College couple get a kick out of teasing gross old neighbour

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He sat watching for the next twenty minutes, watching as people jogged or walked briskly past the camera every couple of minutes. Tom saw Bill catcall a couple of the more attractive morning joggers, but could not hear what he said. Finally Emily came into view and Tom’s heart rate instantly spiked. She was close enough to the camera that Tom could see that she had pulled her pants up tight into her ass and pussy.

He saw Bill begin yelling something at her, and Emily seemed to ignore him as she started stretching herself in front his house. She once again seemed to be trying to give him the best possible view of her tits and ass. Once she was finished stretching she stood in front of his fence for a minute or so talking with him. She started off combative, but her body language gradually calmed down. She then promptly walked through the gate and made her way up onto the verandah. She walked over to stand in front of his chair and talked for a while longer. Bill suddenly stood up, surprising Tom by how fast he moved for a man of his size and age. He put his hand on Emily’s lower back and guided her through his front door.


Tom watched the stream feverishly, his anxiety only outweighed by his arousal. What the hell could be happening in there? It had already been half an hour! How long could it take to see someone’s dick?

Emily left for her run incredibly horny. She felt so exposed in her outfit, she knew her nipples were definitely poking through the top, and she could feel how much of her tits and ass was exposed to the world.

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“Oh wow, looks like someone’s keen to show me her pussy again!” Bill shouted at her, doing nothing to help her arousal level as he reminded her of what had happened on Monday morning.

She’d pulled her pants up as she ran the last stretch before Bill’s house. She looked down and saw a clear cameltoe in front, and she could feel the material was deep in her ass crack. She slowed down as she came up to Bill’s house, stopping the time on her smart watch. She was briefly distracted from her horniness when she saw that she’d just beat her PB by almost a minute.

“Goddam! I can see your nipples from up here!” Tom yelled, instantly taking her back to the peak of her arousal. “You want to come up and give me another show?”

Emily ignored him and instead began stretching her legs. She repeated her show from Monday, feeling her pussy begin to gush as she contorted herself to provide Bill the best possible view of her barely covered tits and ass.

“Or you can start down there and get warmed up before you come up!’ Bill yelled. “Get this cock up to it’s full eleven inches!:”

Emily finished off her stretches before she leant up against the fence. “There’s no way it’s eleven inches, you’re stupid if you think anyone would believe that!” she said hotly.

“Don’t call me stupid, you dumb slut! Surely with the amount of dicks you’ve had in your life you’d know that eleven inches might be on the bigger side, but it’s not impossible!”

“I’m not a slut! I’ve never seen a penis other than my boyfriends, and I’m still a virgin!”

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