A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Oh, that’s oh, Tammy, that’s so good.” Jimmy groaned. “Keep doing it, please keep doing it.”

Tammy released his cock, this time with pre cum laced drool spraying from her mouth and dripping onto her tits.

“I’m going to keep sucking.” She spit onto the head of his cock and stroked his full length. “I’m going to suck your cock and you’re going to come you little shit, you got that?”

“I want to!”

“You will. You’ll come from your big sis giving you your first blow job, not just the first, but the best you’ll ever get.”

She hawked another glob of spit onto his head and added her second hand jacking him with both fists again as he moaned and squirmed on the bed.

“I’m not losing this game, Jimmy, and if you get close and think you can’t? I want you to think about where you’re coming, because you’ll be coming in my mouth.”

She wagged her tongue at him.

“Every drop right in my mouth. Ever been mad at me? Think I’m a bitch? Well just think about this smart ass bitch choking on this goddamn horse cock of yours and filling my mouth with your load.”

“Goddamn, you’re nasty.”

“I am, I’m your nasty big sister. But I’m a good big sister too because I’m doing this for you.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Tammy. I promise!”

“Then come for me.”

She took him back into her mouth and went full porn star. She took him as deep as she could, and bobbed her head rapidly while jerking him off. Her jaw and throat were beginning to hurt from the effort of taking so much.

The head of his cock repeatedly banged into the back of her throat and she was now shamelessly drooling down his cock, then slurping it up when she came back down on his shaft. Tammy’s eyes were now watering while she emitted a series of sloppy wet sucking sounds with an occasional gag mixed in.

Jimmy was sitting back on his elbows, his eyes wide, transfixed by the sight of his big sister sloppily gobbling his cock like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. His thighs and knees were shaking, and his entire body tense.

His cock was twitching in her mouth and hand, and Tammy knew she had him right on the edge. But even when she continued to blow him he didn’t come. His moans were getting desperate again, with those frustrated whimpers in between them.

Tammy’s face was now as red as his from abusing her mouth with his cock, and she didn’t think she could do it for much longer. She slid her hand between his legs and cupped his balls, massaging them as she sucked.

Jimmy’s legs straightened around her and his hips lifted, pushing him deeper into her descending mouth. It caused her to gag and a fresh wave of spit to erupt from her mouth, but she kept going, relentlessly punishing her own mouth and throat in an effort to give him what he needed.

“Oh, don’t stop!” he gasped. “Keep sucking, please keep sucking!”

Tammy rose on her knees, and the next time she took most of his length, she tilted her head, forced her mouth wider and took him all the way until her lips touched the base of his shaft. She gurgled around his cock, drooling, tears flowing down her face and fighting not to gag. Tammy shook her head rapidly back and forth, while squeezing his balls.

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