A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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They’d smoked a doob in her room, laughed, talked, then out of the blue he kissed her. Their goodbye had turned into not just her first time with sex, but sucking cock, and getting her pussy licked. It wasn’t Ben’s first time, and he’d been damn good between her legs, making her come three times during their two hour romp.

The seal broken; Tammy had never been shy about getting what she wanted. She wasn’t stuck on herself in anyway, but knew she was a pretty girl and from the neck down, she had plenty to offer, especially her impressive tits which strained to burst from the form fitting black micro dress she’d worn to the party.

The ‘girls’ were one hell of an ice breaker at parties and the clubs, or anywhere else for that matter. Tammy wasn’t shy about flaunting them anywhere there was a chance she could find someone worth taking for a ride.

“Mitch’s goddamn parents,” she muttered as she leaned back on the soft couch and stretched her long legs out in front of her. “Another half hour and a couple more shots these would have been wrapped around you, Kirk,” she frowned. “Kenny? Kyle?”

She released a stoned giggle. “Guy with pretty green eyes who ground his cock into my ass when we were dancing.”

Should have went to the club. She was sitting here close to squirming just thinking about what could have happened. After tomorrow, she had a Sunday shift at Appleby’s then class every day this week, two yoga classes and Thursday she tutored the young girl across the street in English. Then her grandparents were visiting for the weekend so after work she’d have to be home.

At least another week of jilling off and killing batteries. Tammy stared down at her red painted toes thinking it was a shame they wouldn’t be on what’s his name’s chest. Instead, they’d curl into her sheets when she got herself off.

That would be after Jimmy got home. Her self-pleasuring could wait until she heard how his night went. She really hoped it went well. Getting lucky would do wonders for his lack of self-confidence, but even some socializing, especially with the girl who invited him would be a big boost too.

Tammy leaned forward, picked the remote up from the coffee table, and then settled back into the couch as she searched Netflix for something to watch while she waited. Hopefully, her little brother’s Friday night would end up being a lot more satisfying than hers.

Chapter 2

Tammy woke up with a start when the volume on the TV went up during an explosion. She sat up, holding her fingers to her temples as the motion caused her head to spin. She blinked several times to clear her blurry vision then picked up her phone to see it was 11:15.

She noted Jimmy hadn’t replied to her, but she had a text from Brenda. She clicked on it to see it was a selfie she’d taken with Donna and two hot guys, “Should have come out to play!” was the message.

“Bitches,” Tammy grunted, then shut the TV off and stretched.

Jimmy not being home yet was a good sign, he must be enjoying himself, maybe even someone else. Tammy scooped up her shoes and headed for her room, planning on changing into something more appropriate than a dress that pretty much declared “free lunch”.

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