A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Was she still buzzed? Tammy liked cock as much as the next girl, but she’d never cared much about size, but then again she’d never seen one like this. The fact it was on her brother should have her covering her eyes, but in a weird way it seemed to be adding to her fascination of it.

“I can’t ask you to do that.” Jimmy said the right thing, but she saw his eyes drop to her chest, which with no bra was prominently displayed in the shirt, especially her suddenly erect nipples.

“You’re not, I’m offering,” she giggled nervously. “Taking one for the team, helping my brother, all that good stuff.” She was speaking fast, too fast, but she doubted he noticed.


“I’m not going to let you go to the hospital,” she slid her legs out from under her so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’ve never met a cock that didn’t give it up for me.” She laughed and she swore she wounded giddy.

“Wow, now who should stop talking?” But Jimmy made no move to put his boxers on, just stood there with that big dick bobbing between his legs.

“Sorry, I thought maybe me saying things like that might help.”

Tammy pulled the sheet around her to cover herself from the waist down, then lifted her hips to get the shirt out from under her.

“Come here,” she pointed to the floor directly in front of her. “Get nice and close so you get a good view.”

“You sure?”

“You came in here asking me to help, you want to jerk off to my tits or not?”

“This is so fucked up,” he sighed, “But yeah, I mean, you know because I need to do this.”

“And I need to help you do this, so it’s just a big sis helping out her brother, it’s cool, right?” she asked as she crossed her arms and gathered the bottom of the shirt in her hands.

“Right, it’s kind of messed up, but it’s for the right reasons.” Jimmy agreed as she moved so he was in front her, the head of his cock less than a foot from her face.

Tammy slid the shirt partway up her stomach, and took a deep breath. This was getting out of hand, but she was doing it for the right reasons…or was she now just telling herself that to cover for up for being suddenly, and disturbingly obsessed with her brother’s dick?

Before reason, and decency, took over, Tammy stripped the shirt off and dropped it on the bed next to her. It was Jimmy’s turn to stand there with his mouth open, his eyes wide behind his glasses as he was confronted with his sister’s impressive breasts.

“Jesus,” he managed to get his mouth closed. “I mean I could tell you had big tits, but damn, Tammy.”

“Looks like we’re both pretty well endowed, huh?” she lifted her arms over her head and turned side to side, shaking her tits around. “Real and all natural, baby.”

“Baby?” he grinned. “I like that.”

“What about these?” She lifted her tits, offering them up to him. “Like these?”

“They’re….amazing,” he reached out, then caught himself.

“Yeah?” She teased her thumbs over her swollen nipples, trying to get him more excited. “What about these? They amazing? Nice and suckable?”

“Yeah,” he swallowed hard, his eyes glued to her tits the same way hers were to his cock. “They are.”

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