My Mom and My Dream Girl

My Mom and My Dream Girl … My name is Will Chapman. I’m a 19-year-old college student, 5’8” and 160 lbs with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have always had trouble with girls my own age. It wasn’t that I was not good looking; it was because, despite being 19, I looked like I was 14. Whenever I went out with my friends, people we would meet often asked if I was someone’s little brother. Girls would always say that I was “cute” which would drive me absolutely insane. Needless to say I had trouble meeting my sexual needs.

I was going to a local community college and lived at home with my mom. We had lived alone together since I was 4 years old. She had basically raised me all by herself, and she was my role model. My parents were divorced when my dad broke the news that he had fathered a child with another woman. He stuck around town with his new wife until I was 8 and then left to move to Nashville. He’s been there ever since and rarely made contact with either my mom or me.

My mom really was my best friend and we would talk about absolutely anything together. We were extremely comfortable being around each other. Home was the one place where either one of us could say or do anything and not worry about being embarrassed or ashamed. We had conversations about my woman troubles and mom would always say that I just had to keep trying and I would be able to find my dream girl.

Chapter 1- Sara

One night I was out with my friends shopping at the local mall. We were wandering around aimlessly through the food court and then I saw her. Across the rows of chairs and tables was my perfect girl. She was a little under 5 feet tall and around 100 pounds, with beautiful dark brown hair with little streaks of red in it. She was just wearing a plain black t-shirt and loose fitting jeans but she was still stunning. Her boobs were amazing, not that big, a solid B cup, but were perky and set up perfectly on her chest. Her ass was absolutely perfect, big round and tight all at the same time. Her hips accentuated her entire body and just begged for someone to put their hands on them. She looked young, but I certainly thought that she was at least 17.

“Will! Hey, Will!” my friend Nick yelled.

I was startled. I hadn’t realized that I had been literally stopped in my tracks by this girl’s beauty. I must have been staring at her for a lot longer than I had realized because my group of friends were a good 200 feet ahead of me. I waved Nick off and turned to see what this goddess across the way was doing. She must have heard Nick’s call to me and had turned and was now looking right at me. I smiled and she blushed and gave me the cutest smile back. I knew that I had to walk over and talk to this girl.

“Hi, my name is Will” I said as I extended my hand out to her.

“Hey, I’m Sara” she replied as she nervously shook my hand.

“I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go somewhere to get something to eat with me” I stupidly asked not realizing that we currently standing in line at a food stand.

Now when I said that this girl was my perfect girl, I was not just referring to her looks. The way that she responded to my dumb question will always stick out as a main reason that I fell in love with this girl.

“I would love to, but do you know anywhere that we could go,” she said as she walked up to the window and ordered her dinner.

I laughed, really embarrassed, thinking that I had just blown my chance with the most beautiful girl that I ever had the guts to go talk to. I was so sure that she thought I was a moron. I was ready to just turn around to find my friends. I was completely caught off guard when Sara turned to me, twirling her hair around her finger, “So are you gonna pay, or is this gonna be one of those dates?”

I was simultaneously confused, embarrassed and excited. I mumbled incoherent words as I reached for my wallet. She smiled and grabbed her food and walked over to an empty table to sit down. I quickly ordered and joined her. We started talking and it was like we just clicked instantly. Her sense of humor and sarcasm was almost identical to mine and her personality really reminded me a lot of my mother’s. We talked for almost two hours about a variety of things until I realized that I had a problem. My friends that I had come with were nowhere to be found and I had no way to get back home. Sara realized that I was a little troubled by something, “What’s going on?”

“Oh it’s nothing bad. I just realized my friends that drove me here are gone and I have no way to get back to my house.”

“That’s fine I have to go home right now anyway, you can just come with me.”

This girl just kept getting better. She was hot as hell, had a great personality, and she was willing to drive me home. I thought that there was nothing about this girl that wasn’t absolutely perfect, and then a mini van pulled up right in front of us. The woman driving was really hot. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had brown hair, and looked like she was a smaller woman, from what I could tell from her sitting down, and her chest looked like it was irregularly large for her size and body type. As I looked closely at her she really looked a lot like Sara. For some reason as I was looking at her, I had that strange feeling that I had met her before, but I had no idea where from.

“Finally my mom’s here” I heard Sara say, which broke my complete focus on this woman in front of me. I heard her, but what she said did not completely register with me at first.

“Wait, that’s your mom?” I asked, slightly confused.


“Why is she here? Does she need you for something?” I said, completely not realizing what was going on.

“She’s here to pick us up, DUH. You said you needed a ride”

“I thought that you were going to drive home”

“How could I do that, I don’t even have a permit yet”

“What? How old are you?” I have no idea how the two-hour long conversation that we had earlier never touched on this subject.

“Fourteen. Why? How old are you?”

I still to this day am still not quite sure why I answered this question like this:

“Wow, I thought that you were older. I’m sixteen”

“So, lets go my mom is waiting”

She grabbed my hand and led me to her mom’s car. I was still a little baffled at how I had been talking to this girl for hours and never once even thought that she was only fourteen years old. “Hello there cutie,” her mom said as I got in the car after Sara, “and who is this good looking young man, Sara?”

“Mom, this is Will. I met him here and he said he needed a ride home”

“I didn’t know my little girl could attract such a handsome young man,” her mom joked as Sara hit her on the arm laughing.

We drove for 10 more minutes making small talk and laughing the whole time. I realized that Sara had not only gotten her amazing looks from her mom, but had also inherited her personality. We pulled up to my house and I thanked Sara’s mom and I moved to get out of the car. “Well young lady you better walk this young man to his door. You better not let this one get away” Sara hit her mom on the arm again, clearly more embarrassed by this joke than the previous one, and moved to follow me out of the car. She slid her hand into mine as we walked up to my front door.

“Thanks for the ride home and the great night” I said as I got ready to open my door.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I asked as I noticed she was sad about something.

“Do you still like me even though I’m younger than you thought I was?”

“Sara, I like you even more now” I said as her face lit up and I bent down to hug her goodbye. I wasn’t sure why I had said that, because I was a little worried about what I was going to do after I had lied to her about my age. I was unsure if I could even continue to see a girl that was that much younger than I was. I think that I was just trying to make her feel better about herself and my response had simply just slipped out. She squeezed me tightly and as we broke apart she gave me a quick kiss that kind of caught off guard. She smiled and turned to walk away, but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into a longer more passionate kiss. We were kissing for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a few seconds when her mom started honking her horn for Sara to come back to the car.

“Call me later” she said as she turned and skipped to mom’s car.

Chapter 2- Mom is HOT

I stepped into my house and I was surprised that my mom was not in the front room watching TV like normal. I walked towards my room to relieve some stress that Sara had just created, when I heard a strange noise coming from down the hall. It sounded like a low vibrating noise so I thought my mom’s phone was ringing in her room. I wasn’t sure if she was anywhere around, so I walked to her half open door and turned to walk in when I saw something that changed my life forever.

My mom was sprawled out on her bed in her robe that she always wore around the house. She was pumping a big purple vibrator out of her soaked vagina. I could hear the sounds of her wet cunt, as she violently pushed and pulled her plastic toy in and out of her. I knew that I should of just turned and walked away because it was my mom, but I couldn’t look away. My cock was already at attention after my interaction with Sara just two minutes earlier, but this sight gave me the worst erection I had ever had in my life. It hurt inside my pants and felt like I couldn’t move any direction or I would explode without even touching it. Then my mom let out a huge moan that made my cock jump. Her body started to convulse and I couldn’t help but start to rub the lump in my pants. She fell back into her pillow, panting. I had never looked at my mom as a sexual being but this sight was the hottest thing that I had ever seen.

Now I had never thought of my mom as a hot woman, but that was just because she was my mom. She was indeed very attractive. At the time she was 42 years old, but she looked like she was maybe 32 and could pass for even younger. Standing at about 5 foot 1, with shoulder length blonde hair. She was in great shape for a woman of her body type and age. She weighed around 130 pounds and her breasts were absolutely unbelievable. She was a 38D and given the size of the rest of her frame her chest really stood out and begged to be fondled. As I began to really notice her body, her hips and ass quickly became my absolute favorite things about her. They both curved out from her slim midsection perfectly and accentuated her magnificent motherly figure. Her ass was huge, but was beautifully smooth, unlike most of the women her age, and went well with the rest of her body. Her hips provided a stark contrast to her smaller waist and could definitely be described as child baring hips. In short, she could definitely be the MILF to populate any man’s wet dream.

I knew that she could get up at any moment and find me staring at her, so I hurried to my own room and quickly pulled my cock out. Images of my mom and Sara were all I needed to explode in no time. I finished, cleaned up and went to go take a shower. I opened my door and my mom walked right up to me and hugged me tight pressing tits up against me and my still semi-hard cock into her, “Hey Will, how was your night at the mall?”

Normally I would have hugged her right back and talked to her for the next hour about my night and about what happened with Sara. However, what I just saw her doing, combined with fact that she was now pressing her sweaty, after-sex smelling, incredibly sexy body against me, she was giving me another erection. I had to pull away and say, “I’ll tell you once I get out of the shower”

“Oooo, I was just about to shower too, but then I heard your door and had to come to talk you. We should just shower together and save some water” a joke that would have made me laugh before, but now all I could do was smile and blush and say, “Yeah right” as I went into my bathroom.

I got into the shower sporting my second rock hard erection in the last 10 minutes. I was just going to let it go down but then I heard my mom’s shower turn on, and images of my mom’s naked body started to populate every thought in my head. I subconsciously started stroking my cock as I pictured my mom and her tits and ass bouncing on top of my cock. I shot my load all over the shower door as snapped out of my sex filled daze, embarrassed about my incestuous fantasies.

I left my shower and got dressed in a t-shirt and some shorts and went to sit and watch TV in the main room expecting my mom to be out soon. I sat there just thinking about the events of the last couple hours with Sara and my mom. The fact that I met the girl of my dreams only to find out that she was only fourteen. Then, I, for some reason, decided to lie to her and tell her I was three years younger than I really was, only to end up giving her the best kiss I had ever had. The fact that that was the most normal thing that had happened that night was what had my mind spinning. Not only did I make out and masturbate to a high school freshman, but also I masturbated to the sight of my own mom having a body rattling orgasm on her bed. I was not sure what I was going to do. Normally I would talk to my mom about problems like these, but for obvious reasons that was out of the question. After about an hour I figured my mom had just gone to bed so I went to my room to try to go to sleep.

I lay in bed all night, not getting one minute of sleep, just constantly replaying the night over and over in my head. I was tossing and turning with constant visions of Sara and my mom flashing in my mind. I decided that I couldn’t go another night with out being able to sleep. I knew that I was going to have to talk to my mom, at least about Sara, when she woke up. I just had to get something off of my chest or I was going to go insane.

Chapter 3- Awkward Morning

It was about 7 o’clock when I heard my mom open her bedroom door and walk to the kitchen. Although I was relieved that I made it through one of the longest nights of my life, I was exhausted. I got up and went to meet my mom in the kitchen. I turned the corner out of my room and I saw my mom in the same robe I had seen her in last night as she was pleasuring herself. My cock started to twitch and I couldn’t believe this was happening again. Then she opened the door to the refrigerator and bent down to grab the orange juice. Why did the juice have to be on the bottom shelf? As she bent over her robe started to rise up to about her mid thigh. I stood there hoping against hope that it would rise up further, but to no avail. The fabric on the robe was hugging against her perfect ass and hips making my cock stick straight out in my shorts.

I don’t know if it had been the long night and lack of sleep but I couldn’t take this anymore. I was about to explode, “Mom! I can’t do this anymore! You need to put some normal clothes on around me, because you are making me think dirty and inappropriate things about you” I just blurted it out. My mom didn’t even realize I was in the room and jumped when I yelled at her.

“Jesus Will, you scared the crap out of me. What the hell are you talking about?” and then she looked down to the tent in my pants. Her face turned beet red and she giggled, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize my old body could still do that to somebody, let alone you. I apologize. I will go put on my work clothes and from now on I will watch what I’m wearing around you”. I was pretty surprised that she handled this so casually as if she liked the attention and I began to contemplate if I should tell her all about what I saw in her room last night.

I waited for her to come back out of her room after changing so I could finally talk to her about Sara. It took about 20 minutes and my mom finally emerged from her room. Wearing a tight purple blouse and a knee length, skintight black skirt. She was a teacher at the local high school that I had gone to, and was well known as the hottest teacher at the school. I was reminded constantly of this fact by all of my friends, but hadn’t really seen it until now. She didn’t have a first period class that day and I had no classes on Fridays so we had about an hour to talk before she left for work.

“Mom I have to talk to you about my night last night”

“Sure honey, I was going to chat with you last night but I was drained so I just went to sleep. What happened?”

I went on to tell her about meeting Sara, talking to her, finding out she was only fourteen, lying to her saying that I was only sixteen, and then me kissing her on the porch before I came back inside the house. “Well sweetie, it sounds like you two really hit it off. If you want to be with her you are going to have to come clean about how old you really are. I personally don’t really see a problem with the age difference if you two really care about each other, but if you two are serious about having a relationship you are going to have to clear it with her parents before, or you could get into some trouble. You should call her and ask her out for tonight and come clean to her.”

“So you don’t think it’s weird that she is five years younger than me?”

“I think that love has no age limits”

“Whoa mom I didn’t say I was in love with her, but thanks. That really helps”

“You know what I mean. I have to get going or I’m going to be late to work again. See you after school.”

“Okay mom, but I have something else to talk about when you get home”

“Oh, my baby. Always riddled with drama” she said as kissed my forehead and walked to her car.

“Bye mom” I said as I watched her beautiful ass sway back and forth as she walked out of the door.

I was turned on but was absolutely exhausted and walked back to my bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I was out for hours.

Chapter 4- Dinner with Family

I woke up from my nap, which was really just a night’s sleep, and looked at my clock. I was 4 o’clock; I had been out for seven hours. I got up and realized my mom would be home at anytime. I hurried up and took a shower so I didn’t look like I had just woken up. I finished showering and walked out to the main room to sit down and watch some TV. I looked out the front window and my mom had just pulled into the driveway, but she wasn’t alone. I couldn’t see who was in the passenger seat from the couch. As I stood up I saw Sara stepping out of my mom’s car. I was baffled. How on earth did they find each other? Was this girl a crazy stalker and somehow found my mom? Did my mom go overboard, now that she knew I finally really liked a girl and hunted down this girl? I sat back down to act like I wasn’t completely freaked out. My mom opened the door with a sly little smile on her face, “Look who I brought home from school” as she motioned for Sara to walk into the house.

I couldn’t hide how confused I was and my mom quickly picked up on that, “Sara, here, is in my fourth period freshman English class. I realized that she looked exactly like the girl you described from last night, that her name was Sara and she was fourteen years old.” I looked impressed and my mom smiled at me. “Your old mom has her Sherlock moments too Will,” referring to how she had always described my ability to quickly figure things out. Sara came over and sat on the couch right next to me. “I talked to Sara after class and discovered that she was indeed the same girl and then I invited her to go out to eat with us tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

I was a little ashamed that my mom had to ask out a girl on a second date for me, but I was excited that I got to see Sara again. I reached over and grabbed Sara’s hand and kissed her cheek, “Of course I don’t mind. Where are we going?”

My mom went to go shower and get ready to go out. I took these 45 minutes to try to talk to Sara about my lie last night, “Sara, I have to confess that I lied about something last night.”

“Could it be that you are older than you said you were?”

“Did my mom tell you already?” I asked, now really embarrassed.

“No actually it was my mom”

“What? How on earth did she know?”

“She works in the front office at your school. She said that she has helped you with picking your classes before and she recognized you when you got in the van”

“Wow this is getting really weird. You being in my mom’s class and your mom working at my school”

“I know I thought it was really weird when Mrs. Connor said that she was your mom.” It was Mrs. Connor, because my mom had retaken her maiden name, and I still had my father’s last name.

“Haha, I bet that was a strange conversation to have with your teacher”

“Actually your mom is always really cool with her students so it wasn’t that awkward”

As she was talking I realized something really important about what she had said earlier, “Wait, so your mom knew how old I was and she was still encouraging you to walk me to my door?”

“Yeah, she didn’t care. She just said that she was very impressed that I could land a guy as good looking and mature as you. She said that she tried flirting with you and got nowhere.”

“I saw your mom last night and I knew that I knew her from somewhere, but I still don’t remember her ever helping me with classes. Did she change her hair or something?”

“She lost about 50 pounds in the last year since my dad left her”

“Oh, well I guess that explains it” I said; knowing that I would have remembered the woman that I had saw last night, hitting on me.

“You two ready to go?” my mom asked as she walked out in form-fitting jeans and a low cut t-shirt that showed off her great tits. She then winked at me as I was staring at her chest. This made my cock jump and I was scared that she had caught me looking, but realizing she was probably just winking about Sara and me cuddling on the couch.

“Yeah, but I have to call my mom really quick to tell her I wont be home for dinner” Sarah announced as she asked if she could use our phone.

“Why don’t you invite her to come along with us?” I blurted out, still thinking about her mom’s tight body from the night before.

“Yeah that would be fun,” my mom added.

“Cool, I’ll ask” Sara replied as she picked up the phone.

Sara’s mom, Becky, accepted and we drove by her house to pick her up. We all ate had a great time. My mom and Becky clicked right away and acted like they were old friends. Sara and I were quickly falling for each other and the age difference that I had been so worried about the night before, seemed like it just melted away. As the night wore on Becky had her fair share to drink and looked like she was feeling the buzz. My mom didn’t drink and both Sara and I were too young to drink, but Becky seemed to be trying to make up for that. We left after a couple hours and decided to all go back to Becky and Sara’s house so we could hang out some more.

We all got inside and this was when I started to notice that Sara’s mom was really hammered. She started to say incoherent sentences and flopped down onto the couch. My mom leaned over to pull her back up and her cleavage was on full display. Her bra was on full display and I couldn’t help but take a peek, and this was when Sara’s mom changed the trajectory of the evening. “Sara! You better look out or Will’s just going to fuck his mom before he fucks you!” Becky shouted as she caught me staring at my mom’s chest.

“Mom! That’s rude! I think that you are a little out of it. Let me get you some coffee” Sara was so embarrassed by her mom’s outburst.

My mom and I were both blushing and Becky didn’t stop there, “What? I’ve seen the way you looked at your mom all day long, Will. Tell me you wouldn’t fuck her if she asked you to”

“Mom that is enough! I’m going to put you to bed right now!” Sara yelled, storming in from the kitchen.

“That’s fine Sara” my mom replied, “I’ll put her to bed and you and Will can talk before we leave.”

“Thank you so much Mrs. Connor” Sara said to my mom as our moms were stumbling down the hallway. “I’m so sorry about that Will. My mom gets that way when she gets drunk”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it”

“I know we barely know each other, but my mom wasn’t the only one who noticed the way you looked at your mom. I know it’s natural for you to look because I think that your mom is hot and I’m a straight female, but do you think its gross that it kind of makes me hot thinking about you and your mom having sex. I’ve always been intrigued by incest.”

“Uuuuuhh… uh I don’t think it’s gross,” I said, shocked to hear this come out of the mouth of this fourteen year old girl that I had just met. “As long as you’re being honest, I have something to tell you….” I then told her about what happened the night before with me walking in on my mom and how it made me feel and I could see this was turning this kinky little girl on. She began to twitch and wiggle in her seat and her face became flush.

“Will? I think I’m falling in love with you” I would have normally gone running for the hills if a girl said this to me after a first date, but this was different. I knew how she felt, because the chemistry that I had with this girl was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I mean here we were, having just met the day before and I was telling her about watching my mom masturbate and then masturbating to it. It was like I could say absolutely anything to this girl and she to me. We were simply made for each other.

“Sara? I am falling in love with you,” I replied as I leaned in to kiss her. She pulled me into her and we fell into the couch embracing every inch of each other’s bodies. I slowly moved my hand down to her crotch and slid my finger across the seam on her jeans. Her body started to shiver and I reached to unbutton her pants…

“Alright you two break it up. Sorry, but Will we need to get home. It’s almost midnight and I have to get up in the morning.” My mom came in from putting Sara’s mom to bed, “Sara, you have to check on your mom before you go to sleep to make sure she hasn’t thrown up or done something carzy. Now kiss goodbye and we have to go”

My sexual frustration seemed like it would live on forever as a pecked Sara on the lips and got up off the couch to follow my mom out. Little did I know that my night was really just beginning.

Chapter 5- My Mom

“So that Becky is feisty one when she gets some booze in her isn’t she?” my mom said as we walked through the front door. “I guess that little outburst about us didn’t hurt anything between you and Sara”.

“No it didn’t. I think this relationship might last for awhile” I retorted.

“I’m just curious how she handled that situation and managed to get you guys rounding second base in like 20 minutes. It was impressive. Mind telling me what happened”

I took a huge deep breath. I looked at my mom and knew that I couldn’t hide my feelings about her forever. She has always been the person that I could speak freely with and I now believed that this situation was no different. I decided that I was going to tell her absolutely everything that had happened over the last two days. I figured she was my mom and my best friend, and I owed it to her to talk to her about what happened. “Well mom remember when I told you this morning that I had something else to talk to you about…” I went on to tell her about walking in on her the night before, how it made me feel, my reaction to her in the robe in the morning, me not being able to look away from her all day, and finally Sara saying she was into incest and that the thought of me fucking my own mom made her horny.

“Wow, that’s quite the story you were holding in there. This Sara girl seems like quite the little keeper,” she said as she bit her bottom lip. “I’m sorry that you were holding all of these feelings in, but what if I told you that I might have set that up; what happened last night.”

“What?” I asked looking right into my mom’s eyes trying to figure out what she meant by that.

“Well you were always talking about your girl troubles and I have been having my fair share of troubles with men. I thought that if you saw me like that you might get some feelings for me and we could take it further. I guess the feelings that I was hoping for developed, but now we can’t take it any further because you are with Sara.”

“Wait, are you saying that you were trying to seduce me? You wanted to see you last night in hopes that I would try to sleep with you?”

“I’ve had a crush on you for a few years Will. I just suppressed it, us being mother and son and all. Over the last few weeks I have been so horny around you and I came up with a plan to seduce you. Then you met Sara just as my plan started, so I stopped”

“You stopped? You call wearing that outfit stopping?” I said pointing to her tits that I had been staring at all night.

“Oh, these are just fun to show off for everyone,” she said. Now playing with her own tits, right in front of me. My cock was now rock hard and I decided to continue this flirting to see where it could lead.

“So this plan of yours; how was this seducing thing going to work?”

“Well it all started about a week ago. I started changing with my door open when you were home, hoping that you would come in and see me. After about 5 days I realized that it wasn’t working because you never came in. I wasn’t sure what I could do to make you notice me in that way, so then I started wearing slutty clothes around you, but you impervious to all of my outfits. I knew that I had to take it a step further so I waited until I heard you on the porch last night. I didn’t realize that you were out there with Sara so you were out there longer than usual. I was so excited that I was going at it faster than normal. I heard you finally open the door and knew I had to slow down so I could have you see me before I came. I finally saw your shadow in the doorway and I came in like 30 seconds”

“You saw me in the doorway?”

“Yeah, I told you it was all a part of my plan. Anyway I was hoping that you would bring it up with me and we could have a talk, like this. Then I could tell you that I had feelings for you, like I did. Then I was hoping that you would tell me that you seeing me masturbating turned you on”

“Like I did”

“Like you did. Then I would tell you that what we were both feeling was perfectly natural, like I just did. I would take off my shirt, like I am, and tell you that we are just a man and a woman” my cock started to swell in my pants as I stared at my gorgeous mom, now just in her frilly black bra and jeans. “I would grab my tits, like this, and guide your hand, like this, to my tits, like this, to show you that these are simply the breasts of a woman, not your mom. You would realize that intercourse between us would be completely natural. I would take your pants off, like this, exposing your beautiful erection, like this, and this would validate that we both wanted the same thing. Then I would have given you a handjob, we would have had sex and had fun for as long as we wanted” she put her shirt back on and tossed my pants back onto my waist and sat back in her chair. “But now that you’re with Sara we can’t do it anymore.”

“I already told you that Sara loved the idea. We can still do it.” I pleaded as my dreams were quickly slipping away.

“Will, there is a big difference between the idea of incest and actually acting on it. I think you and Sara might have a real relationship in the future and I couldn’t ruin that for the both of you”

“Mom, stop teasing me like this. We both want this more than anything right now. Let’s do it right now” I had enough and now I was going to take charge. I grabbed her shirt and ripped it over her head again. I buried my face in her chest, loving every second of it.

“Good to know my seduction techniques still work perfectly,” my mom giggled. I realized that all of this was still a part of her plan to seduce me. This woman was a genius. I was so sex driven I slid my hands under her ass and picked her up off of the chair and carried her to her bed.

“Oh, honey. How forceful you can be. You have me dripping wet down there”

“Well then I have to see my handy work” I said as I unbuttoned my mom’s jeans and yanked them off in one pull (which was no small feat given how tight they were). I tossed her pants on the ground and looked up. To my complete delight she was wearing no panties.

“Easy access. Just for my son” I realized that she really had this planned all along.

I ripped my underwear off and tossed them where her jeans lay. I was still pantsless from our interaction in the kitchen. We were almost both completely naked except for that pesky bra. I crawled on to her bed and attacked her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh god Will. That feels amazing. I haven’t had anyone touch me down there in years”

I licked up and down her pussy lips, hearing her moan after every tongue stroke. I knew I had to take this further. I pushed my tongue in and out of her cunt, making my mom moan loader as I licked faster. Then I found her clit. I sucked and nibbled until she couldn’t take anymore. “Oh yes! Will! Anymore and I’m going to explode,” and as I flicked harder her cum burst into my mouth. The juices flooded my open mouth and I tried to take in as much as I could, but most trickled out onto the sheets. I had no idea my mom was a squirter, but it got me even harder. The taste was intoxicated, salty yet tangy, and the best drink I’ve ever had in my life.

“Will… That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had… Now climb on top me and fuck your mother”

I wasted no time. I took my cock in my hand and guided it towards her slit. I rubbed my cock head up and down her opening and then quickly slid it in. “Yes Will! That’s my good boy. I’ve missed having real flesh inside me. Now make me cum just like before”

I started pumping faster and faster, but I realized that my mom still had her bra on. I had to unhook it to see those massive melons bounce with my every movement. I reached around her back and released the hooks. I took both strap ends and pull up, releasing the two greatest boobs I have seen till this day. They were even bigger than I imagined. Her nipples were about the size of quarters and her tits had just the right amount of bounce to them as I pounded my mom’s vagina. The sight of my mom’s massive tits bouncing around in all directions because of my cock thrusting in and out of my mom’s vagina was too much for me to take.

“Oh god mom! I’m going to cum soon. Should I pull out?”

“NO! I want to feel you cum inside of mommy. I want my son’s seed deep inside of me. Give me another baby.”

That was all I needed to hear as shot my load deep into her womb. Stream after stream of cum pumped out of my cock as I felt my mom’s cunt tighten around me. “Oh Will! I’m cumming again! Oh son! Yes! Your juices feel so warm and gooey inside me. I love it.” My cock finally went limp and I slid it out of my mom’s pussy.

“Mom, I know I’ve said it before, but now you truely are the best mom ever. I love you so much.” I said out of breath.

“I love you too Will, and your not such a bad son either”

We fucked three more times that night. I came inside her every time. It was a good thing it was the weekend because we were both exhausted the next day. It was about 3 o’clock in the next afternoon when Sara called asking to come over. I wasn’t going to let her, because I wanted more alone time with my mom, but my mom convinced me otherwise. With that decision, I was in for another long day of wondrous sex.

Chapter 6- My Dream Girl

It was about 4:30 when Sara walked up to the door. I saw her through the front window. She was wearing a 3 sizes too small pink tank top that showed both the outline of her bra and her amazing abs. Her jean skirt barely came down over her ass and looked to be uncomfortably tight, but I certainly appreciated the look. I let her in with a hug and kiss and we sat down on the couch.

My mom walked out with a form fitting little black dress on that rivaled Sara outfit in sluttiness, “Since you two are going to be making out all damn night, I’m gonna go out with Becky. I will see you two later.” She strutted past us towards the door as both Sara and I stared directly at her ass the entire walk. She walked out of the door and pulled out of the driveway, leaving us alone.

“Wow, Will. Your mom is gorgeous”

“Yah you’re telling me” I thought that this would be the best time to tell Sara about what had happened between my mom and me the night before. “Sara I have to tell you about something…” I went on to tell her about the seduction and the sex as her face started to turn a deep red. “I hope you aren’t that mad at…” I was cut off as Sara lunged at me and stuck her tongue down my throat.

“Oh god Will, you have me so wet right now. I want to have sex in your mom’s bed. Anything to do with incest gets me so hot. Come on” she grabbed my belt and led to my mom’s room.

“Sara, you are the sexiest girl ever,” I said as she started to strip right in front of me. First crossing her arms and gently sliding her tiny tank top up over her head, exposing her cute yellow cotton bra. I tried to go up and touch her abs, but she slapped my hand away, “No touching.” She seemed like she had done this before. Then she turned around moving and rocking her hips in a hypnotic motion. She bent over and I could see her matching yellow panties covering her soaking teen pussy. She unbuttoned her skirt and shook her ass until it fell down around her ankles. This girl definitely had some stripper talent. She unhooked her bra and tossed it onto my shoulder. Her tits were small but still developing. Her nipples were rock hard and pointed straight out me just begging to be nibbled on. I tried to take a step forward but Sara stuck her index finger out and waved it at me telling me to stay back. She lay back on the bed and stuck her legs up in the air. She was pumping her legs and I could see her panties getting darker up against the moisture of her pussy. She slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them up over her feet, revealing her dripping, bald pussy. She hopped up and walked over to me and stuck her wet panties right into my mouth.

The taste of her juices set me off. I figured her little strip show was enough foreplay, so I picked her up and drove her down onto the bed. We kissed passionately as our tongues intertwined. We broke away from each other, “Wait Will, I have to tell you some thing first,” Sara said as she nervously looked up at me with her big, mesmerizing, brown eyes, “I’m still a virgin.”

“That’s fine. It actually makes this even better for me. We just have to go a little softer at first, and it is going to hurt for you at the beginning.”

“Yeah, I know the girls at school always talk about it. They say that when it breaks there is blood that leaks out.”

“Yes, but I’ve been told that it is much better if you start out on top so you can control how deep and how hard I go into you.” I rolled over and lifted her small frame up on top of me, “Now just grab my cock and gently glide it in.” She wrapped her small hand around my cock and started to stroke it up and down.

“This is so big I don’t know how it’s going to fit inside me. I can barely fit two fingers in there”

“It’s fine it will fit perfectly, just sit on it and gently lower yourself down”

She got up on her knees and scooted forward just above my cock. She put my tip right up against it, but looked right into my eyes. She looked scared, but incredibly horny. She bit her bottom lip and slid my cock inside her, “Oh God! It’s so tight.” She dropped down millimeter by millimeter, “It starting to really hurt.” I could feel my cock meet some resistance and knew I hit her hymen.

“Now this is the part that’s going to be the most painful,” I said as I looked up into those worried big brown eyes. “If you just drop down faster it will be like just ripping a band-aid off instead of dragging it out.”

“Holy shit! That hurts so bad” I felt my dick slide deeper inside and blood dripped down into my lap. “It’s starting to loosen up. I think I can go a little faster now” She started to bounce a little up and down. This felt incredible completely different from anything I experienced with my mom the night before. I looked right into her eyes as her pussy started to tighten around my cock. “Yes, Will! This feels incredible! Oh God, I’m cumming so hard!”

Now was the time to have some fun. I sat up and slid my ass down to the end of the bed. I stood up holding Sara’s ass in my arms; all without take my dick out of her. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, as I started to lift her up and drop her back down onto my dick. “Oh Yes! This feels even better than before. Fuck me harder. Harder!” I started to thrust my hips up in rhythm with my lifts, “Yes! I’m going to cum again Will! FUCK ME!!!!!” Her whole body convulsed as she let out a huge moan.

I was so close. As I spun around and set her down on my mom’s bed. I was pumping as hard as I could, “Sara, I about to cum. Should I pull out?”

“Will, you better not pull out,” we both looked at each confused as the voice came from the doorway behind me. “I’ve watched this entire show. I don’t want a bad ending to ruin it.”

“Mom! You’ve been there the entire time. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Mrs. Connor! I’m so sorry”

“Sara, honey, it’s perfectly fine,” my mom started to walk towards us both. “Now finish inside her. I want to see this up close,” she said as she lay down on her stomach with her chin resting on Sara’s left thigh.

“Oh yes, Will. Cum deep inside me. I want to feel your sperm inside me.”

I could tell that my mom being there was really turning Sara on even more. I knew that it was making me hornier, and I got ready to explode. What must have been the most cum I had ever felt came pouring out of me and into Sara’s womb, “Oh that feels wonderful, Will. I want you to do this every time we fuck.”

I leaned down and kissed Sara right on the mouth, “You guys put on an amazing performance. I wish I upgraded to front row seats sooner”

“Mom, I thought you were going out with Becky?”

“No, I just made that up so I could spy on what you guys were doing if you thought you were home alone, and I’m glad I did”

“Mrs. Connor, why don’t you join us next time?”

“I would love to Sara, but I think that you two should just be alone together. You just seem perfect for each other. I’m still here anytime either of you need to spice things up. Just let me know and I will help out. I just don’t want to get in the way for now.”

“Mom, you know you are welcome anytime you want to join in.”

“Thank you guys” my mom smiled as she hugged both of us, which was kind of strange given that Sara and I were both naked and my mom still had her dress on. “Now you two go shower and we can go out and get some dinner”

Prologue- Emma

Sara hopped into the shower and I got on my computer to check my email. I saw a message from an Emma Chapman:


I know we haven’t seen each other in like 10 years, but I am your half sister Emma. I was only 3 the last time I saw you, so I don’t really remember, but I really want to meet you. My dad, or our dad, just told me that I’m going to an all girls’ boarding school in the fall. It is all the way across the country, but just happens to be only an hour away from your house. I just wanted to contact you to ask if we could meet up once I get out there in August. If you don’t want to, just let me know, I understand.

Your Little Sister

I sat there on my bed confused, but kind of excited. I hadn’t seen her since I was 9 and she barely even talked then. I had always wanted a sibling and I guess I had one the whole time that I had forgot about. August was still a few months away, so I figured that I still had time to think about what to say before I responded to the message.

“Will, I’m done showering, you can get in now” I turned off my computer and kissed Sara in her towel and wet hair as I walked to the bathroom.

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