A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Her mouth had never been so full! She made a gagging noise when some of his precum slid down her throat at the same time she forced another couple inches into her mouth. She angled her head, and was able to take about two thirds of his considerable length.

Above her, Jimmy was moaning like a porn star just from being in her mouth. Tammy turned her eyes up to him, and slowly bobbed her head. She wasn’t doing it to tease, the mission here, because that’s the only reason she was so unselfishly sucking his dick, was to get him off, not take her time.

But he was so big she had to work her way up to going faster to avoid choking on his cock.

“Oh, my god,” Jimmy moaned. “That feels even better than fucking your tits.”

Tammy winked at him, then moved her head faster.

“I can’t believe I’m getting a blow job,” Jimmy breathed.

Tammy slid her mouth from his cock, drool and some pre cum sliding down her chin.

“You better not tell anyone.”

“How the hell could I?” Jimmy had a good point there, then grinned. “But I could tell them a hot girl with big tits gave me a blow job.”

“Sure,” Tammy rolled her eyes, then took him back into her mouth, this time much more easily

Her eyes then rolled back as she was able to better enjoy the sensation of having something this big and hard between her lips. Tammy bobbed her head faster than she had before, taking him a little deeper each time.

Her hair fell in front of her face, and she pushed it back, tucking it behind her ears so it wouldn’t get in her way or obscure Jimmy’s view of his big sister giving him head.

“Just like in the movies,” he whispered. “You’re good at this.”

Tammy once again wished he’d stop talking. But he was right, she loved to suck cock. She enjoyed making a man moan, and feel him tremble and hear him say her name as she teased, and licked and sucked his cock.

She loved taking a hot load in her mouth, the warm sticky cum, the way their dicks twitched in her mouth and how they gasped and their hips jerked when she kept working the sensitive tip of their cock after they came, swirling their cum around their head before swallowing it, or if she were really stoned or drunk and feeling dirty, drooling it out on her chin and tits.

This was by far the biggest cock she’d ever sucked, and as she took it further than she had the first time, she wondered what it would feel like inside her. That fat head stretching her lips, pushing into her, forcing her tight hole to expand around it.

Her hips were grinding as she sucked, and her clit throbbed between her legs. She was going to need to come after this, and there was no doubt that no matter how hard she tried not to, she’d be coming to the thought of her brother’s cock in her tight twat.

Tammy took him too deep and gagged, spit bursting from the corners of her mouth. She pushed herself to go further, stretching her mouth as she made wet gurgling sounds. She eased back then drove forward.

The head of his cock hit the back of her throat making her release another sloppy gagging sound, but she repeated the motion again, then again. She gripped his cock in her hand, her fist following the wet trail left by her mouth.

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