A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“I could, but Jimmy’s home, and that would be weird.”

“Jimmy’s weird,” Donna reached into the back seat, but Tammy fired the bowl up once more before handing it back.

“He’s not, he’s just kind of nerdy and shy.”

“Really shy, kid’s still a virgin at 18,” Brenda whistled. “No wonder he’s weird, got all that tension in his balls.”

“Maybe you could help him with it,” Donna suggested. “He checks you out when we’re over. You could throw him a pity suck, I mean how long could it take?”

“Leave him alone, he’s a good kid.” Tammy defended her brother. “Just needs to meet the right girl.”

“Send him to comic con, lot of nerdy girls there,” Brenda quipped.

“Hey, I go to comic con!” Donna explaimed.

“Only so you can get guys to look at you in your slutty Poison Ivy costume.” Tammy laughed.

“Your point?” Donna snickered.

“Anyway, I’m in charge this weekend, so even if I got lucky at the party, I was still coming home by midnight. I’m not bringing a guy home.”

“Because Jimmy would rat you out?”

“Jimmy never rats me out, we’re mad cool with each other,” Tammy explained.

“Not doing it because it would be mean, right?” Donna asked. “He’s never had sex so if he saw you bring someone or heard you it would make him feel worse?”

“Yeah,” Tammy answered warily, waiting for the smart ass follow up comment.

“You’re a good big sister.” Donna surprised her by turning serious. “My big brother’s a d-bag, gets me in trouble and we fight all the time.”

“I’m an only child and proud of it.” Brenda chimed in. “But I think its sweet you stick up for Jimmy, he is a nice kid, I’m busting you up, not him.”

“Nice enough to give him that pity blowjob?” Donna giggled.

“Why don’t you do it for practice, I heard you suck at sucking.”

“Your dad just said that so your mom wouldn’t feel bad.”

Tammy rolled her eyes at the witty exchange in the front seat and blinked at the passing streetlights which seemed brighter than usual. Between drinking and smoking she had a strong buzz, and in general was feeling damn good.

It was a shame to cut the night short, but she wanted to be home to check on Jimmy, who if things went well, might be having a big night of his own. As if on cue, Brenda pulled up in front of Tammy’s house and pointed to where just her silver Nissan sat in the driveway.

“Hey, where’s your brother on a Friday night? Playing D&D with the other dorks?”

“So much for you two being nice.” Tammy opened the door to the car. “He’s at a party.”

“A party? Donna asked. “A real one, like with girls there?”

“Yes, he was invited by a girl he tutors at school. Hoping it’s because she likes him, maybe tonight can get him out of his shell.”

“Maybe she’ll put out for him!” Brenda clapped her hands. “Go get some, Jimmy.”

“It’s not all about sex,” Tammy shook her head. “Just being out and around people and having fun will be good for him.”

“Sex would be better, or at least some head.” Donna pressed.

“But not from me,” Brenda added.

“Night!” Tammy stepped out of the car and had to catch the door with her right hand when a sudden head rush made her dizzy.

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