Sometimes I wish you were little girl again

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My dad has always gone pretty easy on me, but when we did fight, it could get pretty ugly. Tonight was one of those times. He had come down on me, pretty hard and after arguing with him, and doing quite a bit of screaming, finally things seemed to be settling down.

When I found him he was sitting down at the computer, looking at old family photos.

“I’m so sorry daddy,…” I whimpered as I held him tight, wrapping my arms around him in an affectionate embrace. “I love you so much,” I said, “It’s just that sometimes you make me so mad.”

“Come here sweetie,” he said lovingly, and he pulled me on top of his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist, and giving me a kiss on the cheek, told me that he loved me too.

It was late, mom and my two older brothers, had gone to sleep hours ago. I was exhausted, and I lay my head on daddy’s shoulder, bending my knees and propping them up on top of his legs, we laughed together as we roll down memory lane, marveling at how the time had gone by.

I was definitely too old, at seventeen to be sitting on my dad‘s lap. True there were times that in the past months, I had jumped up on him, just to goof around. Somehow this seem different. I’m not sure, if it was because of the knockdown drag out that we had just been through, or if it was something else.

It was like a dream, and that the events of our night, had faded away into nonexistence. I knew that I love my daddy, and that he loved me.

I could feel his chest, falling and rising. My dad was in great shape, and still pretty young. He and my mother had gotten started with their family pretty young by today’s standards. And the three of us, my two brothers and me were all about sixteen months apart in age. I had said some hateful things, calling him a stupid old man, when really 39-year-old dad wasn’t that old. He certainly didn’t look it, more like in his twenties! I felt ashamed, of all the things that come out of my mouth.

“Listen, daddy” I said, “I really want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do for me. I mean…,” I went on, “you’re like the most handsome, Dad ever! All the things you do, most guys couldn’t even do, when they were twenty, and well… I just really need you to know that, I really really would do anything for you!” I continued on.

He smiled at me, as a photo of me riding around on his back, when I was a little girl, flashed across the screen. Looking at me with, wirh tenderness in his eyes, he managed out, “Boy, sometimes I sure wish you were little again.”

I laughed, as I tickled him under his side, “Yeah right!” I piped, “But then you wouldn’t have, this sassy little brat to have fun with!” I said, smiling back.

He laughed, then sighed, and looking at me with twinkle, remarked, “You sure have grown up to be a beautiful girl. My God Lindsey,” he added “You are….. gorgeous!” “I sure am lucky,” he said winking, “To have a pretty little thing like you!”

Daddy started to tickle me, I fidgeted around, squirming all over his lap. I felt something moving when I shifted my weight a little to the left, and basically right in the middle. I knew what it was…. I had sat on plenty of other boys laps, and I knew… what it was, that was moving, getting harder in my dad‘s crotch, while he tickled me!

I felt a tingling sensation as his hardness continued to rub against my tight little pussy from underneath our clothing. It felt good…. Real good! If it weren’t for that, I might’ve had the mind to put a stop to it!

Becoming aware, of the situation my dad tried his best, to navigate me off the hardness of his prick. This went on for the better part of ten minutes, all the while, trying to conceal himself under the guise of laughing and tickling me.

It was exhilarating, and the sensations intensified as we continue to move around. I didn’t think that he could really tell, that I knew, that his prick had gotten stiff with me on top of him. I could almost feel myself building to a climax, as the hazy dream of my mind, led me in directions, that were not ordinary for me. Definitely not ordinary, for a father and daughter. If I was going to make another move, it was now or never!

By this time, I had flipped my body around and was straddling him face-to-face. Reaching down between our legs, and feigning surprise, I grabbed hold of his stiff cock, and the only thing that escaped my lips was, “OH…… Daddy!”

“Lindsey!… “ He started in, but quickly, I caught his mouth with mine, and feathering my tongue around with his, indulged in a passionate exchange, as I rev ground my young body against the straining bulge in his pants.

“Oh daddy!” I panted, sighing into his mouth, as I continue pleasure myself against the firmness of his manhood. “Oh daddy!” I said again, “This feels soooo good!”

Grinding myself vigorously, it didn’t take long, before my virgin pussy, was dripping, onto his boxer shorts. “Nnnnnggghh….!” I moaned, clenching my teeth together, and pressing myself hard against him, pursing my lips together, and holding my breath, the only thing to escape was a long and drawn out, “OOOOHHHHH!”

Sliding down between his legs to my knees, and tugging on the shorts, I freed the throbbing monster, that had given me such pleasure only moments before. My dad stood up, shaking his boxers completely to the ground, only to have me, grab the base of the thing, running my hand up and down its length.

“Oh fuck Lindsey!” He moaned, trying to control his volume. I spat on the end of it, as I continued to jack off my dad’s proud member.

“God daddy!” I marveled, “I can’t believe how big this thing gets!” I continued. “Is it OK,” I asked, “If I put it in my mouth? I’ve always wanted to know what that’s like.” His dick jerked violently, as I spoke to him, and looking me in the eyes, pushed the back of my beckoning head toward his needy manhood.

His eyes were wide, and his voice was resolved, he managed to let me know. “Oh baby! Nothing would make daddy happier! Suck daddy‘s big cock! You sweet little Vixen ! Oh Lindsey,” he grunted, “You’re all grown up! Be daddy‘s good little cock sucker!” He said angrily!

Mashing my little face onto his dripping cock, he forced me to take him deeper inside of my mouth and throat. Working on the it’s end, I bobbed my head up and down like an experienced whore. Saliva, dribbled its way down from the corners of my mouth, and onto the floor, as I began to spit, gurgling, as I fucked my face onto my father’s cock.

“Mmmmmmm…..” I murmured, as I popped my mouth off, and began running my tongue, twirling it around his thick steel rod. “You taste like candy!” I teased, “Do you have some more candy for this little girl!” I mocked!

Crossing my arms over my head, and grabbing my night shirt, I quickly pulled it off, showing off my firm 32C cup teenage breasts. They bounced with excitement, as I flopped myself down onto the couch, wearing nothing but my pretty little, black, Victoria’s Secret panties.

My dad quickly shuffle himself on to my midsection at my sternum. The manly weight of his body, made it difficult to breeze, and pushing my tits together, he thrust his well lubricated cock in between, dragging his balls across my belly as he did so.

“Oh Jesus! Lindsey!” He wheezed, passing his dick between my tits. “Oh God Lindsey! Your tits are amazing!” He went on, pitching his head backwards, as he continued to assault my body.

I laughed, and smiled back at him wickedly. “Are you sure that you wish I was still a little?!”I said sarcastically.

And then grinning, as he fucked away at my breasts, he said “The younger the better! I’ve wanted to do this, since you were twelve years old!”

“Oh! Somebody’s been a bad boy!” I giggled excitedly. And then bending my neck towards his thrusts, and opening wide, I let him pound his cock through my young tits and into the my mouth! I felt like his dick, was going to rip a hole in the back of my head! It felt so amazingly good, that I really didn’t even care! My words were distorted, as I try to talk to him with my mouth full, and his communication consisted of primal grunts, and moans with bits of garbled words, as he drove his lust into my body.

Letting go of my breasts, I felt his balls slap up underneath my chin up, as he pressed the full weight of his body, spearing his massive dick into my mouth and down my throat. I was able to take in his full length, as he held himself, inside of me, and paused, I choked breathlessly, digging my nails into his ass, and desperately tried to catch my air! I could feel his balls tighten, as he held himself there. I could feel his cock surging, and the semen sliding down my gullet, as he began to empty himself inside of me.

Finally, relenting, he pulled himself out and I gasped, as I filled my lungs again! He stood above me, continuing to yank on his swollen member, blasting his cum all over my tits, and then again, covering my face, and into my open mouth and on to my delicate tongue!

“Oh fuck me! Oh sweet Lindsey! Oh my fucking God!” He squeezed out between gritted teeth, as he finished off his deed, leaving me to look like a whore.

“Thank you daddy!” I said smiling with come dripping from my body. He smacked my ass, as I retreated to my room…

to be continued….

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