Slutty Aunt Fucks her Nephew

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Dropping to his knees, Nathan placed a hand on the inside of each of his aunt’s thighs and parted them further, and placed his tongue at the bottom of her wide open pussy and slowly dragged it upwards, tasting her finally as he had wanted to do for so long. The first of many groans came from Elaine, starting out as murmurs of appreciation and interrupted by louder, ‘OH FUCKS!’. She began to grip the duvet below her as that feeling she knew so well started to grow in her lower stomach. Letting go of her bedding, Elaine’s fingers went to her nephews hair and she started to rock her hips into the quickening action of Nathan’s tongue and as it hit her swollen clit one more time, Elaine held her nephews head in place and began to grind against his chin and tongue, pressing down and releasing the orgasm she had been waiting for. Nathan continued to lap as his Aunty Bo came again and again, her pussy gaping with each climax and fingers gripping his hair tighter with each bolt of electric excitement that ran through her. Nathan brought his hands higher up Elaine’s thighs, if possible, parting them even furthers while he continued to lap at the juicy pussy his aunt was so willingly presenting for him. While he worked on her pulsating clit with his tongue, he worked first one and then a second finger inside Elaine’s welcoming cunt and began paying attention to her g-spot, curling his digits round so that his manly fingers brought new groans of pleasure. As Elaine’s next orgasm grew, her hips bucking and her sexy arse rising off of the bed as the feeling got stronger and stronger and just at the point where she let go with her strongest climax so far, Nathan added a third finger to his aunty’s wet hole.

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‘OH MY FUCKING GOD!’ Elaine screamed. ‘Fuck, fuck, Nathan yes. AAAAARGH, FUCK, GOD, THAT’S IT!’


Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as she looked down between her tits that were heaving up and down as she desperately gasped for breath so see her nephew looking back up at her with his whole mouth pressed over her pussy, tasting her cum as it flowed from her. The sight of him, the most taboo sight she could have imagined sent her off towards yet another explosion. She watched her legs begin to shake almost uncontrollably and she went almost silent as her breathing became shallow and rapid, her head falling back and eyes closing in the forbidden ecstasy of it all. The image now burned in to her memory was now fucking her mind as she gratefully accepted the attention being paid to her cunt by her favourite nephew and the combination of the two now made her writhe as well as shake and buck from the physical pleasure. Letting go of Nathan’s hair, her hands went across her own body, grasping at her own tits urgently as taboo thoughts run through her head as she resaw the sight of her own nephew looking up at her from between her legs.

‘I really am the ultimate slut now,’ she thought and with that she came again, her spasming pussy trying to force Nathan’s fingers from inside her.

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