A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Being so pathetic I asked my sister if I could jack off over her ass, isn’t something I’d brag about.”

“True.” Tammy drew her leg up and kicked the sheet off. “I’m not exactly going to consider this a high point in my life either.”

She rolled over onto her stomach and rested her chin on her folded forearms. She crossed her ankles to keep her legs pressed together and make sure he couldn’t see between her thighs.

“Can I take these off?” he asked. “If you want me to keep them on I will, but it’ll feel better if…”

“Do whatever you have to, I’m not looking.”

She heard Jimmy sliding his boxers down his legs and a moment later felt him get on the bed behind her. Her eyes widened when the bed shifted, and she felt his legs pressing against the lower part of her thighs as he straddled her.

“Can’t you just kneel on one side of me?”

“I don’t want you to be able to see me out of the side of your eye,” he said behind her. “Besides this’ll be a better angle and…”

“Whatever, at this point I guess it doesn’t make things any worse.”

“Can I?” He tugged on the sides of her shirt.

Tammy closed her eyes and took a few seconds to tell herself there was no turning back now.

“Go ahead,” She lifted her hips so he could slide her shirt up.

She held her breath as she felt the soft material of the shirt going up the backs of her upper thighs then her ass. He stopped when it was over her hips, and she felt her face flush from the idea her brother was now staring at her bare ass.

“There’s lotion on the nightstand,” she said. “Use it, it’ll feel better and you’ll be quicker.”

“Trust me, I’ve got more than enough lube, I’ve been dripping for the last…”

“Okay, okay, just you know, get it over with.”

“Damn, you have a fine ass,” he said softly. “Like holy shit, fine.”

“Less yapping, more fapping.” She replied, wishing she’d thought to grab her phone and her earbuds during this so she couldn’t hear him.

“Taking the sexy right out of this,” he sighed.

“There was never any sexy in it, get going before I change my mind.”

Jimmy didn’t respond but the bed was now shaking slightly and she could hear him breathing louder over her. He hadn’t been kidding about having enough natural lube because she could hear a wet slapping sound as he stroked his cock.

Tammy knew if she looked to her right she’d see their reflection in the mirror and was annoyed to discover a small part of her wanted to look. Unlike the decision to let this happen, the right thing to do won out and she focused on the headboard in front of her.

She jumped when Jimmy grabbed her left ass cheek, squeezing it.

“Wow, your ass is tight! That Yoga stuff must really work.”

“Don’t touch my ass you little perv!” Tammy caught herself moving her head to look over her shoulder. “I didn’t say you could touch.”

“But it helps!” This time he lightly caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand. “Please?”

“This is crazy,” she muttered, then spoke so he could hear. “If it helps you get off faster, fine, but keep it to my ass, you try to get your hand between my legs, I’ll kick you out of here.”

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