A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Then you help it go away. Use your left hand.”

“Funny. I’m telling you my hand isn’t enough. Or is that piece of plastic in your drawer as good as a real dick?”

“Whoa, no need to be rude.”

“I’m saying it’s not the same, and women can only play with themselves so many times, before it’s not going to do it anymore too.”

Tammy bit back the remark that he didn’t know anything about women other than the internet and his friends, but there was truth to it, she’d had nights of masturbating where she reached the point she was numb to her own touch.

Tammy looked over at her alarm clock.

“It’s twelve thirty. That amazing super store on post road is open until 1 on Friday’s and Saturdays.”

“How do you know that, and why does it matter?”

“I know because that’s where I buy my toys, and it matters because if you’re hands not doing it, I’ll go and buy you a fleshlight or something.”

“Ugh,” Jimmy put his head in his hands. “Those things are gross looking and nasty.”

“Sex doll? Pocket pussy?”

“Stop it!” Jimmy snapped. “It’s no better than my damn hand.”

“Then why do guys buy them?”

“I don’t know!” Jimmy whined. “I need something real. Something I never did before.”

Tammy resumed poking her lip. Something real.

“I got it!” she snapped her fingers.

“What is it?” Jimmy looked at her hopefully.

“I have a hundred dollars stashed away, and Mom and Dad left me a hundred in case we wanted to get some take out over the weekend.”


“Billy from work was telling me his parents are divorcing because his father was banging all these hookers. He got them from a site called Erotic mistress. We’ll go online and find someone to come take care of you.”

“A hooker?” Jimmy looked at her as if she’d lost her mind.

“Sure, you get your problem taken care of and get your first time!” Tammy beamed. “Grab my laptop for me.”

“You’d really want me with a hooker? Seriously?”

“I have condoms in the nightstand.”

“Tammy, don’t you think I’ve been humiliated enough tonight?”

“Why is this bad?”

“I’m an 18 year old kid. I’m skinny, I’m geeky, and any woman that comes here is going to know I’m a loser paying for his first time.” He mimicked her expression of disgust from earlier. “That my big sister paid for and will be down the hall when it happens.”

“Well…its not perfect, but you don’t want a sex toy either, and say you can’t do it yourself again. What’s left?”

“Besides, cops are all over those sites. We could get in trouble, plus some of those girls are okay, but some are kind of you know, on drugs or drunk, or just skanky even.” He put his hands out. “And let’s get back to me being a l…”

“You’re not a fucking loser, stop saying that.” Tammy snapped at him. “You’re a little skinny sure, but glasses are in these days and you’re cute, and you’re sweet, and you’re smart. Only reason you don’t have a girl is you’re too shy and wrapped up in being a loser to meet one. Stop wallowing, and start getting a life, Jimmy.”

“I guess that was supportive,” he gave her a weak smile. “You’re a good sis, and a good friend, you know that?”

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