he released his hand from her pussy, and he stood up straight and once again used both hands to spread her cheeks to their utmost point.

Aggie started to buck wildly and Ed began to thrust his cock into her ass again and again, feeling the swelling building as he knew his sperm were ready to be released inside of her. The swelling grew at the base of his cock, and followed the path until he felt his cum shooting from its tip.

Aggie felt the swelling of his cock inside of her ass and that old familiar feeling put her over the edge and she exploded in a convulsion of climax’s, as they came in wave after wave, making her pussy tighten and release as it twitched from the feelings that she was being given.

Ed continued to pump his cock into her as hard as he could, and though it would usually start to recede into a semi hard state after he had shot his load, he was able to maintain his rigidity and he rode her until she was crying, partly from the exhaustion, partly from the exhilaration, and partly from the joy that she felt from being able to feel whole again.

Aggie knew the toll that it had taken on Ed when she could no longer offer up to him what he wanted, so she didn’t want to stop either, but soon it came to a point where neither one had the energy to continue the motions, which were now decreasing in intensity.

Aggie slid down to where her knees now rested on the floor, and she felt a little sad when she felt his cock as it popped outside of her sphincter. She could now feel the juices running back outside of her ass, and trailing their way across the lips of her pussy, joining in with the juices that had steadily flowed from inside of her toward the outside of her vagina.

Ed leaned down and grabbed the washcloth that he had used earlier, and after rinsing it just a bit, he kneeled down behind Aggie on the floor and lovingly caressed her ass with the cloth, taking time to wash every square inch of her ass cheeks, so that no stickiness from the lube or the semen remained to make her feel uncomfortable.

Aggie turned to face him when he was done and after rinsing the rag, she washed his cock, moving it up and down the length of his shaft. To her amazement, Ed’s cock started to stiffen again. Usually one time in the sack was all that he could produce, as time had taken a toll on his body, just as is expected sometimes with some people as they age.

Ed looked down at Aggie as she stroked his cock, and he felt himself starting to get hard again. Not wanting to turn down what might be an unusual option, he reached down and took the rag from her hand and set it back inside the tub. Then he grasped her by the arms and pulled her upright as he stood.

Aggie didn’t have to ask what he wanted to do. She knew what he wanted, and her pussy ached so bad to feel him inside of it. Ed picked her up in his arms, and carried her toward the bedroom, both of them looking at each other with a seldom seen glow on their faces as she wrapped her arms around his neck to stabilize herself while being carried to where her prize awaited her.

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