My first orgasm (True story)

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Hello everyone, this is my first time writing my sexual encounter. Actually this is my first time writing anything (apart from notes in school and college, of course). Ok so moving on from this bad joke, I am about tell you guys story of my first orgasm. It happened at my grandparents place (mother’s side) with one of my mother’s cousin and I was just 14 at that time. So here it goes.

During my childhood we I used to visit my grandparents house every summer with my mother and younger brother. They had a joint family with all my mother’s uncle living together with their children. Now due to the huge age Gap between my grandfather and his brothers, some of my mom’s cousin were actually my age. This posed a problem for me weather to call them aunt or address them by their name since they were practically my age.

Some were just a few years older than me. So we made an arrangement where in front of our family we will use proper salutation but when it’s just us kids then we will be on the first name basis. Now during this time at the afternoons we were not allowed to go out since it was very hot. So we use to play in a close room a group of 4-5 of us playing different games everyday. This was also the time of the day when most of the elders use to sleep so no disturbance for us. One day my aunt Pallavi suggested that we should play house. We all agreed to her and started assigning characters. Since I came from outside for vacations I was looked a little differently, rather a city boy kind of way. So I was made the hero. As soon I became hero Pallavi declared herself my wife. Her brother played her brother and my other aunt Nikita played my sister. We used a doll as a child.

Now as the game goes we started enaacting daily routine where I go to work she waves me good bye and all those things. As the game progressed there came a sequence where it’s night time and myself and Pallavi are about to sleep. So we just lied down besides each othe. But out of nowhere she put her arms around me and rest her head on my chest. To make it realistic she said we should switch off the lights and pretend to sleep for 5 mins. As soon as lights were off she started to move her hands on my chest. Slowly taking her hands down on my penis over my pants. I was getting hard and I nervous at the same time. I didn’t knew what to do so I did nothing just lied down. Just when she was about to put her hands in my pants Sheetal (again my aunt but 3 years older) entered the room and saw us. Me and Pallavi were startled and got up. She asked what were we doing to which we said just playing something and told here not to interrupt us and go away. She got suspicious but still went away. Then we continued the game with lights on and the day went by. But couldn’t get that feeling out of my head. It was something that I had never experienced before. Every sensation every bit of it was new for me. I was excited to be alone with Pallavi again, to see what happens next. But what happened next was not something I would have imagined.

Now at night 3-4 people use to sleep in one room. I never slept with my mom and slept with my aunts and one or two cousin. On this particular day as it happened me Sheetal and Pallavi were sleeping in the same room. Now I thought once Sheetal will sleep me and Pallavi will continue what we started. So I waited for Sheetal to fall asleep. But by the time she fell asleep even Pallavi fell asleep. I touched her belly and hips but there was no response. I was a little disappointed and I also lost my sleep. I just lay straight and watched the ceiling. On one side was Pallavi sleeping and on other Sheetal. I couldn’t sleep and was getting bored. And then I don’t know what came over me, I turned towards Sheetal whose back was towards me and put my arms around her waist. I was touching her navel over her night gown and spooning. I thought she is asleep, but then suddenly her hand moved and she kept it over my hand. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I stopped moving my hand. To my surprise now she was guiding my hands moving them around her navel. Here I decided to just let loose and go with the flow. I kissed her neck to which she shivered like a dry leaf. She then truned around and now we were facing each other. She came close to me and whispered “kiss me”. I was about to kiss her on the cheeks when she again whispered- “on the lips you idiot” and smiled. So I slowly put my lips in her lips and kissed her. She said- ” do it like those emraan hashmi movies”. I understood she wanted a long one. So I started kissing her, suddenly I felt her tongue in my mouth, now I must say this was the most excited I felt till that time in my life. My heart was pumping and I was shivering. But I put my tongue in as well and now our tongues were moving around each other. The speed increased without us knowing. Then she stopped and took my hand and put it in her underpants. I felt a bush and then my fingers touched something that I had only read about in biology text books. She said put your finger in and so I did she started making expressions. Since we cannot make noice there were some weird expression and I was loving all of it. I. Between she was also kissing me.

After few minutes I felt something wet and thick on my hands. She left out a moan but not too loudly. She wiped my hands with her night gown. Then she put her hands in my pants and started stroking my dick. Slowly at first and gradually increasing the speed. I didn’t knew what took over me. My eyes were closed legs a little spread and head back of the pillow. It was a different kind of a high altogether. Let me just state that before this I haven’t even done masterbation, just talked about it but never did it. So this was my first experience. While her hands were doing thier job she was also kissing my neck and shoulders. Within a minute I came. And what a feeling it was. Till date there is no better high than cuming with a girl’s hand around my dick. At that time I didn’t knew that it is cum, so I thought I had just peed. But Sheetal said that its not pee it is what comes out when a girl and a boy do it. So I agreed with her and didn’t move, but it was still very uncomfortable layin down like that. Then she we kissed some more and then she told me to sleep and made me promise that I will never tell about this to anyone. I promised her and slept. Next morning when I woke up she wasn’t there, niether was Pallavi. Both of them woke up early and got to their chores. After that I also did it with Pallavi it became a sort of a regular thing for us whenever we meet and also a couple of times with Sheetal. I also did it once with my other cousin Nikita. Sheetal is now married and have a 5 year old daughter. She visited at our place around last Diwali and needless to say that there were fireworks all around. But that’s the story for some other time.
I hope you guys like my story and trust me it’s 100 percent real.

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