A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Yeah!” she gasped. “Like that! Work that clit, baby! Make your big sis come for you!”

Jimmy sucked her clit with an enthusiasm she’d never experienced before, his long slender fingers working her, slapping the walls of her tight pussy. Tammy moaned and arched her back higher while pushing her feet against his shoulders, causing her ass to come off the bed.

“Oh, oh ohhhh!” Tammy squealed as a hard suck accompanied by her giving her nipples a rough twist sent her over the edge.

She released a series of sharp high pitched yips as her orgasm crashed through her. Her pussy convulsed around his fingers as she writhed on the bed, grinding her wet quivering pussy into her brother’s face.

He managed to keep licking, his fingers plunged deep inside her twitching twat. Tammy’s yips turned into a low guttural growl as she came harder than she could ever remember, and her hips jerked uncontrollably, smearing Jimmy’s face with her hot wet flesh.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned as her body went limp, her feet falling from his shoulders. “Wow, that was,” she giggled as she released her tits, and put her hands over her face. “I came so fucking hard!”

“Happy to help,” Jimmy told her, but he didn’t sound as excited as she thought he’d be. “But speaking of hard.”

Tammy pushed herself up on her elbows and saw he was now kneeling between her lower legs. His amazing cock was once again fully erect, despite the fact she’d gotten him off only a few minutes ago.

“Goddamn,” Tammy said quietly. “That shit does its job doesn’t it?”

“It took a lot the last time,” Jimmy shook his head. “How the hell am I going to…”

He trailed off when Tammy slid down the bed so her thighs were around his knees. She grabbed his cock and knowing she was about to cross the ultimate line, but not caring, she pushed his head through the lips of her pussy.

“Tammy, we can…Oh!”

Jimmy gasped in disbelief when Tammy pushed the head of his cock against her wet hole. She groaned as even easing his head between her lips was stretching her further open than she ever had been before.

She wiggled forward until his entire head was inside her and moaned. “Inside, but easy.”

“You’re really going to let me…” he paused as if he was afraid to say it, then added in a barely audible voice. “Fuck you?”

“That dick isn’t going to come by itself, little brother, now don’t think about it, just do it.”

Jimmy blinked like he might be wondering if he were dreaming, but thrust his hips.

“Oh fuck!” Tammy cried out as his girth forced her pussy to stretch around him. “Easy!”

“S…sorry.” Jimmy stuttered. “God, you feel good!”

“Then feel me, but slow, baby. Maybe I’m a little easy sometimes, but I’m not a damn porn star, you need to feed me that thing a little at a time.”

“Feed you,” Jimmy stared down at his cock partially inserted between her pink lips. “You’re so hot.”

“Then feel the heat, little brother, get me used to that dick so you can have your first time.”

“Maybe tonight isn’t so bad after all,” Jimmy said as much to himself as her, then eased forward, slowly working his length into her.

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