Kate and Ann Revisited

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Early the next week, Ann had no afternoon appointments and found herself thinking about Kate. Knowing Kate’s husband Tom was going to be in the office until the end of the day and then head directly to a meeting he has on Tuesday nights, Ann jumped in her car and decided to drop in on her friend. Kate was in the kitchen and noticed Ann drive up in her little black convertible. Ann found her heart was pounding as she got out of her car and headed to Kate’s front door.

Kate met her there—“this is a surprise, what’s up?” “Oh nothing, I just was out and found my self thinking about you,” Ann answered. “How sweet, what made you think about me?” Kate asked. “I’ve thought about you constantly since the weekend,” said Ann. Kate started to worry a little that Ann had remorse about letting Rob be with her, but Ann sat down on the stool at the breakfast bar letting her short skirt ride up revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “I can’t stop thinking about having your face between my legs.” Somewhat stunned, but turned on at the sight of her half naked friend, Kate moved closer. She got down on her knees. Even though there were windows in the front of the house, Ann’s lower half was below the height of the breakfast bar.

Kate pressed her face into Ann’s already wet pussy. Sliding her tongue between Ann’s lips and into her wet hole. Ann put her hand on the back of Kate’s head and pressed Kate hard against her. “Oh, yes, eat my pussy. Fuck me with your tongue. I wanted this so bad. Lick it.” Kate couldn’t believe she was eating out her friend in her kitchen while her husband was at work, but it was so good she wasn’t about to stop. Ann loved the incredible feeling of Kate’s tongue, but equally enjoyed the feeling of power as she pressed Kate’s head into her. “You love it don’t you Kate,” Ann said, nearly breathless. Kate hummed, “mmm” against Ann’s engorged clit. “Let’s go upstairs and get naked,” Ann said, taking Kate by the hand and leading her upstairs. Kate’s face glistened with Ann’s juices.

Once they got upstairs, Ann slipped out of her clothes and began undressing Kate. Ann admired Kate’s large breasts and big long nipples. She laid Kate down on the bed and moved on top of her, sucking her right nipple and making it instantly hard. Ann slid up so her pussy was on Kate’s chest, her wet lips sliding across Kate’s erect nipple, which was long enough to actually slip inside of Ann. Ann moved forward, hovering over Kate’s face. “Eat my pussy, baby,” Ann said as she sat on Kate’s face. Ann felt Kate’s tongue sliding in and out of her. Her juices flowing out onto Kate’s face. “Oh yes, that feels incredible, make me cum,” said Ann. She pressed her weight down on Kate, riding back and forth on her mouth. Humping her friends face worked Ann into a frenzy as she felt her orgasm build up within her. She rode Kate even harder as she came in waves. Rolling onto her back next to Kate, Ann leaned over and kissed her friend passionately, tasting her own juices on Kate’s lips. “Where did you learn to do that?” Ann asked her friend. “Never had before our weekend, so just beginner’s luck I guess,” laughed Kate. “No one has ever made me cum like that,” Ann said. “Get on all fours,” she directed Kate. She came up behind Kate, spreading the cheeks of her nice round ass. Ann rimmed her dark hole while sliding a finger into Kate’s wet twat.

Pushing her tongue into Kate’s ass, Ann added more fingers to her pussy until most of her hand was inside. It turned Ann on to see how much Kate could take. She pushed her thumb in too and then began fisting Kate quickly in and out, letting her whole hand disappear well below the wrist bone. “You like that, baby? I love your big wet pussy.” “It feels really good,” Kate said. Ann pushed deeper, several inches of her forearm disappearing inside Kate. She stuck two fingers inside Kate’s ass, while continuing the fist her cunt. Her ass was much tighter and Kate winced when Ann added a third finger to her rectum. “Too much?” “Yeah, a little” replied Kate. Ann returned her attention to Kate’s bum, tonguing it with her mouth while continuing to fuck Kate with her whole hand. Kate began to moan as her friend’s tongue was bringing her to a peak. “Ohhh,” Kate moaned as she began to shake and shudder.

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