A little trick creates a big problem for brother

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“Little lower, then push with your tongue,” she guided him.

He did as she said, moving his tongue lower, then making it rigid and pushing. They both gasped when his tongue slipped into her hole. Jimmy moved his tongue around inside her, his eyes going wide as he got his first taste of pussy.

“Move your head back and forth, tongue fuck me.”

He was good at following instructions and Tammy groaned and squeezed her nipples harder was he plunged his tongue in and out of her.

“See how wet I am?” she asked softly. “You got me that way. Got me all hot and horny asking me to play with that big cock.”

Without being told, Jimmy slid his hand between her legs and removing his tongue, replaced it with his finger.

“Bad boy,” she purred. “You fingering your sister?”

“Yes,” he whispered, then made her jump when he pressed his face to her pussy and inhaled deeply. “Damn, that smells good.”

“You say the sweetest things!” Tammy giggled. Wow she was way down the forbidden rabbit hole at this point. “Put another one in and push them nice and deep.”

He eased another finger in and she released a low moan as he slipped them all the way. She contracted her pussy around them and giggled at the look on his face.

“Imagine a girl doing that around your dick. Now, get that tongue back on that clit, and move your fingers side to side.”

Jimmy eagerly went back to her clit while wiggling her fingers and Tammy let her head fall back on the pillow staring at the ceiling as she toyed with her nipples and her brother fingered her whole tonguing her clit.

This was what she’d wanted tonight, granted she’d never in a million years imagined it being her brother between her legs, but what the hell? He was doing a pretty damn good job on her. She could still taste his cum in her mouth and as disgusted as she should be by that, it only served to make her squirm harder in his face.

“Suck on it,” she whispered. “Suck your nasty sister’s clit, help me the way I helped you.”

She gasped when he sucked her harder than she expected, but it felt damn good and her pussy tightened around his fingers. Jimmy sucked her several times in rapid succession, then went back to licking.

His tongue was moving faster and more confidently, and his fingers were now thrusting harder into her. Tammy lifted her legs, placing her feet on his shoulders. Jimmy went back to sucking her, his lips smacking into her wet flesh.

“I like that, shake those fingers side to side, I want to hear them working that sloppy cunt.” Where had that word come from? She heard it plenty in porn and in a few erotic stories she’d read, but never said it. Whatever, dirty words were the least of the sins she’d committed tonight.

Jimmy shook his fingers and she moaned at both the feeling and the way she could indeed here the wet fapping sound they were making in her sopping slit. He went back to licking, his tongue now boldly flowing over her in up and down then side to side licks.

Tammy’s breath quickened and her hips rocked faster, her toes curling into his shoulders as her back arched. She tugged on her large nipples, stretching them taut as she rolled them between her fingers. Her thighs tightened and her pussy quivered around his fingers as he worked them harder and faster.

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