A damaged mother takes her son’s virginity

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The Customer, a fat little balding man, got out of his chair and extended his chair.

“Thank you Grace.”

I thanked him back and wished him a good day. With his departure, a smile broke across my face. Our deal concluded, the man would be moving into his new home within a few days.

My name is Grace and contrary to my job as a real estate agent, I’m actually an introvert that posses good communication skills. Type of person that stays to herself so much that she has never had a relationship with another person besides her son. Actually he was the reason why I hadn’t.

At thirty-four, I had an eighteen-year old boy named Mike. You may see the issue with the age, but I assure you that being pregnant at fourteen wasn’t my fault. My family had been strictly religious. They were so religious I had been blamed when the pastor was found with me naked by his secretary. Luckily, our church leader’s secretary had seen an issue with it and had called the cops, but not before the father had graced me with his ‘holiness.’

The scandal had been terrible for me. My parents flipped and shoved me out the door. Fortunately, an aunt took me in and not only raised me, but also helped raise Mike. Her connections and money also helped me set myself up for a successful career. However, no matter how hard she tried, I just couldn’t get over the rape and had avoided men outside of a professional manner. That and the chastity was also cemented over being religious myself. I wanted to wait until I found the one. With virtually no sex drive, I could look hot and not get anything from it other than good sales.

I sighed before sitting back in my chair. Paperwork needed filing and I went through organizing different accounts. Lunch was soon and I was pretty excited about getting a bowl of hot soup and a sandwich at the diner across the street from the office. Then, my phone went off.

The notification on the home screen told me the message was from Mike. Mike and I texted almost constantly. He was on lunch break right now at school. Texting is how we communicated most of the time. We talked about everything important in text, mostly because I avoided a lot of drawn out conversation. In the end, it allowed a ton of autonomy. Looking down, I let out a gasp at what I saw.

*Yeah, I’d fuck her.*

The words sat there on my screen as I shook in shock. How do I reply to that? We have never talked about sex. Even sexual things were off limits only because the subject had never been breached. Just the thought of sex crippled me from being able to function as emotional scars reopened.

My phone clattered to the desk and I got up. No longer excited about lunch, I grabbed my coat and gathered my purse before heading out into the wintry wonderland that was in full swing. Getting into my car, I sped home, trying to escape reality and reassert control.

Tears flowed profusely from my eyes, causing my eyeliner to streak down my cheeks. I looked into my green eyes in the rear-view mirror as my hands shook. My breath became labored by the time I arrived home. In a flash, I was out of my car and standing in front of the door to my home. With my shaking hands, it was difficult get the door unlocked. I managed it somehow and soon was within the safe solitude of my room. Dropping my purse to the floor, I crashed on my bed looking at my phone with the message still visible.

There I was on my bed sobbing and rocking into one of the many “cute” pillows that I had. It was one of the things I splurged on and that was my fortress of solitude. The room was stacked with stuffed animals, some big and others small. They made me feel safe and after a few minutes, I recovered some, but that message was there, staring at me.

Reaching out tentatively, I picked the phone up. Normally the two of us were open. My son was the only connection with any man that I had and so I didn’t want to ruin that.

*Who do you want to fuck?*

I stared at my response for a long time before sending it. Immediately my son responded.

*Crap mom, I’m really sorry. That was meant for someone else*

I could have figured that. Still, it jarred me to receive the original message.

*You know you can talk to me about anything right?*

*Sure mom, but the last thing I want to do is bore you with your son’s sexual musings with his friends*

I was disappointed with the dismissal and couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was because my son had inadvertently given me a glimpse into something he was willing to experience. On the other hand, maybe it was because the shock had faded and I found myself for the first time curious about sex. What made a woman attractive enough? What kind of woman

did he think was hot?

Fully recovered, I got changed realizing that I was not going back to work at all. One of the benefits of my job is that I could skip out on being there because of a variety of possible excuses. Putting on loose fitting jeans and a baggy shirt, I walked to retrieve my phone after hearing it chime.



*I’m really sorry.*

I guess I could understand his nervousness. Wanting to know who he was talking about surprised me, but I asked.

*Who is she?*

*You’re not going to let this go?*


Mike was not your typical teenager. He was what could be known as a smart jock. Someone who loved running as much as he loved to read.

*I was talking about my homeroom teacher*


The conversation ended with that. He didn’t reply, no doubt because he was in class now. At home and alone, I decided to take the opportunity to complete a few chores. I was just finishing the dishes when the phone went off.

*Mom, are you okay?*

*Why wouldn’t I be?*

*Just thought I made you mad.*

*Little shocked. Why do you talk like that?*

*Like what?*

*You know, saying fuck.*

He didn’t respond. Sighing, I left the kitchen and went upstairs. There I was back on my bed and so to distract myself, I turned on the television. One thing you wouldn’t know from looking at me is that I am a huge Anime nerd. I put one a new one I had downloaded onto an external hard drive that was connected to the television. Watching, I lost track of time and was brought out of my trance when I heard the front door open and close.

*Is that you?* I texted.


*Are you going to answer my question?*

*I used the word for impact, mom. It encompassed how I really wanted to have sex with her.*

*Is this conversation making you uncomfortable?*

*It’s fine. I just feel weird with you wanting to know.*

*Why? We talk about everything.*

*Okay mom. What do you want to know?*

What did I want to know? It was my turn to be silent with him. I heard him go into his room as I thought. Biting my lip, I looked over to one of my stuffed animals. He was a big, fluffy, white rabbit in a pair of overalls named Mr. Bumbles.

“What do I want to know Mr. Bumbles?” I asked. He didn’t answer, but I stared into his glass eyes. She then got the idea to ask about his teacher.

*Why your teacher?*

*Because she is sexy and I like older women.*


*They have experience.*

*How do you know?*

Heat rose in my cheeks as I blatantly asked my son about his sexual experience.

There was no reply.

*You won’t get in trouble.*

The words made me feel better and a little disgusted. I knew by his lack of answer that some older woman somewhere had taken my son’s virginity. He had sex and probably enjoyed it.

*I know because the first woman I ever saw naked was you. After that, I did some research online and found that older women just do it better*

*When did you see me naked?*

Again, there was a break in reply. This time though, I watched as the typing icon danced on the screen.

*I’ve caught glimpses of you now and then in your bedroom. Not that I want to be a peeking Tom, but you’ve left the door cracked open. Sometimes when I come by to talk, you’re naked.*

*So you just look at me?*

*A few seconds before knocking.*

I didn’t know how I felt about that.


*At first it was just to see a woman naked, then it was just to see you naked.*

I wanted to ask if he thought I was attractive, but reserved myself. There was a flutter of perverse excitement within me, so I distracted myself by asking him the most direct question I could. ]

*Are you a virgin?*

*Mom! What the hell?*



*So you watched me because you were a virgin?*


Did he have the hots for me? The thought sent chills through my body and created a feeling of floating in my stomach I had never felt before. Questions ran rampant, but the most pertinent involved questions how taboo it was for him to be look at me. Then it sunk in that my son may actually have the hots for me. With his comment about older women, it flattered me. Why didn’t it disgust me?

*Am I hot?*

There was no reply. Instead, she heard what sounded like a groan of frustration reverberate throughout the house. That question had been over the line. Instead of waiting for a reply, I put the phone down. Nervous and feeling weird, I got up and went to the bathroom.

My bathroom wasn’t much better than the bedroom. Inside, it mimicked the sanctuary in that it was filled with cutesy things all meant to help me stay calm. Honestly, if anyone saw the loli wallpaper I had they would have recommended me for a psych ward.

Not that I wouldn’t deserve it. I probably did with the aversions and now the thoughts racing in my mind about my son. After using the loo, I headed back to the bed and saw that Mike had responded.

*When is dinner?*

Looking at the clock, I saw that it was getting close to five.

*I’ll start cooking soon. Are you going to answer?*

*Do I have to?*

*Want dinner?*

I couldn’t understand why I would want to know. I never cared how I really looked unless it

was to make a sale. My son wasn’t buying anything from me and yet, I wanted to know what he thought.


*Then answer me.*

*Mom, you’re not just hot, you’re breathtaking. Have you seen yourself in the mirror?*

*Of course, I look at myself every morning, but I’m nothing special.*

*Mom, any man should worship you.*

His words made me blush, and gave me a peculiar feeling in my stomach. Feeling

altogether confident, I got up and headed downstairs to cook dinner for him. I decided to

make a stew and put all of the ingredients in a pot. While cooking, I did text him again

asking what made me hot. By the time I got all the ingredients boiling in a pot and rolls

buttered, he had responded.

*You just have a sexy aura about you. Plus there is that killer smile and a body to die for!*

I smiled, but the thoughts of being attractive suddenly lost way to understanding what it

meant. A feeling of dread grew in my stomach and so I asked him something to help me

get over it.

*Do you feel weird telling me these things?*

*Kinda. I don’t want you to think i leer at you all the time.*

*You don’t?*

I put the phone down and continued to cook. The phone sounded with a ding and I

retrieved it.


*You sure? I mean you’ve seen me apparently a few times.*

*Not up close though.*

*We couldn’t do that.*

*I wasn’t asking you to. Sounds like something you’d want.*

If he was in the kitchen, he may have seen the look of horror on my face. The thought of

wanting sex or even being attractive made me dread my sexuality.

*What are you insinuating?*

I asked the question in an accusatory tone, hoping that it would deter him. A growing pit of

disgust grew in the pit of my stomach. Somehow I knew it was the wrong thing to say.

*I’m insinuating that you want to get laid.*

That couldn’t be it. I had sworn of sex. Mike didn’t know. He had asked about his father

once, but I had just mumbled something about him being dead. That wasn’t true. The evil

asshole who had raped me was still alive. I knew because he had tried contacting me years

before. We had talked and the man even sent me money, but told me one day he’d like to

meet his son. There was no apology given for what he had done.

*Can we talk at dinner?*

*Yeah, why wouldn’t we? Are you going to stay downstairs for that?*


*Okay. When?*

*Ten minutes. Don’t be late*

I almost backed out of getting dinner. My nerves so worked that I had returned to my room

while the stew finished. In my room, I was a complete mess with what I was about to do.

Tell Mike about his father. There was a surety that Mike would hate me for sure when I told

told him about his father. Maybe I wanted to finally open up to someone about it.

After ten minutes, I returned to the kitchen to prepare the plates while my heart raced. I

even opened up a bottle of wine and killed two glasses. Something to help calm my nerves

and I swayed in drunkeness a bit as I served dinner.

Mike was at the table waiting for me and he greeted me with a smile.

“Man mom, that smells great,” he said enthusiastically. I hoped the stew was. As I settled to

eat an awkward silence permeated the air. With a sigh after a few bites, I started to tell him.

“Mike, I’m sorry,” I said staring into the bowl.

“About our talk?” he asked with a mouthful. He knew I hated that and it did focus me

enough to glare at him for a second. With a few chews he swallowed and continued. “Don’t

be sorry mom. It’s fine, just surprising to talk to you about it. I’m glad you weren’t mad

about me peeking.”

I began to shudder as words stuck to my throat.

“Not about that. About you’re father.”

“What about him? He’s dead?”

I looked back down and realized my appetite was gone. After a moment of silence I looked

up at him.

“Do you remember your aunt?” I asked with more confidence. Mike wouldn’t have

forgotten her though. Before she had passed, the two of them had been inseparable.


“Do you know why we lived with her?”

He shook his head and continued to eat. I got up and poured myself another glass of wine.

After a big sip, I continued.

“I was thrown out by my parents because I was pregnant with you,” I said, knowing he

knew this part. “What you don’t know is that I was knocked up by the pastor of the church

they attended.”

That made him stop eating.

“My parents blamed me and cast me out after his arrest.”

Confusion passed over his face.

“When we were talking earlier it was because I have never had sex since. It’s been too

painful to think about such things, and essentially,” I trailed off, more words becoming a

mumble. The shakes were back.

“Your father isn’t dead either.”

“You serious?”

I looked up to him and the tears fell down my cheeks. He was mad. I could see it all over

his face.

“I’m sorry son.”

My eyes dropped again, and then in a panic I got up, and rushed to my room. There, I cried

into a pillow nonstop for what seemed like forever. I was brought out of it when my phone

vibrated with a message.

*Why did you lie to me?*

*Scared of the truth and ashamed. Your aunt was the only one who tried to make the ordeal

out like it wasn’t my fault. Everyone blamed me.*

*So my dad is still alive?*

*Yes, he wants to meet you.*

*Not going to fucking happen.*

The conviction in his voice, well text, made my heart leap in joy for a moment.

*If I ever see him, I’ll kill him. Just look at the damage he has done.*

*What do you mean?*

*I was always confused why you never had a boyfriend. Always thought guys were after

you. Seen plenty of them flirt and you flirt back. So why not?*

*I’ve been too scared.*

My first time was a horror, and everything that happened was confusing. I mean pregnant

at that age, I was lost and scared.*

*I’m sorry it happened to you. So that’s why you text so much?*

*Yeah, I’m actually really shy.*

I was fidgeting on my bed concerned about opening up so much with him. To help with the

scenarios, I actually pulled out my computer and began searching on mother and son

relationships. More of a curiosity on my part, but I found myself wondering about Mike in a

new way. He, after all, was the second male to ever see me naked and the first as an adult.

Clicking on an images section, I found myself look at picture of mothers and sons. It

reminded me that I have few picture of my son and he fewer of me. An idea crossed my

mind and I typed out a question and sent it before I had a chance to think about


*If you could get a picture of me, what would you want?*

I bit my lip hoping that the question was over the line but dreading if he decided to cross it.

What was wrong with me that I had decided to try out all my inexperience like a teenage

girl on my son?

*I’d want one of you naked.*

*Why would you do? Show off to all your friends*

*No! I would just enjoy it.*


That question wasn’t answered.

*Not like you would send one mom. Moot point.*

*What if I did?*

*What if you did?*

With a sigh, I got up and stripped out of my work clothes. I left my bra and panties on and

hesitated before taking them off. Naked, I found my nipples hard and my pussy extremely

wet. There was no denying how turned on I was but I had no idea how to handle it. Striking

a sexy pose with my body turned to hide my myself as best as possible, I snapped a few

picture while moving around. When I was finished, I found one that hinted at my curves but

hid my intimates and decided on that one to send if I worked up the nerve.

*I can send one, but what do I get in return?*

*Are you serious?*

With a deep breath I sent the picture, forgetting that I did want something for breaching the


*Oh my fucking god mom, you’re hot!*

I blushed.

*You’re joking.*

*No, I’m not. You should model. Can I get one of you tits?*

Standing my hands drifted to cup my breasts. They were a handful and still perky. As skin

touch skin, I shuddered in delight. As my hands roamed across my body I felt stirrings of

desire. I found my nipples hard and delightfully sensitive. Rubbing them softly with light

pinches, I thought of Mike suckling on them. The thought made me moan loudly, and

unfamiliar stirrings went through my body. Pleasure like this was new, and I drifted my

hands down to my sex.

My pussy was burning with an unfamiliar feeling. I touched the labia tentatively and

moaned as pleasure went through me. When I pulled my hand away, the milky film on my

fingers was thick and pungent. Curious I stuck my fingers in my mouth and tasted myself

for the first time in my life. The enjoyment of my sweet and instant addicting juices was

interrupted by the chime of my phone.

Opening the text from Mike made me let out a gasp of almost horror, but the curiosity and

fascination of what he sent overrode that. On the screen was a picture of my son’s penis.

The appendage that had plagued me all my life now looked appetizing. My aversion

disappeared and at that moment, Mike was all I wanted in the world.

*You’re a bad boy.*

I texted him, feeling the heat rise in my body. Fingers drifted back to my groin almost

subconsciously, but I snapped a picture of my bare chest and sent it. Then I moved back to

my bed and grabbed my laptop once more. This time, instead of looking at picture, I looked

for incestuous stories online.

To feel more comfortable with what I was doing, because lets face it, I was now

uninhibitedly masturbating, I would have liked to have found a story to similar to my situation. I couldn’t and the closest scenarios I found were of experienced mothers

seducing their sons. With none of that experience myself, I could tell fumbling with any sort

of sex would be embarrassing. The thought almost made me stop. In fact, a chime from my

phone interrupted my personal dalliances and I rushed to pick it up.

*Jesus mom, I want to see them in person.*

What a thought and the words made me feel wanted in a way that was alien. There was a

hunger for him and I scrolled back to the picture of his dick and enjoyed staring at while I

read a story. This mother blatantly attacked her son for sex after she caught him

masturbating. My phone went off while me toes began to curl.

*That was over the line mom, I’m sorry*

I knew he was anguishing over my silence. Thrilled or not by our sexting, I wasn’t ready to

let him see me. Not that the idea wasn’t pleasing to me. Somehow the idea of ushering my

son into manhood was making my body heave more in heat. So when my body suddenly

went rigid and my world went to stars it was a surprise.

My sputtering pussy sprayed out in a show of peaking pleasure. I hadn’t even realized that I had been stroking myself. As I cooed in drunken pleasure it crossed my mind that for the first time in my life, I had just orgasmed. My bed was a mess and the screen of my laptop was sprayed with liquid. Not that I cared about that. The orgasm relaxed me and I passed out for an hour or two. I was awoken to a knock on my door, and I mumbled out a reply. When the door opened, I was caught naked by my son and panics as I ran into the bathroom screaming for him to get out. He left and eventually I moved back into the bedroom and found my phone.

*What are you doing?*

*Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I was worried when you didn’t respond.*

*Right? or you wanted to see me naked.*

*That too. By the way mom, super hot!*

I blushed and my heart began racing.

*You didn’t get a good look I hope.*

*No, but can I?*

God, he was bold. I liked it too, but it made me really nervous. This could spiral out of

control. *Honey, it would be wrong.*

*Yeah, but I want to. Don’t you?*

I sent the yes before I could fully think about the consequences. I was still in my baggy

shirt. It wouldn’t take much to invite him up to see.

*What do you like in an older woman?*

*Do you mean, what do I find attractive?*


He sent a list that was pretty long in what he found attractive in a woman. The ones that

caught my eye were a bald pussy, older and an aggressive woman. The last one terrified

me. I looked down at my snatch and saw the dark hair, unkempt and wild. Embarrassed, I

got up to put clothes on. I texted him that I had to run some errands, and it wasn’t too late

to hit Walmart.

Friday night at Walmart meant it was packed. I grumbled to myself as I went through finding

some more form fitting clothes to try out at home. I even bought a nightie that was bright

red, and a few different kinds of underwear. To finish my shopping, I bought a razor and

some shaving cream. Lastly, were some condoms. The young man who rung me up was

uncomfortable and another older female cashier kept smiling at me. Finished, I headed

home and arrived there by ten.

In my bathroom, I realized the folly of trying to shave an overgrown bush with a razor. I had

to find a pair of scissors to trim the forest down. After that, the razor cleared the whole field.

Although it was difficult to shave the back side with only a hand mirror, I liked the look of

my hairless pubic area in the end. My next task was spent researching about sex, and

realizing that I had a lot to learn. Inevitability, I texted my son.

*You still awake?*

*Yeah. How was the store?*

*Good. I bought some new clothes.*

*I would have liked to go with you.*


*To help.*

*Why don’t I give you a show? You can tell me downstairs if what I got was good.*


His excitement

*You can’t talk though. You can only text me.*

I sent that last part in an effort to make myself more comfortable.


Feeling excited, I stripped out of my current out fit and shuddered in the chill of the air. My

nipples stuck out like hard diamonds and already my pussy was growing wet. Fate had

been sealed for the two of us. I put on a red thong, which was completely new to me. I

couldn’t decided if the floss between my butt cheeks was uncomfortable or not. Shrugging

it off, I made sure to grab the nightie to be the last thing to show him. Going downstairs, I

put the extra clothes in the bathroom and went out to see him. He was waiting on the

couch when I went downstairs. I saw him staring at me, his mouth agape in awe and it

made me smile. Of course my phone went off by the time I got back to the bathroom.

*Mom, you look amazing!!!*

I don’t know why, but I enjoyed the compliment. By the third outfit, I had chickened out of

showing him the nightie. The fourth outfit was a skirt and tight shirt that hugged my c-cup

breasts. He let out an audible gasp. I walked past him to the kitchen and texted him.

*You sound pleased.*

*You looked stunning!*

*Good enough to eat huh?*

*I would!*

*I bet. You want some dessert?*


*Alright, come to the kitchen.*

I was opening the fridge and began digging into it to find something to make for a sweet

snack for him. He deserved a reward for the compliments and for boosting my confidence.

I decided to make homemade ice cream Sundays. Mike came into the kitchen and I was

reaching for the whipped cream when I was suddenly pushed forwards. A protest brewed

on my lips but then something firm pressed up against my butt and a long inhalation. His

face was burined between my cheeks and that realization froze me from doing anything to

stop him.

Hands planted on my cheeks and began rubbing them. The fabric pulled on my things

and soon I could feel a pressure running pleasantly through the fabric. I tired to keep

control but with a shiver, a moan escaped my lips and mike moved the fabric aside.

Cool air barely had time to touch my inflamed before the heat of his face was buried in

my snatch. A gasp sounded around me in the fridge as something wet began licking my

skin and sending shivers through me.

The feeling of his face on my nether region was scary, but it didn’t reduce me to tears.

I was gasping, and having a hard time maintaining balance as he licked his way towards my

pussy, making me cum. I couldn’t believe he was doing this, and strained a bit when he

tried pushing his tongue into me. When he failed, I felt my labia pull into a vacuum, and

sucking sounds emanated from him. I went completely rigid, and moaned a deep throaty

groan as he sucked in a way that made me dance on my toes. Uncomfortable or now, I was thoroughly enjoying his ministrations. When the orgasm hit me, it was like a sledge had been used to knock the switch that had been keeping me locked away.

As convulsion wracked my body and I screamed my finish into the bowels of the fridge, I experienced my second orgasm of my life. When I came down from it, I found that I was alone. There was no shame in me anymore, just an unbridled lust. With shaking legs, I headed over to get my phone to see where Mike had disappeared to. To my delight, he had already texted me.

*That was some dessert, Mom!*

Heat rose in my cheeks.

*Was it now? You took me by surprise.*

*I thought you offered…*

*To make you dessert, actual dessert!*

*I’m sorry. I just saw you there and thought you wanted me to eat you out.*

I should feel terrible for making him question himself. Poor boy was probably in his room

now beating himself up over taking advantage of the situation. Not that I minded that he

did at all. I wanted it then and now I wanted it more. It amazed how quickly I recovered.

From the few sexual conversations I had ever been apart of, I had once disgustingly heard

many women I knew complain about how sensitive they got after an orgasm. Plenty more

complained about how much effort it took to reach that point. It seemed I had been bless

and with the way my cunt was dripping, I knew that the right opportunity had arrived to

make up for lost time.

*Is that what it’s called?*


*Why did you leave?*

*Can’t talk and I wanted to thank you for such a nice treat*

*Shouldn’t I be thanking you?*

*You know where to find me…*

*I do and honestly, your bed isn’t appropriate. Come to my room in ten.*

*What about all your hang-ups?

I was moving upstair to my room and stopped by his. Without knocking, I opened the door

and stood in awe at my naked son. A goofy smile broke across his face and I left.

*Come into my room and get under the covers with me. Just know, I am in charge. You

follow my lead. If I stop us, can you obey?*


*Five minutes and remember, no talking.*

I had no idea really why I gave him so long. Honestly, he could have attacked me in his

doorway and I probably would have let him. Though as I went to the bathroom and cleaned

up my sex, I was glad to have set the rules and venue. No telling if I was going to be okay

with the actual sex part.

Laying in bed, I tried to get my beating heart under control. Butterflies danced in my

stomach while I waited for the last few minutes to tick by. My pussy was well-lubricated

now, mostly because of the absent minded stroking of it. When my door finally opened, I

tried not to gasp as the meter of my desire went from smoldering to full on forest fire. I

heard his steps scuffling slow across the carpet as he navigated in pitch black. Soon the

blanket was bulled away and the bed sank.

We sat like that for ages. Both of us just breathing and getting comfortable of the idea of

what was about to happen. I wonder if its one thing to be eaten out and another for your

son to slide his cock into the place he emerged form eighteen long years ago. That

thought disappeared as I wondered about him.

When I had seen him in his room, his hand had been on his dick and obscuring most of it

from view. I could see the round purple head that looked to be pretty thick. With how much

time had passed since the last dick had been in me, I wondered if it would hurt. He

coughed and it made me smile. Turning towards him, I moved to straddle him.

Two things happened at that moment to convince me that we were made to be lovers.

First, his hands rested on my hips while his appendage slapped up against the canyon of

my ass. Second, we met half way to an awkward attempt at a passionate kiss. We broke the

kiss and went for another attempt. It took a third before we both were comfortable with

kissing. Once we were, my tongue delved into his mouth and we began upping the

passion. Shoot, my hips were moving so much that when he went rigid, I was confused as

to what was happening. Then I felt a warmness leaking through the crevice of my ass from

where he had blown his load.

“Did you just cum?” I asked, breaking the rule of silence.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a tiny voice. I could barely hear him.

“You’re not supposed to talk. I can think of something else for you to do with that mouth,” I

said in a serious tone. Positioning my chest, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him

up to my breasts. He got the message and soon was taking turns suckling each breast and

making me shake. Moaning, I was having a hard time concentrating and was glad that I felt

his dick slap against the inside of my thing while he shifted underneath me. It was hard.

“You ready?” I asked him, know that this was a first for both of us. Had this night been done

right, I would have liked a romantic date before I took his virginity. Something like that

seemed important, but my heating cunt needed him in it. There was no stopping myself.

My hand reached or rather fumbled between us to get his dick. I wasn’t even waiting for a

reply while I fished his dick.

I must have been super wet or rather, his cock must have been soaked in either his cum or mine. The head popped into me to the surprise of both of us and I remembered at that moment that he needed to put a condom on. He coughed again as I hung on the precipice of taking the plunge. As he slid in, the pleasure kept me from stopping him. My hungry pussy accepted him with no protest. Maybe I should have been mad at that moment being that he had taken a little control from me, but instead, I found myself eagerly shoving hips downwards. We both sighed in contentment.


“Yeah mom?”

“How does it feel?”


It did and I moaned to tell him so as I moved myself along his length. Seconds were only

needed before we were both moaning. My pace was slow and methodical. As new as it

was to me, I wanted to make sure my pussy absorbed nothing but pleasure from now on. I

wanted Mike to wash away all the years of pain and loneliness. I ushered him into

manhood and he, he fixed his mother’s heart.

“God Mike,” I said breaking a kiss we had been in. “I can’t get enough.”

“Mom, I can’t hold on much longer,” he answered back. I had no idea how long we had

been having sex. All I know is that I told him to tell me when he was close. Every time he

did, I stopped moving and enjoyed as he throbbed inside of me.

“You already came once honey, why so fast?”

“I don’t know, but it’s so damn tight,” he exclaimed just as I started to move again.

“It feels like you’re splitting me in two,” I replied.

We continued on slowly while he held my waist in his hands. Even though I was holding

him off so that I could cum, my other reason was the fear of him finishing inside of me. I

knew he would inevitably, but it was the last plunge in my healing process. That and I was

trying to relax enough to let go myself.

“Mom I’m close again,” he cried out and with a smile I continued on. Reveling in his cries of

pleasure I joined him, feeding off the intensity until arched his back. I felt the first spray of

cum hit deep inside of me and as soon as the heat spread, my body let go.

I couldn’t do anything as my pussy contracted around his cock, milking him for all he was

worth. It was like the first spray was liquid heroin shooting up. My body was addicted from

that moment on and reveled in its high.

The contractions of pleasure died away inside me and my body finally let go. Collapsing

next to my son, feelings of awe and love began washing over me. My head lay on his chest

and the last thing on my mind was how much trouble the both of us were in. That and surprise at how lenient I had been with Mike and his talking.

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