A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Whoa!” Jimmy exclaimed as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and pumped it in her fist. “Y…you’re jerking me off!”

“I’m taking this personally now,” Tammy told him. “I’m way too good to not get a load out of those balls.”

Jimmy started to laugh then moaned when she moved her hand faster. Tammy watched her hand slide up his shaft. Her fingers couldn’t touch around him, even her fingernails were barely in contact with each other.

She slid her palm over his head, gathering some precum and making him gasp when she rubbed the sensitive spongey head. She resumed jerking him, her hand moving easily along his slick dick.

“So long,” she whispered, and added her other hand, putting her fists together and using both to jerk him.

There was still some of his cock protruding from them! Tammy hadn’t been kidding, if girls knew how hung he was they’d be taking numbers to fuck him. Figures, biggest dick she ever saw, and was now touching, and it was her dorky brothers.

“Damn,” Jimmy moaned. “That feels good! Better than my hand.”

“I’d be pretty bad if it didn’t feel better.” Tammy pumped him harder and pointed the head of his cock between her tits. “Give it to me, Jimmy. Your big sis is working hard for that load! I want it, baby! I want your cum all over my chest and my tits!”

Jimmy’s hips were moving of their own accord, pushing through her hands. Tammy’s left hand left his cock and slid under it, cupping his heavy balls and gently rubbing them. Jimmy moaned louder than he had before as she worked his balls, trying to coax the cum from them.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Let me have it, let me have all of it!” she moaned. “Nice big load from my little brother! I need it, Jimmy! I’m getting so wet playing with your big dick!”

“Oh, oh!” Jimmy grunted as she pumped his tortured cock.

“Need more?” Tammy really was feeling like this was a challenge at this point. “Here!” she grabbed the sheet, and yanked it away from her.

She lifted her right leg from the floor, putting her foot flat on the mattress to expose her freshy waxed hairless pink slit. “Look at that pussy, Jimmy! First one you’ve ever seen.”

“Oh my god,” Jimmy’s eyes looked like they were going to fall out of his head. “That’s…Oh my god!”

“Touch it!” Tammy hissed, grabbing his wrist, and pulling his left hand down between her legs. “Go one, feel your sister’s pussy.”

She groaned and her hips jerked when Jimmy’s fingers slid through her tight pink lips.

“You’re wet!” he exclaimed, and his cock jumped in her hand.

“That’s from playing with your big dick,” Tammy whispered. “Go ahead, baby, play with it, put your fingers inside!”

Tammy was acting like the one who had been slipped something. She was acting far more lust crazed than the guy who had swallowed two Viagra. She couldn’t blame the drinking or smoking, she’d done more of both in the past and she’d never acted like this.

Or had she? All of Tammy’s one night stands and wild encounters in the back rooms of parties had been nights she’d hit both the booze and the bowl hard. She’d been horny as hell all night, coming from only a couple minutes with her vibe, before falling asleep.

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