A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Fuck that’s …oh fuck,” Tamm repeated as he fed his cock into her.

She reached back over her head, bracing her palms against the headboard so she wouldn’t slide up the bed as he pried his thick cock into her tight pussy. Her eyes went wide, and she whimpered as he entered her.

As slowly as he was going, it was still uncomfortable, but when he stopped she shook her head. “Keep going, I want it all, baby. Every inch of it.”

Jimmy obliged easing deeper into her. He was whimpering softly at the teasing sensation of being inside a woman for the first time, but only a little at a time.

“So hot, so fucking tight,” he moaned.

“Jimmy, I think just about any girl will be tight to you.” She lifted her legs, spreading them wider and putting her feet on his chest, to open herself more for him, took a deep breath and said.

“Go ahead, all of it.”

In his excitement he thrust his hips hard, plowing the rest of his cock into her.

“Oh god!” Tammy squealed as her pussy felt as if it were stretched to the breaking point.

“Sorry!” Jimmy eased back, but she gasped.

“Just fuck me, I’ll get used to it.”

Jimmy hesitated, but only for a second before he drove back into her, and this time continued to pump his hips.

“Deep!” she moaned. “So fucking deep!”

Her fingers slid around the rungs of the headboard, gripping them tightly as Jimmy fucked her. Her eyes rolled back, and her mouth shaped in a wide O as he pounded her tight pussy with his uncomfortably thick cock.

“Shit this feels so good,” Jimmy moaned as he put his hands on her knees, his hips thrusting faster. “Better than I ever dreamed of!”

“Glad you like…Oh!” Tammy couldn’t finish the sentence; all she could do was lay there helplessly as his cock battered into her.

As wet as she was, it still hurt, but she let him keep going. She knew she’d get used to him, but more than that, they’d already done so many things they shouldn’t have, she wanted him to have her.

His first time, something he’d just admitted to dreaming about, something he’d always remember and treasure, and she was the one who could give it to him. Yes, she was his sister, yes it was wrong, but she was doing something nice for him, and after this maybe he’d be more confident with other girls.

“Oh yeah,” Jimmy breathed, his hands sliding over her knees and down her thighs. “You feel so good, you look so good.”

He ran his hands back up her legs to her ankles, he lifted her feet and surprised her by kissing the soles of her feet, then sliding his tongue along her toes. It tickled and her feet jerked, but she was still more focused on her body’s efforts to accommodate him.

“I like this in the movies.” Still holding her ankles, he spread her legs wider.

Tammy yelped when the move was accompanied by him fucking her harder. She gasped and groaned as he had his way with her helpless pussy. He didn’t even seem to be going all out and it was the hardest fucking she’d endured due to his size.

As if she’d jinxed herself his hips moved faster, his strokes longer and more forceful. Tammy’s tits were now bouncing, and she saw his eyes darting between her breasts and his cock plundered his sister’s slit.

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