Shadi k baad wali party -2

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Hello everyone i am back.

Pardon me for being gone so long. please read the previous story – shadi k bad wali party, if you havent read it. This is last from this series that i will be posting. Soon i will write a new series.

Coming back to my story..
That evening was just getting heated up with all the men gazing at my body and i could feel their eyes stripping me naked in their minds. To no suprise, my loving husband anounced we play a game. And this was like a truth or fuck. They made a circle. And i was made to stand in the middle of it against a dancing pole arranged by my husband, i had no idea of it. I was suprised when he nodded his head to one of the servant who came towards me and tied my hand above my head on the pole with a handcuff. Next he spread my leg with an iron rod with two straps on each ends which spread my legs far enough for everyone to be able to see my jwellery hangingfrom my clit. Then he took one clit clamp and clamed it to my left pussy lip it had a chain and another clamp on the other end. The chain was significantly long enough to go around my waist and then he clamped my right pussy lip with it. Clearly spreading my pussy for everyone to se my pink wet pussy. I was feeling open and flustered until my husband came up and starting pulling my nipples from above that dress. The dress was hiding very little already when the game started.

Game rules: the bottle would be rotated on the table, to whoever it points out has to ask me a question and i have to answer the question truthfully or else i get a punishment from a punishment bowl kept on the table. The bowl had chits from each 30 people in the party of all the things they want to be done to me.

The rules were made clear and the game started. I will tell you all about the game and how i ended up becoming the office whore for my loving husband. Keep connected. Comment on [email protected]

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