A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Jesus Christ,” Tammy leaned forward and put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Jimmy. Those people are fucking garbage.”

“I think even the kid that warned me was in on it, trying to scare me. But he’s right. I, um, took care of it, right after I shut the door in your face, and it didn’t go down. I did it again, and it did and I fell asleep, but I woke up a half hour later like this.

“Then do it again.”

“I tried, but it doesn’t work.”

“How can it not work?” Tammy asked.

“I got off twice, maybe my hand’s not enough. I tried for a while, just couldn’t…” he looked away from her. “You know, get there.”

“Use lotion, it’ll feel a lot better.”

“I did, didn’t help, and I watched porn, and that still didn’t help because I’m not horny I’m fucking frustrated. My balls are aching from being like this.”

“Wow, TMI, bro.” Tammy smiled, but it faded when she saw how upset he was. “Sorry, not trying to make fun of you, just trying to get you to relax.”

“Does that look relaxed?” he pointed.

“I’m not looking at that,” Tammy told him. “You could have worn sweats or something. You didn’t have to try and show me proof.”

“Just not thinking straight. I’m scared, Tammy.” He looked up and she saw he wasn’t kidding, his eyes were wide and she could feel his shoulder quaking under her hand.

“This sucks and it was embarrassing, but why are you scared?”

“I went online. We see those dumb commercials for this stuff, and they have that warning that if you’re hard for four hours see a doctor.”

“It hasn’t been four hours,” Tammy pointed out.

“It’s been over two!”

“Calm down, you just need to keep going until you wear it out.”

“I can’t get off!” He yelled, his eyes wide behind his glasses. “And you know what they do if it won’t go down?”

“Jimmy, it will go down, don’t get crazy, and you know looking things up online always makes things worse.”

“This is true though! The doctor has to cut it to get it to fucking deflate and there’s a good chance you might never be able to get hard again!”

“Don’t get crazy over it. You’ll take care of it. Hey, you’re a pro at getting yourself off.”

“Why did I even come in here?” Jimmy went to stand, but she caught his arm.

“Okay, no more jokes, but try and take it easy. Tons of guys use this stuff, that four hour thing is really rare.”

“Most guys who take it are older and have trouble. I’m 18, seeing a girl’s foot can get me hard, and she gave me two of them! The dose is one!”

Tammy frowned and poked at her lip, her own nervous habit when she was thinking. He made two good points. Guys her age could go three or four times a night without any help, and the double dose.

“Yeah,” Jimmy pointed to her. “See? You’re thinking about what I just said.”

“Because you’re scared, and I’m taking it seriously, but I know you’ll be fine.”

“Tammy, I’m a goddamn virgin! If I have to have that done I might never have sex in my life!” His voice cracked again and she swore he was a minute away from crying. “Look at me! I’m mad, I’m scared, and I’m hard as a damn rock! This isn’t going away on its own.”

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