Fun with a friend (True story)

So when I was 7 my step dad invited his new boss over to our house for dinner and he has a daughter. I was so excited to meet her, we could play with my new barbies I got!

Saturday at around 4:00 his boss came over with his daughter. She was blonde and very pretty she was the same age as me too! We played around in my room for a while while our parents talked but we eventually got bored. We went to ask our parents if we could go play outside and they said that was fine. We had this very large tree in our backyard and a privacy fence so we where easily hidden and we wanted privacy to talk about our crushes and stuff. So we sat behind the tree and talked before we decided to play pretend. We pretended that we were with really cute older boys playing spin the bottle and truth or dare. Lily dared me to take off my shirt for the cute boy so I did, my body was pretty advanced for my age so my boobs had grown a little, so my little tits flopped out of my tank top. I dared Lily to do the same and her little titties dropped out of her shirt. “I saw a video once where these two girls sucked on each others boobies!” Lily said to me. “You wanna try it?” I asked her and she nodded her head. We got closer and pretended that the cute boys dared us to suck each others tits. I put my mouth on her nipple and licked it, and it didn’t really taste like anything.

“Wow that actually feels really good!” Lily said to me. “Do it to me!” I told her and she wrapped her mouth around my nipple and sucked. She licked my nipple a few times and i felt my panties getting wet.We went back to truth or dare and the nonexistent boys told us to take off our shorts and panties, so we did. I noticed Lily’s pussy was wet too. “Hey, both of our pussys are wet!” I exclaimed to her. “Pussy? What’s that?” She asked me. “It’s what’s down there. I heard my mom say it once.” I told her.”In the video the girls touched and licked each others…pussys.” She said, still getting used to the word.”Okay!”


Lily got on her hands knees and touched my little girl pussy, it felt really good. She brought her head down and licked from clit to my opening. “Oh, that feels good!” I said to her “Your pussy kinda tastes like candy, I wanna lick it some more!” She told me. “Ok it feels really good, I’ll do it to you when I’m done.” I replied. “Ok”. She knelt down her head and started lapping at my young pussy, making me let out sounds of delite. I got wetter ad wetter with each lick. “Mmmmm, feels good.” I moaned.

She licked my clit with her wet tongue making me gasp, then she opened my pussy lips with her hand and took a long wet lick to my opening, shoving her tongue in me. “Mmmmmmmmm, aah, mahhh” is all i could say as I came. Lily lapped up every drop of my girl cum from my small pussy. “That tasted really good, do it to me now!” she said. “Ok, I hope your pussy taste like candy too!” I said as we switched spots on the ground, still hidden by the tree.I knelt down my head to her young pussy and took a long lick from her clit to her opening. “Oooh that feels good.” She moaned.”Your pussy tastes sweet too!” I exclaimed and started lapping at the hot wet pussy. I lapped up her girl juices and tasted the sweetness on my tongue. I licked and licked feeling my pussy get wet again, and I could tell Lily was close, her little pussy shivering on tongue. “Mmmm,feels really good, ahh, my pussy’s really wet, I’m gonna explode!” She moaned as her hot young cum landed on my tongue, I sucked up every last drop of her girl cum from her wet pussy. “That was really good, tasted just like candy! My pussy’s wet again!” I told her, smiling. “Heh, mine too maybe we can touch each other this time!” Lily said. “Ok.” I replied.

We sat side-by-side with our backs leaning against the tree. I moved my hand over to Lily’s girl pussy and she did the same. She rubbed her hand from my clit to my lips, and I did the same. She rubbed down my pussy again and opened my lips. I felt the chilly air on my opening and shivered although it felt good. “One girl in the video put her finger in the other girls…wait I know another word! Cunt! She put her finger in the other girls cunt!” She told me, excitedly. “Ok, put your finger in my cunt then.” I told her. “Ok!” She replied. she held my lips open with one hand and slipped a finger in with other. I felt her little finger in my tiny cunt and I felt full.”OH! Mmmahhhh!” I moaned as she fingered me, thrusting her small finger into my wet pussy. I reached over and fingered her too.

“Aahhhhh, ohh, mmmmmm!” Our moans mingled together. “AAAAHHH” we yelled as we both came, both of us panting from our insane orgasms. I pulled my finger out and licked the sweet cunt juice of my finger.”Mmm, how about we clean each other off?” I asked her. She nodded as I knelt down and cleaned up her young hot cum from her small pussy. “Mmmm, glad I’m not wet again, I don’t think I could handle another.” she moaned. “Me too” I said as we both giggled. She cleaned my hot pussy of its cum too and we sat there talking about if we would have another playdate. “Girls, it’s time for dinner!” My mom yelled from the backdoor. “Ok, we’ll be in in a second!” I yelled back. We both got dressed, and headed inside. We sat down and ate our dinner my step dad and Lily’s dad talking about work. “Dad can we have a sleepover?” Lily asked as we were cleaning up the table after dinner. “Sure honey, if it’s fine with the Lopez’s.” he replied. “We would be happy to have Lily over again!” my mom said. “How about next Saturday then?” Lily’s dad proposed. “Sounds good to me!” Mom said.

We looked at each other excited for next time. (True story, just changed some names around)