A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Don’t go Hallmark on me, we still have to help you out.” Tammy sighed. What else was there? Did she have a friend she could talk into…no, what was she thinking? Too many Donna jokes about Brenda giving Jimmy a pity BJ.

“You could help me.”

“Huh?” His words pulled her from her thoughts. “I’m your sister, Jimmy. I love you and do whatever I can to help when I can, but this? Is not something a sister can help you with.”


“What’s wrong with you?” Tammy demanded. “I know you’re scared and messed up right now, but you’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to fuck my brother.”

“No, no!” He put his hands up defensively. “Of course not! Not sex!”

“Then what? You better not think I’m going to suck your dick.” Jeez was she really having this conversation? Maybe she was still asleep and having a Mary Jane and JD driven fucked up dream.

“Wow,” Jimmy whispered, an odd look on his face.

“Wow what?”

“I don’t know, just hearing you say suck my dick was kind of hot.”

“Out!” Tammy pointed to the door. “That shit’s put the little head in charge and making you a serious fucking perv. Go stroke it until it goes down.”


“I offered to get you a toy, I even offered to try and find you an escort and help pay for it.” Tammy crossed her arms over her chest.” Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get no help.”

“Tammy, please help me with this!”

“You can do it yourself, you’re just being weird and trying to get pervy with me.”

“You’re my sister, why would I be trying that?”

“I’ve seen you looking, Jimmy. You were staring at my tits when I was talking to you earlier and looking at my legs.”

“No, I wasn’t!”

“You sound like a little kid. I’ve caught you checking out my ass and boobs a few times. I didn’t say anything because I figure what the hell, you’re a boy and you haven’t gotten laid yet.”

“Tammy I swear I never…”

“Where’s my black bra?” she asked. “Under your mattress? In one of your drawers? Why not just use that for some inspiration?”

“I…” His shoulders slumped. “Okay, I’ve looked at you a few times. I know I shouldn’t. but you’re really pretty, and you’re super-hot.”

“Just when I think this can’t get any more awkward.”

“And you’re right, maybe if I’d had sex and had girlfriends I wouldn’t have looked or,” he looked away from her. “Done something bad with your bra.”

“Nasty,” Tammy grimaced. “But at least you admit it.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to creep you out or make you feel funny. I never thought anything bad about you. You’re always mad cool with me and I know you stick up for me when people make fun of me and I love you for that.”

“That’s sweet,” Tammy smiled. “You’re a good guy, Jimmy, you’re going to make a lucky girl real happy when you get out of your shell and find her.”

“Tried being out of my shell tonight, look what happened.”

“Not every girl is a bitch and not every guy an asshole like Rick. But sometimes good people find the bad ones, and we don’t know it right away.”

“But at least you’ve had sex, a lot of it.”

“Hey, watch it!” she warned.

“I just mean what happened with Rick sucked, but you had a lot of fun before him and since.”

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