A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Jimmy gasped several times, and Tammy lifted her tits higher, ready for the cum shower she expected from a dick that size. Instead, he kept stroking, and his gasps turned into higher pitched whining.

“I just can’t!” his hand slowed. “Its not going to…”

“Slap it on my tits,” she suggested. “Smack them with it and keep jerking, you can come for me, baby, I know you can.”

Jimmy whacked his cock onto her right tit and she flinched when pre-cum splattered into her chest. The feeling of it sent an unwanted shiver of excitement through as did his striking each of her tits with his cock.

God, he was so fucking hard! His entire cock was red, the veins standing out from being erect for so long. His cock looked angry, like it was looking for something to take it out on, and Tammy had a quick image flash through her mind of that big angry dick forcing itself into her…

“Keep going,” Tammy whispered, trying to cut off that last thought. This was her brother, her younger brother. She was only doing this to help him, it wasn’t about her. “Stroke it faster!”

“I…my damn arm is getting tired.”

“Use your other hand.”

“I suck with that hand, I think…”

“Titty fuck me!” Tammy slid her hands to the sides of her breasts. “Just put it between them, and go to town.”

“You sure?”

“Now’s not the time to be shy, Jimmy. Stick that ginormous cock between my boobs and take what you want.”

Jimmy looked surprised at her words, but placed his cock between her tits and thrust his hips. Tammy pressed her boobs tightly around his shaft.

“So hard,” she purred. “I can feel it throbbing!”

“Too hard,” he mumbled while staring down at his cock sliding between her breasts.

He put his hands under hers, cupping the power portion of her tits as he fucked them.

“There you go, baby,” she cooed in her best phone sex voice. “Give me a nice messy pearl necklace!”

“Fuck,” Jimmy moaned. “This is incredible.”

“Yeah it is, that big hard dick between my big soft tits. Hmm,” she moaned. “You’re getting them all sticky, but not as sticky as they’re going to be!”

“Can’t believe I’m titty fucking my sister,” Jimmy gasped. “I want to come so bad!”

“I want it too!” Tammy lowered her head and wagged her tongue over his cock. “Give it to me! Maybe if you come quick you’ll get some in my mouth!” she wiggled her tongue again.

“Want that? To shoot some cum in my mouth? If you come fast, I’ll let you, wait too long I’ll move!”

Jimmy whimpered as he strained to cum while Tammy found it difficult not to lower her head more and get a taste of the head of his dick. What the heck was wrong with her? She was being pervier than Jimmy ever could be, and he was the one with the problem.

A big problem, a problem so big and delicious looking his own sister wanted to play with it.

“Goddamn!” Jimmy stopped stroking and eased back, letting his cock slide from between her tits. “Its too much. I can’t keep moving, my heart’s racing and I can’t catch my breath.”

“Know what they say, want it done, do it yourself.” Tammy grabbed Jimmy’s cock in her right hand.

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