A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“You okay, party girl?” Donna asked. “Want me to walk you in?”

“I’m good,” Tammy took several deep breaths of the cool fall air. “Just stood up to fast.”

“Last chance, sure you don’t want to come to the club? If Jimmy is out you don’t have to worry about him.”

“I almost fell getting out of the car, think that’s a reason not to.” Tammy told her. “Thanks though, you guys have some fun for me.”

“We will, what about you? Hitting the sack?”

“Maybe after some me time with the vibe,” Tammy sighed. “I’m horny as fuck, but I don’t have it in me to spend two hours at the club.”

“Then I guess the only thing in you will be plastic.” Donna laughed. “But hey, at least you can shut it off when you’re done and not have to listen to them yap about how good they thought they were.”

“Glass half full, right?” Tammy shut the door and tapped the top of the car. “Have fun, but be careful.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Donna shouted as Brenda pulled away. “Maybe we’ll hang out.”

Tammy waved then turned and walked up the path to the porch. She walked slowly, as her head swam from the combination of Jack Daniels and weed. The cool air helped clear her head somewhat, and by the time she reached the front door and let herself in, her head had cleared enough she was no longer worried about staying on her feet.

She turned the porch light on for Jimmy and sat down on the couch. She fished her phone out of her purse and sent him a text.

“Having a good time?”

“Jeez, what am I turning into, mom?” she asked herself.

No, just excited for him and hoping the party went well and her borderline recluse brother would make some new friends, hopefully a special female friend. Tammy leaned over and tugged on the ends of the strings tied behind her ankles, then slipped off the black fuck me shoes she’d worn to the party.

She lifted each leg in turn, rubbing her sore feet. The shoes were brand new, and the insane heels the highest she’d ever worn. She stared at them on the floor thinking they’d have looked damn good over a hot guys shoulders or in the air with her staring up at them while getting it good and hard.

Tammy really did need to get fucked. She’d broken up with Rick months ago and with work and school didn’t have any time to go have some fun. Most likely she would have gotten some tonight if the party had kept going.

They’d partied at Mitch’s huge house before and between the four bedrooms, spare room and finished basement there were several rooms couples could slip off to. She’d know, seeing she’d had a couple of hot encounters there over the last couple of years.

Tammy didn’t see herself as a slut, but the girls were right, since her first time and up until she dated Rick, she’d had her share of guys. She just saw it as having fun, same as they did, and she got annoyed at the double standard a guy could screw anyone and it was cool, but girls who did one nighters were trashy.

Rick was the first guy she’d been serious with, even her first time had been with Ben, the boy who lived across the street. His family was relocating for his dad’s job, and he’d come over to say goodbye.

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