A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Don’t have to be mean.”

Jimmy’s hand slid over her ass fondling her other cheek, then giving it a squeeze. His breathing was louder and heavier, and wanting to get this over with, she wiggled side to side, shaking her ass for him.

“That’s so hot,” he breathed. “You got the finest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s the only ass you’ve seen that’s not in a porn,” she sighed. “Please stop telling me I’m hot.”

“You are though,” he gave her ass a little smack that made her yelp more in surprise than any type of pain.

“What the fuck?” she hissed. “You do not spank me!”

“Your ass barely moved, god it’s so firm!” he gave her another swat that had Tammy vowing she was going to smack his face when this was over.

But she didn’t say anything. At this point any protest on her part would make this last longer. He shifted behind her, and Tammy felt something soft and hairy slide along the back of her thigh.

Christ, his fucking balls were rubbing on her. The little shit was going to owe her big time for this. The sound of him beating off grew faster and his hand trembled where he now had it resting on her left ass cheek.

She wiggled faster, trying to help him along and she heard him whisper. “So fucking perfect,” as he switched his hand over to the other side of her ass.

Tammy’s body jerked when something sticky poked into the left side of her ass. She grimaced when it slid across, tracing the curve of her ass and leaving a sticky trail.

“Get your dick off me, you little jerk!”

“Sorry, I’m close and I’m just trying to get over the edge,” Jimmy said. “Just a little more, promise!”

“Whatever.” Tammy mumbled, trying to find something else to think about other than her brother whacking off while playing with her ass.

She flinched again when this time Jimmy didn’t just press his dripping spongy head into her cheek, but slid his dick over her ass. His flesh was hot and hard. Very hard, and as repulsed as she was to have his dick on her, she couldn’t help notice how long it seemed.

Tammy’s head turned towards the mirror, but she stopped herself, and lowered her forehead onto her arms. The bed rocked as Jimmy was now thrusting his hips, sliding his hard dick over her soft cheek.

“Come on,” he whispered. “Please finish, please!”

He sounded more frustrated than aroused and Tammy realized he wasn’t exaggerating about not being able to get himself off, and how frustrating it must be. He was young, but if he’d already come twice, maybe his body was too tired to do it again, but the drug was keeping his dick from deflating.

Maybe she needed to do something to help him get through. An image formed in her mind, something she’d seen in a couple of porns.

“Put it between my cheeks,” she blurted.


“Slide your dick through my crack, you know, like you’re fucking my ass cheeks.”

Jimmy didn’t hesitate to slide his dick over, and Tammy inwardly cringed at the feeling of it nestling between the cheeks of her ass. He slid his cock through her crack several times, then put his hands on her ass, pressing her flesh tightly around his cock. He pumped his cock through her soft skin, moaning loudly as his hips thrust faster.

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