A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Not that Jimmy ever said anything about how he’d seen her dressed before, or her sneaking in late, reeking of pot and occasionally drunk on top of it, but she didn’t need him to see how his big sister put herself out there if she could avoid it.

It was more than that, and she knew it. The last few months, Tammy had seen him looking at her, not as in casually looking, but looking. Tammy understood, he wasn’t just a virgin, but had gone on maybe a total of a half dozen dates in his life and that included proms which he went to with a female friend whose boyfriend lived a state away and didn’t go to the school.

Except for porn, the kid had never seen a woman naked, or even close to it except for when some of her friends came over to use their pool in the summer. Tammy had no worries he was being pervy in the sense he thought about her in a sick way, it was curiosity heightened by lack of experience.

But that didn’t mean she had to encourage it and once she’d been sure she’d caught him staring at her boobs and her ass several times, and the fact she was missing a red and black lace bra, she’d tried to be more careful around the house.

She’d never confronted him about it, no sense in embarrassing him, and Brenda had once mentioned being pissed when she found one of her thongs under her brother’s bed with nasty stains on it. She’d gone to her mother who had told her, “Boys will be boys, he’ll be fine when he gets a girlfriend.”

So Tammy wasn’t too concerned about it. Of course had he already come home, he’d have seen her on the couch in her hey, ho, let’s go, dress, but she’d been pretty fuzzy when she’d first gotten home.

She left the lamp on so he wouldn’t be coming home in the dark, then went to pull down the blind Jimmy had left open. Tammy grabbed the string, then frowned when she spotted the 2015 VW Jetta their parents had bought Jimmy for his graduation.

He’d come home and hadn’t woke her up to talk. Why wouldn’t he? Tammy now shut the lamp off and headed down the hallway. She saw light from under his door and listened for a moment.

She swore she heard faint moaning coming from the room. Had he snuck someone in? If he had she’d be fine with it, but now she needed to know. She knocked softly, and when there was no response, banged louder.

“Hey, you little shit, open up, I know you’re in there.”

“I’m busy!” he called back to her.

“How was the party?”

“Great, tell you tomorrow, night, Tams!”

He sounded nervous and out of breath, he did have someone with him!

She knew she shouldn’t, but couldn’t help herself. This would be so damn priceless to catch him with a girl. Not to mention she wanted to see who she was and what she looked like. Tammy grasped the doorknob and turned it.


He never locked his door; that all but sealed it.

“Who you got in there?” she knocked as she spoke. “Hey, I’m Jimmy’s awesome sister, come out and say hi!”

She heard footsteps and Jimmy opened the door, but only part way and he was standing behind it so she could only see his face.

“There’s no one in here!” He sounded annoyed. “Go to bed!”

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