Brother and sister grieve their parents’ deaths together

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Brother and sister grieve their parents’ deaths together.. Laura laid in her bed, the room nearly pitch black with the curtains drawn tight. Her clock read 3:48 p.m., but other than that, there was no way for her to tell whether it was night or day. She decided she wouldn’t get up today. She just couldn’t. Maybe tomorrow.

Laura had been saying “maybe tomorrow” for the past three weeks straight. She’d managed to hold it together through the news of the terrible car crash and the horrifying scene in the emergency room; through the somber doctors informing her and her brother that unfortunately they weren’t able to save their parents, despite their best efforts; and even through the funeral, where dozens of sniffling relatives gave their deepest condolences.

But now that all of that was done, Laura was paralyzed. She didn’t know how to function. She didn’t know how to be in this house without them. She may have been twenty-one years old — an adult — but she felt like a scared little girl who just wanted her mom and dad.

Having her older brother Cole in the house should’ve been a comfort to her, but she’d barely spoken to him since the funeral. She couldn’t speak to anyone. He’d mostly left her alone, allowing her to grieve in her own way. Cole would leave plates of food outside her door which she’d occasionally pick at, but mostly it went untouched. Laura just wanted to sleep. When she was asleep, she forgot how horrible she felt.

But that day, Cole must’ve decided he’d had enough of her wallowing. With a loud knock on her door, Cole entered Laura’s room before she could tell him to go away.

“Come on. Get up,” Cole said, ripping open the curtains. The afternoon sun suddenly flooded the room, hurting Laura’s eyes. She pulled the covers up over her head.

“Cole, leave me alone please,” she mumbled.

“Laura, you can’t keep doing this,” he said. “You aren’t taking care of yourself. You need to shower, eat, go outside. You need to do something.” When Laura didn’t reply, Cole grabbed her comforter and yanked it out of her grasp and off the bed. Laura sat up angrily.

“Stop telling me how to deal with this!” She shouted. On some level, Laura realized his concern was very reasonable, but she wasn’t in the mood. She just wanted him to go away.

“You know this happened to me too, right?” Cole asked, crossing his arms. “And I’m managing to function without locking myself in my room.”

“Congratulations,” Laura said. “Now get the fuck out of my room.” Cole’s face switched from angry to exasperated. He sighed, walked over to the bed, and perched himself on the edge.

“I don’t want to fight,” he said. “I’m worried about you. We used to talk all the time, Laura. We can talk about this, too.”

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Laura spat at him. “I hate you! Just get out!” She didn’t hate him. Not at all. But she’d rather scream and get him to go away than talk about her real feelings.

“Laura–” She didn’t let him finish. She reached out and gave him a hard shove. Cole was caught off-guard and he wobbled a bit, nearly falling off the bed, but he was still too big for Laura to overpower him.

“Seriously?” He asked. “You really want to treat me like this when I’m all you have left?” The horrible truth of that statement sunk in, and tears immediately filled Laura’s eyes. She’d been doing such a great job at holding it all in. But not anymore.

“You’re all I have left, and I hate it,” Laura wailed. The tears were streaming down her cheeks now. She started trying to shove him off the bed again. “Just get OUT!” Cole, anger in his eyes, grabbed both of her wrists and pushed Laura back down onto the bed. His strength startled her. He had her pinned down. She couldn’t move if she wanted to.

“Trust me, you’re no picnic either,” he hissed at her, bringing his face close to hers. Laura could see the tears forming in his eyes as well. “And I don’t know what the fuck we’re going to do without them.” He took a deep, steadying breath. “But we have to at least try and move on.” That sent Laura into another burst of hysterics, her breathing ragged as she struggled to take in air through all the sobbing.

“Jesus Christ, Laura,” Cole said, shaking her. “Stop. Just stop!” Laura couldn’t. She kept crying, kept struggling against the iron grip he still had on her wrists…until suddenly she felt her brother’s mouth on hers. Her eyes shot open and the crying stopped instantly as if someone had flipped a switch. Laura was in shock as Cole kissed her deeply, not turning away but not returning the kiss either. After a minute, he pulled back and looked at the dumbfounded expression on her face.

“Fuck,” he whispered, wiping at his watery eyes. “I-I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I…” Cole trailed off, not knowing what the hell to say. What could possibly explain that?

Laura knew she should be horrified, but instead she felt warm all over. She realized she liked the weight of Cole on top of her. She liked the completely inappropriate but loving gesture. She liked the connection that one could only share with family.

She liked feeling any and every emotion other than complete despair.

“Don’t be,” Laura said quietly. Cole was still frozen in place, hovering above her. “It actually helped me feel a little better.” Cole’s eyebrows furrowed now, a dark confusion clouding his face. He obviously had no clue how to respond to that.

“Cole,” she said gently, putting her arms around him. She slowly parted her legs, so Cole was now resting comfortably between them. “Make me feel better.”

Her brother didn’t move, still not wanting to believe what she was asking. So Laura leaned up and kissed him again. After a few moments, Cole returned the kiss, his tongue darting into Laura’s mouth. He leaned into his sister, pushing her head back into the pillows. Cole’s hands released her wrists and traveled up her shirt, grabbing ahold of her bare breasts. Laura had always been big-busted, gifted with naturally perky 34D’s — and by the way Cole’s hands groped her chest, Laura knew he must’ve been imagining feeling her up for a while. He started playing with her nipples, and when he tweaked one just a little too hard, Laura moaned into their kiss.

Cole pulled away so he could remove both their shirts. He hungrily stared at Laura’s tits before bending over her and taking one in his mouth. Laura wrapped her legs around her brother’s ass and ground her hips upward against his. She could feel his erection straining through his jeans, and as she continued her thrusts, Cole started moaning against the breast in his mouth and dry humping her back.

“Come on,” Laura panted, reaching down to undo his pants. Cole sat up and removed them with slightly shaking hands. The boxers came off too and soon her brother was completely naked, his rock hard dick standing at full attention. Laura’s eyes widened at the size of it. She’d had no idea her brother had been packing that all these years.

In one fluid motion, Cole pulled down Laura’s sweatpants and underwear. He stared down at his sister’s nakedness, his eyes hovering over her obviously wet entrance. Cole laid back down on top of her and his fingers probed at her pussy, until he finally plunged two inside.

“Uhhhh,” Laura moaned, bucking up against his fingers.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Cole said as he continued to finger fuck her. He added a third, stretching her in preparation for his thick dick. Laura was a little nervous — she’d had sex several times before, but always with some idiotic, small-dicked college guy who didn’t care about her and finished in thirty seconds.

This was going to be very different.

Cole started to grind the heel of his hand against Laura’s clit as his fingers continued to slide in and out of her. And after one particularly strong thrust upwards, Laura felt the wave of a powerful orgasm wash over her. She cried out as she felt herself clenching around her brother’s fingers.

“Shit,” Cole breathed with hungry eyes, clearly turned on by making his sister cum.

“I want you inside me now,” Laura said, leaning up to kiss him again. Cole didn’t waste any time. He quickly pulled out his fingers and shoved his entire dick into her with a loud grunt.

“AHHHHhhh,” Laura cried out, tightening her arms around her brother. Cole wrapped his arms around Laura, too, and pounded into her, stretching her more than she’d ever been before.

“You’re so tight,” he grunted as he continued his thrusts. “I don’t know how long I’m gonna last.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Laura panted out, her hips rising to meet his. The headboard banged against the wall and the mattress squeaked as Cole slammed into her. The sound of their heavy breathing and skin slapping together filled the room. Laura’s big breasts bounced with every thrust, and Cole took one of her nipples between his teeth a bit gently.

“Fuck,” Laura whispered, closing her eyes. A second orgasm was quickly building.

“Do you want me to pull out?” Cole asked as the speed of his thrusts picked up considerably. He was clearly getting close. He was starting to get a little rough and reckless, each stroke feeling equally painful and pleasurable. Laura knew she was going to be sore for days.

“No,” Laura replied. She wasn’t on birth control but right now she didn’t care. Cole was her brother. She loved him. She trusted him. In her mind, there was nothing to be afraid of. “Cum inside me.”

Those words alone sent Cole over the edge. With a loud grunt, Cole tensed up against his sister and unloaded inside her. Laura could feel every hot rope of cum filling her up. As her brother’s thrusts weakened, he reached down and played with Laura’s clit, which finished her off too. She let out a quiet scream and bucked upwards, her tight walls milking the rest of what her brother had to offer.

The two collapsed into the bed, a panting, sweaty, wet mess. Cole gave Laura another kiss before pulling out and rolling off of her. She could feel his sperm dripping out of her, running down her inner thighs. The two laid side by side in silence for a bit, not knowing what to say, but also not needing to say anything. Eventually, Cole reached for Laura’s hand.

“I don’t hate you,” Laura whispered. “I love you.”

“I know,” Cole said. “I love you, too. And we’re gonna get through this.”

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