A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Tammy nodded, and he went on.

“Then Mom and dad are going to see the bill for whatever medical doesn’t cover, and they’re going to ask why I went, and I don’t want to tell them the truth. Please sis? I Had people laughing at me, I’m scared it won’t go down, and I’m so low I’m begging my sister to help. I don’t have much dignity left. I don’t need an ER Doctor thinking I’m a loser and making me a story he tells his friends for laughs!”

Tammy put her hand up to stop him. “You’re right, its not your fault. That was a mean thing to do to you and I get you feel pretty low right now, but…”

“Tammy, all I need is to get off!”

“You got off twice and look at you. What if it doesn’t work?”

“Then I promise I’ll let you take me to the ER. Just give me one more chance to take care of it. Deal?”

He stared at her imploringly, and she wavered. This was wrong on so many levels it wasn’t funny. On the other hand, the poor kid was the victim of nasty prank that now had him feeling even worse about himself, and she couldn’t imagine how bad he felt.

Coming to her couldn’t have been easy, and he’d made a good point about their parents wanting to know why he’d gone to the hospital. Tammy could spin a lie, and stick to it, but Jimmy would end up blurting out the truth.

Their parents would be ripshit and want to talk to Kim’s parents, setting Jimmy up for ‘snitches get stitches” at school This was his freshmen year at URI and he’d just been the butt of one joke. All the jerks would have him in their sites if their parents found out and took action.

“Okay,” she said quickly, before reason took over and made her keep saying no.

“You’ll help?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but yes. How are we doing this? I am not watching you whack off.”

“I get it.”

“And I’m not getting naked for you. Or…”

“I get it!” Jimmy raised his voice to interrupt her. “How about,” his hand trailed down to touch himself through the boxers and she wondered if he were aware he was doing it.

“You wearing anything under that nightshirt?”


“Tammy if you’re going to help me, please just help me.”

“No, only thing under this shirt is me.”

“Then roll over, and just um, pull your shirt up enough for me to see your ass.”

“You are not seeing my ass!”

“Its just your ass! You can keep your legs together so I don’t see anything else.”

“That’s nice of you.” Tammy replied sarcastically. “How about you jack off on my feet?”


“There’s a lot of guys into feet. I got a pedicure so they’re soft and my toes are painted red.”

“Feet don’t do anything for me,” Jimmy protested. “I need to see something, that, you know, would really get me going.”

“My ass will get you going? I hope a side effect of those pills is making you so horny you can’t think straight, because you shouldn’t be saying shit like that to me.”

“I’ve never seen a girl’s ass except for porn.” Jimmy kept trying. “You said you’d help.”

“I did, but I’m already regretting it.”

“Please don’t change your mind.” When Jimmy saw her waffling he add, “Come on, sis, we had a deal!”

She took a deep breath. “Okay, but you better not tell anyone about this.”

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