A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Please?” He adjusted his glasses, another of his nervous tics. “God, Tammy, it’s so hard it hurts!”

“It’s going to hurt when I punch you in the balls for being a fucking pervert. Did you take something at that party? Someone slip you something?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said softly.

“What?” Tammy’s disgust gave way to concern. “Do you know what it was? Should I take you to the ER?” Her parents were somehow going to blame her for this, if he ended up sick.

“Viagra.” Jimmy admitted and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Someone put Viagra in a drink?” Tammy frowned. “Why would anyone do that? I mean unless they wanted to take advantage of it.”

“Or pull a mean prank.” Jimmy said glumly.

“Prank.” Tammy repeated.

“Kim, the girl who invited me, it was her house, and I guess she’d found her dad’s Viagra. She was being super nice to me, danced with me a couple times even though I can’t dance and started telling me that maybe we could go upstairs to her room later.”

“Teasing bitch.”

“Yeah, and I was nervous but excited. I should have known it was a set up. The kids there were like the who’s who of the cool kids club.”

“Won’t be so cool when I get some of my friends to…”

“Let it go, sis.” Jimmy told her. “I don’t need to look like a bigger loser by my big sister handling my problems.”

“But they can’t just do that to people.”

“Anyway, she brings me a drink, a Captain and Coke. I make myself look like an idiot by saying I’m not old enough to drink. But she just smiled while the other kids are laughing, and tells me I have to be a man someday and if I drink up, maybe she’ll help make me a man.”

“I drink it and people are laughing and grinning. I figure they’re making fun of me having a hard time getting it down, because I don’t think there was much coke in there. Few minutes later I start sweating, and my damn nose starts running.

“I go in the bathroom and I’m all flushed. I think it’s from the drink being so strong. What do I know, I’m the straight arrow; you’re the partier in the family.”


“But then I start getting, um, excited.” Jimmy continued. “Really excited. Couple minutes later I start seeing a blue tinge out of the corners of my eyes. I know that’s not booze. I start to leave and Kim comes over and asks me if I feel okay.

“I told her no, and I’m leaving.”

“Do you think she gave it to you because she wanted to fuck you?” Tammy asked. “Maybe it wasn’t just being mean? But she thought you’d be nervous or something?”

“No because she asked me if I was leaving because something came up, and started to laugh. One of her friends was there and yelled that Kim shouldn’t be giving me a hard time. Another girl told me to lighten up, and why was I so stiff?

“Then this guy, big jock looking creep, comes over and puts his arm around Kim, turns out he’s her boyfriend. He asks me to let him know how many times I’ll have to jerk off because he and the other guys had a bet going.”

“I…I just about ran out the door, and this kid stops me, and tells me, he heard Kim say she put two pills in that drink, and you’re only supposed to take one every 24 hours. He said if I can’t get it down I better get to a doctor.”

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