A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Then show me how much you like them. Stroke that big dick and empty those balls all over them.”

“Damn!” he blinked. “That’s dirty!”

“Bro, you just fucked my butt crack, for Christ’s sake, I think we’re past dirty here.”

“Good point,” Jimmy gripped his cock in his right hand and pumped it.

Tammy’s breathing picked up as she watched his hand glide along his long thick shaft. Jimmy had big hands, but there was plenty of cock sticking out over his fist as he jerked off. She held her tits up for him, bouncing them to make them jiggle for him.

“They’re so fine,” he whispered. “Can I touch them?”

“Go ahead,” she answered, her prior inhibitions seemed to be strangely absent as she watched her brother jerk off.

He ran his left hand over her right breast, gently squeezing it. His fingers grazed her nipple causing her breath to hiss between her teeth. Jimmy’s hand slid over the head of his cock, working his pre cum into his palm.

He resumed stroking, the pre cum making his hand slide faster along his now slick cock. Tammy sucked on her lower lip as her gaze remained fixed on his now glistening shaft.

“First tit I touch and it’s my sisters,” he muttered.

“Best tits you’ll ever touch.”


“Um, nothing,” she giggled. “But I do have a damn fine rack, don’t I?”

“You do, and you’re right, I look at them a lot.”

“You do, don’t you, my naughty little brother.” She looked up into his eyes. “Made a big mess in my bra, didn’t you?”

“I did, sorry.”

“Don’t be, but how about you make a big mess on your sister’s big tits? Show me how much you like them?”


“Yeah,” she slid her pink tongue across her lips for him. “All over them, paint these titties white for me.”

Jimmy’s hand moved faster, and she continued talking dirty, trying to work him up enough to come.

“Drain those poor swollen balls all over your sister’s tits and pretty pink nipples.” She released a soft moan. “I love that. Love guys squirting on my tits. The cum slides down over my nipples and onto my belly and my thighs and it gets me so hot and wet!”

She went into a series of moans a porn star would be proud of and they weren’t entirely fake. Tammy was working herself up, and not just with her talk, but watching Jimmy play with himself.

Tammy wanted him to come, and no longer just to help him, but she wanted to see that monster cock explode. She didn’t care if he got it all over her. To the contrary the newly awakened horny part of her wanted it all over her tits.

“Fuck that sounds good.”

“It’ll feel better.” She jiggled her tits and put her hand over his, pushing it into her breast. “All that cum shooting from that cock. It’ll feel so good, you’ll be so relieved when those balls empty on me.

“I’ll like it too, all that sticky warm cum on my big titties.” She moaned again. “Come on, little brother, come for me. Come for your big sister! I want it, baby! I want it so bad!”

“Jesus,” Jimmy’s hand was blurring along his shaft making that wet slapping sound that now sounded so much better than it had before.

“I’m waiting,” she whispered. “It’s not nice to make me wait,” she gave him a convincing whisper. “Please? Please come for me? I’m being so helpful! Reward your helpful sister with a big load!”

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