A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“That feels sooo good!” she purred as he stop moving and she took over, contracting her pussy around his cock, milking several more drops from him. “All of it,” she moaned. “Every drop, Jimmy, you give me every drop.”

“Oh man,” Jimmy groaned, easing his cock from inside her and flopping down on his back next to her. “That was un-fucking-believable.”

“Bro, you fucked me senseless,” Tammy sighed as she rolled over to lie next to him.

“Doesn’t take much,” he snickered.

“I see,” she sighed. “Get what you want, then turn into a jerk. Typical guy.” She turned to look at him and they both burst out laughing.

“Mom and Dad,” he whistled. “They would shit! They’d kill us then bring us back to ground us for life.”

“What they don’t know can’t hurt us,” Tammy told him. “How you doing down there?”

She looked as she spoke to see his cock already only semi hard. “I am good at what I do.”

“The best. Tammy, I know how fucked up all this was, but I’m glad my first time was with you.”

“Hey, big sisters are here to help.” Tammy giggled. “Now you should have no problem talking to a girl because you know you can make one happy.”

“I guess.”

“Not just sex, but those adorable smiles and those sweet kisses and things you said? You’ll make a girl very happy. Then when she sees that goddamn snake you call a dick? She’ll be hooked, no,” she laughed, “She’ll be A-dick-ted!” get it?”

“Why does there have to be another girl?” Jimmy asked her.


“I wasn’t just talking because I was excited. It’s weird, but I did have a crush on you. You’re so pretty, and you’ve always been good to me, stuck up for me even when we were younger. You always helped take care of me, and you were my best friend before I was able to make any friends.”

“Aww!” Tammy cooed and was surprised to feel her eyes welling up. “Jimmy, that’s so sweet!”

“I mean it. I’m sorry I looked at you, and stole your bra and thought dirty things about you. I admit when I came to you tonight that maybe you’d help and things might…I don’t know, turn into this.”

“You did?”

“Well, it was a big stretch, but even if all you did was let me jerk off to you, it would have been something. I’ve been a little obsessed with you.”

“Wow, I just thought you were a little pervy cause you never got any.”

“It killed me when you were with Rick. That piece of crap never deserved you. It bothered me when you had guys around and knew you’d screw around at parties, but that was sex, you tried to be in love with Rick, and that made me mad because you should love someone who loves you back.”

“Would you love me back?” Tammy rolled onto her side, propped up on her arm to face him. “You think you’d love me as more than your sister?”

He rolled over to face her and shocked her with a soft kiss. “I kind of think love is love. I love you as a sister, and a friend, so how different is it to say girlfriend or lover?”

“Lover? You watch too many movies,” she smiled, but saw he was serious. “Jimmy, how could we do that? Mom and Dad, people we know.”

“Well, you kept saying I can’t tell anyone so I won’t.” Jimmy looked at her hopefully. “Nothing will change as far as life goes except we, you know, steal some kisses and sneak into each other’s bedrooms, things like that.”

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