A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Name it. Chores, favors, money, anything you want.”

“Eat my pussy,” she said softly.

“Sure, I’ll…what?” Jimmy stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

“I’ve been super horny since Rick, and getting you off has me so wet. I need to come and you should return the favor and help me.”

“I don’t know how,” Jimmy said nervously. “I never did anything with a girl before.”

“I’ll help you, and this way when you are with a girl, you’ll know how to make her happy.” She whistled. “Not that your dick won’t have her eyes rolling, but you should know how to please a woman.”

“I…” he looked down at his cock, which even soft was impressive. Kid was a shower and a grower. “What if I get hard again?”

“That’s why we should do this. You get hard we’ll figure it out. But what if you go in your room and fall asleep and have a dirty dream about, I don’t know maybe your hot sister, and you’re hard in your sleep?”

“And if I don’t wake up and I sleep too long…”

“You could hurt yourself.” Tammy nodded, then sliding back to the middle of the bed, spun on her ass and lay back so her head was on the pillow. “Let’s make sure we have it all out of your system.”

She spread her legs, then reached down with both hands and spread her lips, wantonly exposing her pussy to her brother. “Just think of it as kissing your sister,” she giggled. “Right on the lips.”

“Fuck, that’s,” he nodded so fast his glasses slid down his nose. “Yeah, we should be sure I’m okay.”

“Then come stretch out between my legs.” She tapped her clit. “And give me that kiss.”

Jimmy rolled over onto the bed, sliding up between her legs, until his face was inches from her pink slit.

“Let me have these.” Tammy plucked the glasses from his face and put them on the nightstand. “If they steam up you won’t see anything.”

Jimmy didn’t reply, just stared at her pussy.

“Right here, she pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger. “Lick it, nice and easy.”

Jimmy eased forward placing his hands on her inner thighs and tentatively flicked his tongue across her swollen button. Tammy released a sharp breath and her hips jerked, pushing her pussy into his face.

“Damn, I’m worked up. Now go head and lick, you can go up and down or side to side, be fancy and do it in a circle. Nice and light feels best.”

Jimmy fluttered his tongue over her clit doing as she said, up and down then side to side.

“That’s nice,” she slid her hands up her stomach and cupped her breasts. “You’re doing just fine, little brother. Just nice and easy, you know, like your sister sometimes,” she giggled.

Her giggle turned into a moan when he traced a slow circle around her clit, then resumed the soft flicks over and around it.

“Hmm,” Tammy sighed contentedly as her brother’s tongue danced across her excited flesh. “Feels good, baby.”

Jimmy smiled up at her. “Like you calling me, baby.”

“You are my baby brother after all,” she moaned when she took her nipples between her fingers. “How about you lick lower? Use that tongue between my lips.”

Jimmy licked her clit then pushed his tongue down through her moist lips. He licked and swirled his tongue, probing the folds of her pussy as she played with her nipples, her hips rocking gently as her brother explored her.

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