College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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Emily groaned. She’d known where he was headed as soon as he started stroking her thigh, but her arousal climbed as he drew nearer and nearer her dripping pussy. “Please Bill, you can’t,” she said shakily.

“I can’t, or you don’t want me to?” he said, moving his stroking another millimetre closer, just barely touching the outermost part of her vulva. “Because I don’t think either of those are true.”


Emily groaned again as she felt him move his hand closer again, now fully stroking the outer part of her vulva. She couldn’t believed she let an obese, overconfident sleazeball get further than her loving boyfriend. “Please…” she moaned, letting out a shaky breath, her pert breasts jiggling.

“Please what? Keep going? Or stop?” She could feel him brushing ever so slightly against her labia now.

She mustered all her strength to resist him. “Please… stop…” she breathed. Bill reluctantly drew his hand back. He might be crude in the way he talked to girls, but he wasn’t a rapist. It hurt him to have to stop after getting so close, and he immediately started wondering if he should have gone faster, or slower.

Emma breathed a sigh of relief as he withdrew his hand, but immediately her pussy started aching for it to be back. She finally looked up, and spotting the time on the tv, she gasped. She’d already been in here for over half an hour! What would Tom be thinking? She jumped back, quickly pulling her clothes back in place.

“I, I need to go, my boyfriend is going to start worrying about me…”

“You can’t leave me like this! At least tell me you’ll be back tomorrow.”

“No, I don’t think I should…”

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“Well at least give me your number then!” Bill said, getting a little desperate. Emily relented and gave it to him, just wanting to get out of there now without any further fuss. She then scurried for the door. She stuck her head out first to make sure the street was clear, before running across to her apartment. She burst through the door to find Tom standing expectantly in the dining room. She leapt into his arms. “Oh my god, it was massive!” she said giddily, happy to be back in the arms of Tom, knowing that she could trust him not to push her like Bill did.

“Holy shit, how big was-” Tom started before stopping himself. “Wait, first of all, what took you so long, you were in there for over half an hour! How long does it take to look at his dick?”

Emily took a step back. “I might have been a little bit naughty,” she said innocently, keeping a close eye on Tom’s reaction. She saw the worry and fear, but she also saw his unmistakable lust. More confident now that she knew he was secretly hoping that she’d be naughty, she continued. “Do you want me to tell you everything that happened?”

Tom nodded.

“Well come with me then,” she said, strutting past him into the bedroom.

Once he was positioned with his pants pulled down on the bed, Emily sat herself between his legs and began stroking his cock as she told him what happened. She had to slow way down to stop him shooting off before she finished the story. When she got to the part where Bill exposed her tits and pussy she had to stop completely, feeling him throbbing in her hand. She let him calm down before continuing the story. She had to stop again when she told him how big his cock was, and again when she told him how she started stroking it. She didn’t start up again, knowing what was coming next.

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