A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Her pussy was wet, and both her nipples and clit were erect and aching. Jimmy’s fingers awkwardly probed the lips of her slit, and she groaned each time they met her clit.

“Look at you, getting jerked off by a naked girl while you play with her pretty pink pussy!”

“My sister,” he whispered, and his cock jerked again when he said the word sister, telling her he didn’t feel too bad about who was jacking him off.

Tammy pumped him harder and faster to where it bordered on rough, wondering what it would take to get him to pop. He seemed ready to. His legs were shaking violently, and his fingers trembled between her legs.

His hips rocked into her hand, and hers were now moving into his, pushing his fingers through her lips and wishing he’d stop fumbling around and get a finger in there. Only to help him come of course, she told herself.

That was the only reason she’d exposed her pussy and let him touch her, he’d never done any of this so all of it was an effort to get him that desperately needed relief. That was her story, and she was doing the best she could to delude herself into buying it.

“You like that, don’t you?” she kept egging him on. “You like because I’m your sister!”

“No!” he said so quickly she hoped she hadn’t screwed things up, but a moment later he sighed. “Yes, I…I don’t just look at you, sometimes I’ve thought about you.”

Tammy pushed away the idea of how concerned she should be about that last remark, and instead fed into it.

“And here I am. Naked, Jimmy. I am totally naked and you’ve had your dick in the crack of my ass, between my tits, and now I’m giving you a hand job while you touch me.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve jerked off to you before. Thought about you when I had your bra.”

“Real thing right here, baby, and I want that load! If you could make a mess in my bra then you should be able to make an even bigger one on me!”

“I want to so fucking bad!” he moaned. “Its right there, but…I just can’t and my dick is starting to hurt and…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Tammy stood up from the bed, and grabbed him by the arms, trying to turn him around.

“What are you doing?” he asked, startled by her sudden move.

“Just turn around.” She sucked in a sharp breath when his cock slid along her leg and for a moment was between her thighs his shaft sliding along her pussy.

The look of nervous excitement on Jimmy’s face told her he’d noticed the contact, but he did as she asked, turning in a circle so his back was to the bed.

“Now sit down.”

“Why? What are you doing?”

“I’m helping, now sit down.”

She gave him a shove, causing him to fall back so he was sitting on the bed. Ignoring the part of her that was screaming at her that she shouldn’t be doing this, she dropped to her knees between his legs.

Taking his cock in her hand, Tammy opened wide, lowered her head, and took him into her mouth.

“Holy shit!” Jimmy cried out.

Tammy, her mind racing, caught between this being as wrong as it gets, and pure lust, moaned as she slid the spongy head of his cock between her lips. He was so thick! She opened wider just to get past his head and be able to slide her lips down his shaft.

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