A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Tammy’s heart broke at the dejection and fear in his voice, and she squeezed his shoulders.

“No, we’re going to take care of this here, I promise.”

“No offense, sis, but I don’t think that was enough. I don’t know what I need, but it’s more than what you did, and we can’t do more than that.”

“Maybe we can,” Tammy spoke slowly, wondering if she could go through with what she was thinking.

“I’m going to stand up and put my underwear back on. You might want to look away.”

“Thanks for the warning, even though I should get to see your ass because you saw mine.” She tried to joke, but he shrugged.

“If you want to look, I don’t care.”

He rose from the bed, and Tammy did turn her head. She’d lost track of where she was on the bed and when she looked away from him, she was confronted with their reflection. Her kneeling on the bed, and Jimmy standing there naked looking on the floor for his underwear. Tammy’s eyes widened and she gasped.

“Oh, my god, bro!”

Chapter Five

“What’s the matter?” Startled at how loud she yelled, he turned towards her and Tammy’s jaw dropped.

“What is it?”

“I…holy fuck!” Tammy blurted. “Your dick is fucking huge!”

“I..uh…” he looked down, and she imagined he was blushing, but his face had been red all night so it didn’t really show. “I guess.”

“You guess? Christ, Jimmy, you watch porn, you never looked at thing in your hand and realized you’re bigger than a lot of them?”

“No,” he went to turn back around, but Tammy leaned forward and caught his wrist.



“I…” she stammered. What was she going to say? I want to keep looking at your dick?

But she did. She’d never seen a bigger cock in person or in any porn she’d seen for that matter.


“Just stay there, I’m thinking of something.”

Thinking how did this scrawny kid have enough blood in his body to keep a dick that long hard. Tammy couldn’t believe her eyes. Jimmy’s cock wasn’t just long, but so thick she wondered if she’d be able to get her fingers around it.

Why would that thought even enter her head?

“Nothing to think about,” he leaned over to grab his boxers. “You’re staring at me.”

“Because…” she whistled. “Bro, if Kim or any of those other bitches knew what you had down there, they wouldn’t be making fun of you, they’d be lining up to hop on.”

“Okay, I get it, you didn’t like me telling you I thought you were hot, so now you’re doing it to me.”

“No, I am not kidding, damn.” She caught herself starting to lick her lips. “You’re so fucking hard.”

“That’s the problem!”

Tammy nodded absently, her eyes lingering on the oozing head of his cock which was so purple it looked bruised. No wonder it ached, something that big staying hard for a long time had to be painful.

“I’ll go get dressed, and we’ll go to the doctor.”

“How about if I showed you my tits?”

“What did you say?”

What did I just say? Tammy was as surprised as he was, but that cock! It was like driving by a bad accident, you knew you shouldn’t look, but couldn’t help it.

“You said it wasn’t enough. Bet you could get off if I took my shirt off.”

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