A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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Lifting her right breast higher, she tongued her nipple, eyeing herself in the mirror as she did it. The contact from her soft wet tongue sent a shiver through her and she released her breast.

“Damn,” she whispered.

Her worry over Jimmy was taking a back seat to the horned out feeling she’d had all night. Tammy ran her hands down her flat belly, pausing to flick the silver pendent dangling from her naval.

She slipped her hand into the thong, and moaned when they slid over her aching clit. Tammy sucked on her lower lip as she imagined it was what’s his name’s hand as he stood behind her, his arms around her slender waist, his fingers exploring her.

Tammy removed her hand, pressing her fingers to her face, inhaling the scent of her smooth pink slit. She sucked on them, her eyes rolling back as she tasted herself. Too bad it was from her fingers and not a big dick that had just been pounding her.

“So romantic,” she laughed at her crude thoughts.

Tammy reached up and gathered her long auburn hair, lifting it over her head, posing for herself. She let it fall, liking the way it felt cascading down her back and shoulders.

“What a waste,” she lamented as she stared at her reflection.

In addition to her most attention getting asset, her boobs, the rest of her was nothing to be ashamed of. Her long legs, slender waist, and small, but perfectly shaped and firm little ass, combined to give her the kind of body that could pull off dresses like the one she’d just taken off.

Between her body, her light green eyes, full luscious lips, and long hair, Tammy had never had trouble finding fun when she wanted it. One guy had told her she had the body of a porn star. She’d rewarded that remark by fucking him like one, but never gave him her number, because until Rick she’d preferred one and done.

Tammy wanted hot sex and no drama, so she got the former, and didn’t give them a chance to become the latter. She found it easier to cut loose and be a sex crazed wild cat if the guy didn’t know her or anything about her.

Rick seemed to prove she was better off. Those guys had gotten one great night out of her and they parted ways. She’d given Rick the best of her for months, just for him to start banging his tutor who was three years older than him, and had her own place.

It was his loss, but it was still humiliating to let her guard down and care for someone. Even say “I love you,” for the first time to a man not her father or brother, and he was banging another girl.

She doubted she was going to get serious again anytime soon. How did she know she wouldn’t get hurt again? There was no guarantee even a nice guy wouldn’t eventually decide he wanted someone else, or find another way to break her heart?

“Deep shit, there girl,” Tammy tapped her head, then turned away from the mirror.

She slipped out of her thong, noting how the sticky crotch peeled from her pussy. She picked up a plain pink t-shirt and pulled it down over her head before crawling into her bed and pulling the sheet up to her waist. She shut the light off and lay there for a couple minutes, her mind turning back to Jimmy and whatever made the party go south for him.

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