My First Time with Mom

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This happened a few months ago. My Dad was never around these days. To be honest I didn’t know where he was. I tried to ask my mother but she told not to ask again. I was twenty and I wanted to move out of the house. I just didn’t want to leave my Mom all alone. There was tension in the house. I wanted to break it.

Another problem was I was incredibly horny. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. I was always looking at my Mom’s body. She was full figured and a little overweight. I did love that she had big boobs. The bras she wore looked like they could barely hold all that flesh in. I would stroke my meat at night and think of my Mom.

One night I was hard and I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up out of my bed and walked down the hallway. The door to my Mom’s room was closed. I turned the doorknob. Mom was on her back and touching her pussy with her fingers. I got so turned on. Why should she do that when my cock was erect? I stepped inside. My Mom saw me and her eyes got wide.

“Jeff, what are you doing here?”

“I had to see you. I couldn’t take this anymore,” I told her.

I walked over to the bed. My hard dick was swaying. Mom was looking at my cock the whole time.

“You can’t be here,” she told me.

I totally ignored her. I got onto the bed. My prick was just inches from her face.

“Go ahead and suck on it Mom. You know you want to.”

She looked at me for some seconds. Mom finally reached out with her hand and held my dick. She slowly began to stroke me. I was plenty hard already. I wanted more. I pulled free and got right up to her mouth. I slapped my cockhead across her lips. Mom finally opened up and took me into her mouth. This was more like it. I pushed my rod down her throat. She gagged some but she seemed to get into it.

I had to make sure I controlled myself. I wanted more than a blowjob. A few minutes of that and I pulled away. I crawled in between Mom’s thighs.

“We can’t Jeff,” she pleaded some more.

I wasn’t going to stop now. I took hold of my dick and I found her gash. I sunk into her sopping wet hole. Mom let out this loud moan. I didn’t waste any time. I started stroking her pussy with my fat cock. I could tell Mom was getting into it. She wrapped her thick thighs around my back.

“You’re mine now Mom,” I told her.

Mom just whimpered and took a good fucking from me. We did get into it. I had to taste her tits. I lowered my face and sucked on both nipples.

“Oh my God!” My mother cried out.

I tried circling my cock around in her wet pussy. Every time I entered my Mom my cock and her pussy made this squishing noise. It was getting us both worked up. I pounded my Mom’s pussy hard. My balls were bouncing off her ass cheeks. I held out for as long as I could. I finally felt that pinching feeling. I fed my mother a few more strokes and I unloaded.

Cum came streaming from the tip of my dick. Mom’s body tensed up as she felt me shoot my hot load into her pussy.

“Give me your cum Jeff, all of it.” She begged me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I probably sent six good spurts of seed into my mother’s body. I did manage to stay hard for quite awhile. Mom used her muscles to squeeze me dry. When I finally pulled out my cum came spilling out. Mom looked spent. We ended up having some passionate kisses afterwards.

Mom and I became full time lovers. My Dad would show up for a day or two and then leave. Once he was gone I took my Mom’s pussy. I liked when she would mount my pole. I would pump her pussy hard with my long dick. I also got to reach up and squeeze those big melons with my hands. That really got my Mom excited. The best of all was that I never had to wear a condom. Mom was on birth control pills.

You could say my mother was a cum whore. She loved to be filled with my hot seed. Sometimes I would have her lie face down. I would lift her ass up and spread her cheeks. I slid into her pussy and took Mom hard. I loved to hear her love cries as I stretch out her pussy. Thankfully I always had plenty of cum to give my Mom.

We talked it over once. Mom plans to tell my father she wants a divorce. I do wonder how it will all turn out. I decided not to move away from my mother. I enjoy her pussy too much now. I also want to make a baby with her. She doesn’t know it yet but I want her to stop taking the pills. Fucking my pregnant mother will be so hot. I hope all our plans work out.

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