College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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“How was the gym?”

Emily smiled at him. “Pretty good, I did legs today.” She walked over and began grabbing toppings for the pancakes from the cupboard. Tom sat there a little disappointed he hadn’t gotten a repeat of yesterday.


“Did Bill say anything to you?” he pushed.

“Oh maybe,” she said casually, setting the toppings on the table and heading back for the pancakes, “but I thought I’d wait to tell you tonight seeing as I have class in half an hour.”

Tom’s face fell, and Emily had to stifle a giggle at the sudden change. With that they dug into breakfast, with Tom somewhat withdrawn, chewing his food mechanically, trying to drag his eyes away from the large amount of Emily’s cleavage he could see. Meanwhile, Emily happily chatted away as she wolfed down the pancakes. Afterwards she jumped up for a quick shower before heading off to class.

Tom got in the shower after her, and without even realising what he was doing, soon found himself stroking his cock, imagining all the guys at the gym ogling Emily as she worked out her incredible ass. Soon his mind turned to their neighbour and how he would have reacted to Emily strutting past in her new outfit. He imagined him saying all sorts of crude things to her, eventually convincing her to walk up the path towards, a sultry swing to her hips. She’d step up onto the porch in front of him, her tits bouncing as she came to a stop. Suddenly Tom came, the vision too much. He finished washing himself and then got out of the shower.

Tom headed across to uni an hour after Emily, and was there until 6 o’clock. He returned to Emily cooking a stir fry for dinner. He set the table and then dug in, hungry from his long day. He did the dishes and then joined Emily on the couch where she was watching some cooking competition. She paused it when he sat down and clambered onto his lap. Tom instantly felt himself getting hard.

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“So, you want to hear about what that old perv Bill said to me today, while I was wearing a ridiculously skimpy outfit my no-good boyfriend bought me?” she said seductively, rubbing Tom’s thighs.

“Yes!” Tom grunted excitedly.

Emily brought her hands to his cock, kneading it through his pants.”Maybe I shouldn’t call Bill a perv, when you’re the one who spent several hundred dollars just so your girlfriend could get ogled.” Tom groaned. “Ogled by our gross old neighbour. On the way out this morning, he shouted: ‘Jeez, that one’s even skimpier than last time! Do your parents know you’re turning into a slut?’ And then, on the way back, he shouted ‘If you don’t want to tell your parents, you’re welcome to come up here and I’ll give you a spanking myself!'”

Visions of Emily laying herself across Bill’s fat lap in her skimpy outfit, lifting her bum up to be spanked by his meaty hand, filled Tom’s head, quickly sending him over the edge. He spurted into his pants. Emily gave him a smile, before rolling off him and resuming her show. Tom sat there uncomfortably for a few minutes, cum soaking into his underpants, before he got up and had a shower.

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