A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Her pussy convulsed around his thick cock as she bounced on him, then worked her hips in wild circles. Jimmy moaned as she worked his cock around her tight wet pussy, while it repeatedly contracted around him.

Tammy yelped again and again as the feeling of coming with her pussy completely stuffed with her brother’s cock was like nothing she’d ever experienced. She released a long shuddering moan as the last of the orgasm flowed through her and she slumped over Jimmy, her head on his shoulder, as her pussy twitched and quivered around him.

Jimmy continued to endear himself to her by wrapping his arms around her, holding her close. He kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly. Tammy remained in his arms as she caught her breath, while thinking about how good it felt to be this close to her brother.

Naked, sweaty, her hard nipples pressing into his chest, her body in the afterglow of orgasm and his hard dick still inside her, it was like nothing she’d ever felt before. But as good as it was, she needed to finish what she’d started.

She’d gotten him hard again, and it was up to her to take care of it. Tammy pushed up and swung her leg over him, moving to his left and assuming the position on her hands and knees. This time Jimmy needed no coaxing.

He rolled over behind her, his enormous cock glistening in the glow of the lamp and grabbed her hips. He pressed his wide head against her, then entered her in one long stroke.

“Oh my god!” Tammy yelled as he tore into her, fucking her much harder than he had before.

“Deep, deep, deep!” she kept yelping the word as her eyes bulged and her mouth hung open.

He gripped her cheeks and spread them open, getting a good view of his cock ravaging his sister’s aching pussy. Tammy lowered herself to the bed, her cheek resting on her forearms as she endured the hardest fucking of her life.

“Thought about this,” he moaned. “You have an incredible ass!”

“Yeah?” she forced herself to speak to help him finish because she wasn’t sure how much of this she could take before she’d have to stop him.

“You like your big sis like this? Face down ass up like the nasty girl she is?”

“Yes,” he moaned.

“Not just any nasty girl, but your nasty girl, right, baby?”

“M…my nasty girl?”

“Yours. Your nasty girl, your hot sis, your first time, your first taste!”

“My first crush,” he whispered behind her. “My first fantasy, my favorite girl.”

“I like that,” she groaned. “I do, baby! Now show me how much you like me.”

Jimmy’s hands squeezed her to the point it hurt and he was drilling her so hard she was afraid the bed would break. How would she explain that to her parents? Jimmy’s balls were slapping against her pussy and for the next couple of minutes the only sound was there flesh pounding together and their heavy breathing.

“Come on,” she urged him. “Come for me, baby. Come for your favorite girl, give it to me! Take me, claim me, make me yours!”

“Fuck!” Jimmy gasped. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yeah!”

“Want my tits, baby? You want…ohhhh!”

Tammy cried out as he erupted inside her. Her eyes went wide as her brother’s hot cum shot deep into her pussy. He kept thrusting, each one ending in another long spurt. She moaned at the feeling of her brother committing the ultimate taboo of painting the walls of his sister’s twitching pussy.

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