A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“That’s…you make it sound easy.”

“Only if you want it that way, though. If not, this was amazing and I’ll always remember it, and not just the sex. I’ll remember that you did this with love because you were helping me.”

“God, shut up before you make me cry!” Tammy wiped at her eye.

“We can talk about it tomorrow, if you want, you know, sleep on it.” he rolled over onto his back, then went to sit up. “I’ll go back to my room.”

“No,” Tammy caught his arm. “You need to stay with me tonight.”

“Really?” he flashed that shy smile, the one she knew she’d give him anything he wanted when he used it, and she better not let him know that. “I can sleep with you?”

“Yes, but!” she put her finger up, maintaining a serious expression. “But just to help.”


“What if you fall asleep and get hard? If you stay asleep too long you could hurt yourself.”

“That’s true.” Jimmy nodded. “And I’ll be dreaming of you so you know it’s going to come up again, if not tonight, in the morning, it’s always up in the morning.”

“Then we should play it safe and make sure I’m here to keep,” she reached down and squeezed his cock. “Checking your condition. If it gets all swollen again I’ll just have to get right on that.”

“I like you on that.”

“Then you stay here!” Tammy kissed him on the cheek, then rolled away from him onto her side. “Pull the sheet up.”

Jimmy did, but remained where he was.

“You should roll over and hold me.”

“I should?” Even as he asked, Jimmy rolled over, slipping his arm around her waist, and nuzzling his head in her hair, his body pressed to hers.

“Yes, this way,” she pushed her ass into his dripping cock. “If this come up, I’ll know about it.”

“If my dick is against your ass, you know it’s going to come up.”

“Well then we’ll have to take that chance, won’t we?”

“Love you, sis.” Jimmy moved her hair and kissed her neck.

“Love you too, Jimmy,” she wiggled herself closer against him. “Just one thing.”


“Don’t tell anyone.”

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