A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Jimmy’s hips thrust and his cock exploded in her mouth. He was in the back of her throat when he did it, Tammy squealed when cum not only erupted from the sides of her mouth, but shot out of her nose.

Her throat sore, and her nostrils burning, she resumed bobbing her head, sucking as he continued to fill her mouth. She swallowed some of it, but the spurts were so thick, more came out of her mouth to slide down his shaft.

She slurped it back up as she doggedly continued to blow him despite her discomfort. She’d worked hard for this and wanted every drop, wanted to drain his balls so he’d be spent and his cock would go down.

“Oh, fuck, sis! Tammy…Oh that’s…oh Tammy!” Jimmy was moaning and writing on the bed as his sister rubbed his balls and sucked despite the cum oozing from her nose and mouth.

Tammy eased back, but kept his head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, and shaking her head, working his sensitive tip around her sloppy mouth.

“Okay!” Jimmy’s hips jerked and he gasped each time she gave him a hard suck. “Okay! Please stop!”

Tammy let him fall from her mouth, his tip followed by more cum which joined the mess on her chest and tits, some had even slid down to her stomach. She sat back on her knees gasping for breath, while Jimmy did the same.

“Jesus,” he wheezed. “Sis, you can suck cock!”

“Like you’d know if I were good or not,” she replied, then gave him a smile through her sticky lips. “But yeah, I’ve been told I give damn good head.”

“Imagine Mom and Dad hearing this?”

“Lucky they weren’t home, or mom would be with you at the ER,” Tammy grabbed her night shirt and wiped the cum from her tits and stomach. “Speaking of?”

Tammy looked at his cock to see it was still twitching, but didn’t seem as hard.

“It’s,” Jimmy slowly lowered his head as if he were afraid to look. “It doesn’t hurt and…its going down!”

Even as he spoke, his cock had softened significantly. Being hard for so long and finally coming had his tired flesh quickly deflating.

“Job well done if I say so myself.”

“Thank you! Sis, I owe you big time!”

“Just never tell anyone about any of this.”

“You keep saying that.” Jimmy released a long sigh of relief. “Damn that felt good, and I feel so much better.”

“That was the third time you came?” she dabbed at her chin with a clean corner of the shirt. “That’s the biggest goddamn load I’ve ever taken, came out of my nose, I thought they made that shit up for the movies.”

“You should stop talking,” he told her with a grin.

Tammy returned it, then rose to her feet and sat on the bed next to him. The movement made her realize how wet she was. Her nipples were so hard they were aching the way his cock had, and her clit was throbbing with need.

“You said you’d do anything for me, and you owe me?” As she asked, the small part of her that was still appalled at what they’d done, told her she needed it to end here, but the other part of her, the part that got more than a little enjoyment from sucking off her brother, was in full control.

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